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The Golden Stare of my Brother

(Chapter Five: Tails, er, Tales of the Great Demons)

Back at Bara's/Akiko's/Mira's home

"Aunt Bara?" Mira began, as the boys glanced around the house, "Where is Okaa-san?"

"I'm right here!" said Akiko, poking her head from behind a screen.

"Konnichi wa, Okaa-san!" Mira chirped, "I'd like you to meet my friends, Takashi-chan, Inu-san, and Yuta-san!"

"Konnichi wa! My name is Akiko," Akiko said smiling at the newcomers. The men and Takashi said their "hellos".

"We met each other today," Mira explained, "They helped me against a few of the other children in the village." Akiko paled.

'Not again,' Mira's mother thought, 'My poor child. Why won't those children leave her alone? Why won't their parents leave me alone?'

"Are you alright, Akiko-san?" Yuta asked, noticing her pale face.

"I-I'm fine," Akiko murmured. There was a moment of silence.

"Yuta-san, why don't you tells us what brings Inu-san and you here? I would think that two young men like you would be looking for adventure. This is hardly the place to find adventures," Bara said. The two men laughed. Whether they were laughing at being called young (Remember: Yuta is immortal, he's a bit older than he looks, and Inutaisho is a demon and he's about a thousand years old!) or Bara saying that the village didn't have adventures was hard to tell.

"We ended up here because, Inu over there, heard Mira-chan crying for help," Yuta explained, "How I didn't hear her, I don't know."

"That's doesn't make any sense!" Takashi argued, "I was with Mira-chan the whole time, and she never called for help!"

"Then who did I hear calling for help?" Inutaisho asked, "The voice that called me and Mira-chan's voice sound exactly the same! Believe me, boy, I am not one who mixes up voices."

"This is getting odd," Yuta muttered, "This is even stranger than when we met Koru!"

"Koru?" Bara blinked, "The Great Demon of the East?"

"Y-You mean he really is the Great Demon of the East?" Yuta sputtered, "I thought he was lying!"

"You mean you don't know the stories about the Four Great Demons?" Akiko asked, "They are a very famous tale around these parts."

"All I know about the Great Demons is that they are more powerful than regular demons and that they each control one region of Japan: the North, the South, the East, and the West. I always thought they were just stories since I've never heard of any of these 'Great Demons' controlling human lives," Yuta shrugged.

"The Great Demons are real, Yuta-san," Akiko said, "However they don't control human lives. The Great Demons control the lives of other demons, not humans. Although it is true that they have some influence over the lives of humans in their territory. Sometimes they demand sacrifices once and awhile. If you live in the wrong place you might end up dead. Imagine living in a village right next to where two demons want to fight! The worst thing that you could do to a Great Demon is to get on its bad side. I hear that demons like to torture their prisoners very, very slowly and painfully. All you have to do is keep out of their way and they'll leave you alone. Well, that is, unless they want something from you, or they want to eat you."

"Ha! I think you might want to fix your facts, Akiko-san," Yuta snorted, "Inu and me met one of these Great Demons. He attacked me with no bloody reason!"

"Perhaps he wanted to eat you," Bara shrugged, "But that's unlikely. You're too skinny and pathetic to make a good meal. Koru could finish you up in a couple of bites, and he's the smallest of the Great Demons!"

"Maybe you had something he wanted," Inu suggested, "Remember how he was demanding that you give him your pack?"

"I don't have anything important in my pack. See?" Yuta said as he opened up his sack in front of everyone. Inside the pack were a pair of chopsticks, a bowl, a few pieces of flint, some string, and some fishhooks.

"Maybe he just thought you had something valuable," Inu said. There was a moment of silence.

"Um, Bara-san?" Yuta began, breaking the silence, "Can you tells us about the Great Demons?"

"Alright," Bara agreed, "There are four Great Demons: Inuyumi, who rules the North, Minami, who rules the South, Koru, who rules the East, and Inutaisho who rules the West. Both Inutaisho and Inuyumi are inu youkai; they're brother and sister. Minami is a snake demon. Koru is a half-breed; he's half kitsune and half ice elemental. Little is known about Minami. He is very aloof; he rarely associates with demons or humans. Inuyumi is extremely dangerous to humans. Many say that her hobby is killing humans; it's something she does whether she's bored or not." No one noticed that Inu had begun to shake slightly with some sort of suppressed emotion. No one, except Akiko.

"Are you alright, Inu-san?" Akiko whispered to him.

"Aa," Inutaisho muttered, "I just need some fresh air." With that, the disguised Great Demon left the house. The others looked at Akiko.

"He just went out for some fresh air, he'll be back in a few minutes," Akiko explained, still slightly worried about Inu.

"Oh," the others said simply, and turned back to Bara.

"What about Inuyumi's brother, Inutaisho?" Yuta asked.

