Ok, I had this idea of writing another story come up one day, yeah I know, because I need another one. Anyways, I decided that I could actually work it out and attach it to this story and I'm really excited about it.

Now the story isn't going to be exactly like A Sorta Fairytale, Beth will be older and its mostly going to be about them and her. Again, I'm being super vague, but I want you all to you read the description and story for yourselves.

Anyways, the story will be called "Happily Ever After," (I'm keeping the little fairytale thing going), and it'll be up Monday or Tuesday.

Yes, Puck and Quinn will still be together. Yes, the gleeks will be in the story. As for Jackurt and little Balen? Its all in this next story, so watch out for it and let me know what you think of it!

And who knows, maybe Robyn makes a cameo?

Thanks again for your support, love you all!