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Once again, I realize I have about a gazillion other stories I need to finish. I just had another one of those ideas pop in my head that I couldn't shake so here we are, my fifth Quick fic. This one is different than my other few I think, less tragedy and more chemistry!, so let me know what you all think! Thanks again!

"Mama, are we almost there? My seats starting to rub me wrong."

Quinn laughed as she looked in her rearview mirror, watching as her six year old tugged at her seatbelt. Her face was scrunched as she arched in the pink booster seat, squirming her small body as she fought to wiggle out.

"Almost Beth, just a few more minutes," Quinn assured her daughter, shaking her head at her child's behavior.

"Mama, is daddy gonna take me to the park this weekend?" she asked as she turned her focus to her window, watching as the buildings and people passed by.

"I'm sure he will if you ask him to," Quinn called back, "I know he wants to take you to see Mi Ma Jean and Aunt Sarah, so maybe you all can go to the park then." Beth seemed satisfied with her answer, swinging her little feet back and forth as she nodded along to the radio.

"Mama, is Robyn gonna be there?" Quinn flinched at the question, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter as she turned.

"I don't know sweetheart, you'll have to ask daddy." Quinn could hear her daughter grumbling in the backseat, part of her proud that her daughter wasn't to fond of daddy's playmate either. It wasn't that Quinn didn't like her, the girl was sweet, almost too sugary at times, and polite, but she reminded Quinn of her mother.

Quinn and Puck had been together a year after Beth was born, but with school, jobs and raising a baby, the two had been unable to juggle their relationship. Quinn had suggested they take a break, needing space for a bit to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Puck had reluctantly agreed, the two remaining good friends for the sake of their daughter.

After graduation Quinn attended the community college while Puck bounced from job to job, finally settling down as a mechanic at one of the auto repair shops downtown. Neither really dated much, Quinn lacking the time and Puck lacking the commitment, both convinced that they would one day wind up with the other and be the family they once were. After Puck got promoted and Quinn began working a steady job at the hospital, she finally realized what she wanted after all those years. She had never expected to care about him as much as she did, but after Puck had changed so much for her and Beth he was the only man Quinn had ever seen herself with. The day she had gone to spill her heart out to Puck though she learned she was too little too late, regretting having held her feelings in ever since.

"Mama, is that daddy's truck?" Beth shouted from the backseat, kicking Quinn's seat excitedly as she turned the car in the parking lot.

"Yep, that sure is," Quinn smiled, pulling into the parking spot besides his and stopping the car.

"Get me out, get me out!" the little girl squealed, almost screaming when her father opened her door.


"Daddy!" Puck growled as he hugged his little girl, planting big kisses on her cheeks while tickling her.

"St-stop!" she laughed between breaths, Puck unbuckling her from the seat and scooping her up.

"How's daddy's favorite girl?" he asked, Beth wrapping her legs around him tightly while squishing his cheeks together.

"Fine, I learned about dinosaurs today!"

"Awesome!" Puck exclaimed, "What kind? The kind that eat little girls?"

"Daddy those aren't real," Beth said while shaking her head, "I even asked and Mrs. Abrams said you made it up."

"That's because they're secret dinosaurs," Puck said while whispering, "and only prey on little girls with blonde hair and hazel eyes who eat all the Cocoa Puffs."

"But I have blonde hair…and I like Cocoa Puffs," Beth said slowly, frantically tugging on Quinn arms and screeching.

"Quick mama, what color are my eyes?" she asked while pushing her eye lids up, Quinn stifling a laugh as she looked.

"Uh oh Bethany, your eyes are hazel!"

"You know what that means," Puck growled again, forming a claw while tickling Beth.

"N-no!" the small child giggled, her face turning red as she squealed, "No! No!"

"Alright, alright, I'll stop," Puck said as he opened up his truck door, "but I can't promise the dinosaurs will!"

"Daddy!" Puck laughed while he sat her in her seat, Quinn grabbing her small suitcase from the trunk and handing it to Puck.

"Now I need you to make sure she gets her project done this weekend ok? Its due Monday and I don't want to keep her up all night Sunday trying to finish it."

"Oh, what kind of project?" Puck asked his daughter while putting in her suitcase.

"A timeline!" she said excitedly, "Me and mama got a bunches of pictures and I get to explain them all to my class!"

"Yes, but Ms. Bethany has yet to start her project so if you could help her I'd appreciate it," Quinn said politely, Puck nodding as he turned on Beth's DVD player.

"Yes ma'am, pictures, glue, years, got it." He handed Beth her sippy cup and closed the door, the little girl becoming enthralled as she watched "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

"Well while I'm making posters what will you be up to Ms. Fabray?" Puck asked playfully, leaning against his truck while smirking.


"With?" Quinn smacked him playfully as he laughed, rolling her eyes at his comment. Despite their past, and his present partner, Quinn and Puck had always remained close. They had a spark, something neither could explain or tried to. They were flirty and playful, Puck protective of her when she dated while Quinn hid her jealousy over his current relationship. They both realized the chemistry but had gotten comfortable with the way things were, their unexplainable bond only understood by them.

"Ha ha, very funny Mr. Puckerman," she said as she crossed her arms, "Some of us like our alone time."

"Oh I see, gotta rub one-"

"Noah Puckerman!" Quinn squealed as he tickled her hands, her trying to turn away as he grabbed her back.

"Alright I'm done," he said while putting his hands in the air, "Well anyways if you get lonely by yourself, I was planning on taking Beth to the park this Sunday so she could see mom and Sarah. You're more than welcome to come by, you know they'd love to see you."

"That is too funny!" Quinn laughed, "Beth was just asking to go and I told her you might take her."

"Great minds babe, great minds," Puck winked. Even now he still had a way of making her blush, not that she would admit the flush on her cheeks was from him, but deep down she knew the truth.

"Well I'll see what's going on and call," Quinn said as she shook her thoughts of him away.

"Oh? Hot date?" he asked a little defensively.

"No," Quinn said curtly, "but I did agree to helping Jacob with his shift."

"Hm," Puck grunted, "Is Jacob also a werewolf?" he asked smugly.

"Why the hell do you know that?" Quinn asked while smiling, Puck throwing his hands up in defeat.

"Robyn loves those freakin movies! If I have to watch another god damn vampire glitter I'm staking myself in the eye." 'Or Robyn's,' Quinn thought, quickly scratching the thought as she looked to Puck.

"Well good luck with that," Quinn said awkwardly, uncomfortable even mentioning Puck's girlfriend, "and I'll see you Sunday sometime."

"Oh Quinn," Puck called, lightly pulling on her arm to face him, "I actually need to talk to you about that." Quinn felt her heart flutter for a moment, already having the words in her head that she wanted to hear.

"Yeah, what's up?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, I uh, Jesus," Puck chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck as he searched for the words, "I uh, er-"

"Jesus Puck spit it out," Quinn laughed, waiting anxiously for him to speak.

"Well, alright, I uh…Robyn and I are uh, kind of engaged."