"I WAS GETTING TO THAT!!!" Bara yelled.

"Sorry," Yuta mumbled.

"Inutaisho," Bara continued, "is the complete opposite of his sister. He's an odd youkai, a very odd youkai. He cares for the humans in his territory, and tries to protect them from the other demons in his lands. It's even said that he would disguise himself as a human and walk among the humans of his lands. Of course these are only stories.

"According to each of the stories about Inuyumi and Inutaisho that although their feelings towards humans differ, they both care for each other deeply. It is said that if you hurt one of the siblings, the other would hunt you down and destroy you, whether you were human, demon, or god, didn't matter," Bara said.

"So what about Koru?" Yuta interrupted again.

"QUIT INTERRUPTING ME, YOU BAKA!!!" Bara yelled, smacking the immortal, "I WAS JUST GETTING TO KORU!!!"

"Fine," Yuta snorted. Then he muttered something dirty under his breath. Bara hit him again.

"Will you two stop fighting?" Akiko asked.

"Can we continue the story Aunt Bara? Please?" Mira put in.

"Fine. As long as he doesn't interrupt me again!" Bara glared at Yuta.

"I think Aunt Bara likes Yuta-san," Mira whispered to her mother. Akiko nodded.

"We were at Koru right?" Bara said. Heads nodded. "Alright. Koru, like I said, is half kitsune and half ice elemental. Besides having the standard kitsune abilities of creating illusions and shields, Koru can also control ice. His main attack is 'Ice Fist'. He can summon up large icicles and hurl them at his enemies."

"That makes sense," Yuta said, "I remember seeing ice around the area where Inu fought Koru. Strange, why didn't I think of that before?"


"Stop yelling and get on with the story," Yuta snapped.

"Some men!" Bara muttered, and then continued with the story, "Koru is also said to be obsessed with immortality. You see, although demons live longer than humans do, and are harder to kill, they are not immortal. They can die. Why Koru wants to be immortal is unknown."

"I got it all figured out now," Yuta muttered to himself, "So that's why he was after me. Well, he's going to be disappointed…" Yuta kept muttering to himself, forgetting that the others were there.

"Men are strange," Bara sighed, and then began to prepare dinner.

"Here, Aunt Bara, let me help," Mira said, walking over to help her aunt.

"I'll help too," Takashi added, standing up.

"I'll go find Inu-san," Akiko said, "I'll be right back."


Outside of the house

Inutaisho was sitting in a tree outside of the house. He had taken off his wig, and his pure white hair fluttered in the wind. The Demon Lord sighed as he looked at his black wig.

'I hate hiding like this,' Inutaisho thought to himself, 'but what else can I do? I went out to find a mate, and I am going to find myself a mate! Sooner or later. Well at least I know who my good friend that my advisor told me about is. I'm pretty sure it's Yuta, but how can Yuta be friends with Sesshoumaru? I know my advisor prophesized that the friend that I would find in my travels would be a friend to my son, but I can't see Sesshoumaru liking any human. Humph. That pup is way too much like his mother sometimes. He's too much like Yumi-chan.' The youkai sighed and thought about his sister, Inuyumi. Yumi-chan and Tai-kun. That's what Inuyumi and Inutaisho called each other. They were nicknames that they gave each other when they were very small. Since Yumi and Tai were human names, the two demons used to disguise themselves as humans and try to blend in with the human crowd. Of course that had been when they were very young. That was before Inuyumi and Inutaisho became Great Demons. Before the siblings became Great Demons, both of them cared for humans. But then something happened to Yumi that Inutaisho never figured out. She began to hate humans with a fiery passion. If it wasn't for the fact that Inuyumi still loved her brother, Inutaisho would have thought that Yumi had become an entirely different person. Inutaisho sighed wistfully.

"Inu-san?" Inutaisho's ears perked up at Akiko's voice. Cursing under his breath, the Lord of the Western Lands replaced his wig before Akiko could see him.

"Hai?" Inutaisho grunted when he finished fixing his disguise. Akiko looked up the tree and spotted him.

"What are you doing up there?" Akiko asked.

"Thinking," Inutaisho shrugged.

"About what?" she asked. The youkai paused for a moment, debating with himself whether or not to tell her the truth.

"My sister," he answered finally.

"Oh," Akiko said quietly, "What happened to her?"

"None of your business, wench!" Inu snapped. Akiko glared at him.

"You are SO rude!" Akiko scolded.


"Dinner will be soon," Akiko said curtly. Then she went back into the hut, muttering to herself.

Author-chan's notes: So Inutaisho has a sister. She'll be appearing soon, hopefully. As for when is everyone going to find out that Inutaisho is a demon and Yuta is an immortal that should be happening soon too. Mou! This story was originally supposed to be about Mira, but I'm getting into the lives of the adults!