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The Golden Stare of My Brother

(Chapter One: Meet Mira)

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the air wasn't too hot or too cold, and sky was a perfect blue. Mira was eight years old at this time. The little girl was perfectly happy chasing the butterflies, while her mother watched. Mira's father had died when she was only one year old, so she didn't remember him to miss him. Mira's mother, Akiko, didn't really miss her husband. Their marriage was an arranged one, so they didn't truly love one another. They respected each other, but they were never in love.

"Mama! Mama! Look at me!" Mira cried, as a group of butterflies formed a spiral around the girl. Mira laughed happily inside that whirlwind of insects.

"How beautiful," a voice behind Akiko commented.

"Ah! Hello Bara onee-san," Akiko turned to greet her older sister.

"Hello imoto," Bara said, as she settled down next to Akiko.

"You know, she looks just like you," Bara said.

"Why do you say that?" Akiko asked. Bara laughed.

"Mira has your smile, a smile that could light up even the darkest cave. She also has your ears, your hair, your nose, and even your eyes. When she was born, I thought she would have your husband's eyes, but no, she got yours."

"My eyes do have strange color," Akiko agreed quietly. Both Akiko and her daughter had violet colored eyes, where most people had brown. Many had said that Akiko's eyes meant that she was cursed. Others said that her eyes meant she had mystical powers. And because of her eyes, Akiko had been shunned for most of her life. Mira was also shunned by other children. Because of this, Akiko really did feel cursed. She had always felt responsible for the times when Mira came home, all bruised and sad because of the other children's racism.

"Is something wrong, imoto?" Bara asked.

"It's just that, Mira shouldn't have my eyes," Akiko said quietly.

"Why not? They are beautiful eyes," Bara said.

"But…" Akiko began.

"You're still blaming yourself for what the other children do to Mira," Bara sighed. Akiko nodded.

"Listen, you can't blame yourself for what other people do and think," Bara said, "One day they will realize their mistakes, and find out that you are not cursed. Your eyes are unique. That makes them special. One day you will find a man who will recognize your eyes' beauty, and love you no matter what. Who knows? Maybe he'll be even more strange and unique that you."

"That is impossible," Akiko snapped, "There is no such man like that. Even my last husband was afraid of my eyes."

"Then he was a fool," Bara spat, "Believe me imoto, you will find that perfect man. Even if I have to find him for you."

"Are you foretelling the future?" Akiko asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe I am," Bara said mysteriously. Akiko sighed, and turned away from her sister to watch her daughter.

'If I do find that perfect husband,' Akiko thought, 'I will make sure that our child will NEVER be laughed at. Never.' Unfortunately, Akiko would never keep that promise.

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