Gameverse Red and Green.

It happened suddenly.

Red and I. Laughing like old times.

Smiling, talking, eating.

Joking around.

It was a bit cold, but nothing to worry about since we have Arcanine here.

It was ages since we had a time like this.

Ever since Red went up to Mt. Silver as champion.

But that was ok, I still loved him.

I visited him, fussing about his health.

Delivering supplies.

So why did this happen?

Red, he got up to throw his trash away.

He takes a step, and slips on the icy rock.

He says "Whoa."

I grab for him, heart suddenly stopping.

He's just out of reach.

He falls backward.

Off the cliff.

He falls, down, down down.

His face is of pure shock.

I'm paralyzed; I'm watching him fall.

Arcanine was also in shock.

Pika, he...

He jumped after Red.

I see Red's pokeballs just beyond his reach.

If he could get his Charizard..

If he could...

I wanted to save him. I wanted to take out Pidgeot and fly down.

I couldn't.

And I still blame myself for that.

And I see Red closer and closer to the faraway edge of the cliff.

I turn away, I couldn't bear to see it.

I hear a rather loud; echoey THUMP.

I notice Arcanine flinch.

I hear Pika's cry.

And as tears fall from my eyes from shock, I start thinking.

If I had got him.

If I had saved him from that one, simple fall.

If he had managed to save himself.

We would've laughed it off, we could've joked about it later.

We would've said "That was close."

Red would joke about how immortal he was.

I'd smack him and laugh.

But that was one of the two endings. And it wasn't this one.

I can't bear to see his body, or peer down the cliff.

Yet I can't get the image of his body, blood slowly pooling out, on the cold ground.

I let out a cry of despair. Everything was silent to me.

Even the howling wind was echoing in the distance to my ears.

I broke down, sobbing, crying.

I can't stop shaking.

The cold truth hits me like a damn car.

Arcanine nuzzles me in worry, but I can't reply to him.

Choking, coughing.

I can't see anymore, everything's in a haze.

I feel like I'm drowning.

I cry louder, louder and harder.

I feel like there's no end to this despair.

My one love, whom I've never once said a word about to him, died in front of me.

From one simple fall.

I cursed and slammed my fist on the wall of the cave, feeling sick.

"Why?" I managed to say.

Just that one word.

Why, why, why, why...

I hated myself for being useless in that moment.

I hated it.

I hated how Red became champion.

I hated how I wasn't the one who died instead.

I hated how I couldn't give my life up for him.



The last of my tears fall.

The last day of my normal life is ending.

The last thing I remember is Red's smiling face.

And then,

I black out.

A/N: This was based on one of my own dreams. Everything written here is completely based off my dream, replacing my friend who 'died' with Red.