Title: Save Me

Author: Candy_rko

Pairings: Cody/Lucky Cannon

Summary: Cody doesn't want to be saved. Lucky has other ideas.

Warnings: Sex

Words: 2000

Disclaimers: Not mine

Notes: I know that his name is Jon but I prefer Lucky :D

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

'Cause I wonder where you are,

And I wonder what you do,

Are you somewhere feeling lonely or is someone loving you?,

Tell me how to win your heart, For I haven't got a clue,

But let me start by saying ... I love you.

-Lionel Richie 'Hello'-

Chapter 1/?

It had been going on for two weeks.

He supposed he should have felt special that a pro was interested in him. That a man, a legend, like Cody Rhodes wanted him. He'd know it the second those cerulean blues landed on him. Could tell immediately that Cody desired him. He hadn't been surprised when Cody cornered him that night in the showers, long after the other rookies and pros at left. And he'd submitted like a good little bitch.

Because that's how he felt.

Like a cheap whore.

"You're so fucking hot," warm breath ghosts the shell of his ear, shivers winding down his spine, to his groin, to curl his toes. He can feel the other body, deliciously hot and wet from the spray of the water, molded against his ass. Can feel the arousal of the other man. A large hand is trailing down his shoulder blades, down the curve of his back, to rest on his ass.

He's never given much thought to being with another man. The idea has never appealed to him until tonight. Cody Rhodes is beautiful. Not like a woman but not entirely masculine enough to be manly. He envies Cody's body; he knows he's not lacking in the physical attractiveness area but Cody looks likes he's been chiseled out of marble. He can't deny that he wasn't anticipating this all night. The way his cock is hardening at the mere idea of being taken by Cody…

"I'm taking what I want." It's a demand, not a request for permission.

There's no foreplay. No kissing. Lucky doesn't know what he's expecting. But the silent demand that he brace himself against the tile… The fingers in his most intimate area stretching the tight ring of muscle… The thick shaft ripping past his cherry and taking his virginity… His scream is muffled by Cody's hand against his mouth.

There are no soothing words. No time for Lucky to adjust to the cock pounding into him relentlessly. It's a fast pace. Brutal. Violent. There are going to be bruises on his hips from Cody's fingers digging into his skin. The smell of sex fills the locker room. Their carnal rutting is loud. Moans and whimpers and the sounds of flesh sliding against flesh. Each roll of Cody's pelvis sends Lucky to new highs of ecstasy. No drug can compare to the feeling of having that sweet bundle of fuck pummeled furiously.

He feels used, dirty, when Cody leaves the stall without a word. Leaves him with semen trickling down his thighs. His stomach knots as he realizes exactly what he's done.

The water's scalding hot but no amount of scrubbing can make him feel clean even as the evidence washes down the drain.

He caught Cody's gaze from across the room, those cerulean blues saying more than words ever could. He ignored his body's reaction to the lecherous ogling, cursing his traitorous libido. Last night had been incredible, the springs in the hotel bed protesting the force of their coupling. It was always aggressive with Cody. Just once, Lucky wanted a passionate, slow love making instead of their animalistic fucking. To be the one topping Cody. He wanted to be more than a sex object.

They never spoke about it.

The five times that it had happened were in the dead of night, when no one else was around. Where no one could interrupt them. In the shower. In the ring. In their hotel beds. In the rental. The sex was amazing. The kind of sex that erotica novelists penned about. Cody was a god at sex. Lucky just wondered where that experience came from. And he hated how it made him jealous.

There were times in the rare moments that Cody's guard was lowered that Lucky could see the inner turmoil. Cody had been hurt in the past. Those beautiful baby blues would flash with a pain that made Lucky pity the older man. To go through life without love was one of the hardest things that Lucky couldn't understand. To be jaded, to hate everything including oneself because of a lover that didn't appreciate the gift they were given.

Had Cody been young? Had it been his first that had destroyed his views on love? No, Lucky didn't believe that. Because he remembered Cody when he first debuted. A young man with the world shining in his eyes. Now? The shadow that was prevalent made Lucky wonder if Cody even enjoyed wrestling anymore. Someone had broken his soul.

"I think he likes you," Mike commented, chewing thoughtfully on his steak.

"I think you're stupid," Lucky scowled, looking away from Cody to frown at Michael. "Why would you say that? He hates me. Didn't he prove that Tuesday?"

"That's just kayfabe," Mike shot him a 'duh' look. "Creative thinks a feud between you and Cody will bring in more female viewers. Pretty smart of them."

"From what I've heard, there's not much love for Cody among the WWE Universe. Even less among the other wrestlers," Alex inputted, smirking, "He's becoming a has been. Everyone knows that the only reason he's doing NXT is because the execs in charge don't know what to do with him. This is his last chance."

Lucky knew there was reason he didn't like Alex Riley… "Mizanin tell you that?"

"I was told that Orton dumped his little fuck buddy and sent his ass packing to Smackdown. I guess you're getting Orton's sloppy seconds," Alex grinned sadistically, "Have fun with that."

"I hate that guy," Mike glared as Alex went to join Mizanin. "It could be true. There were rumors about Rhodes and Orton. And some of the guys have bets about how long it'll take Rhodes to get you in his bed."

That irritated him. "Really? That's nice everyone thinks I'm some kind of glorified slut. Why would they even make that kind of bet? Sure, Cody's a little on the feminine side. But I'm not."

"You don't know how Rhodes is always looking at you. Like he wants to eat you," Mike shrugged, "It's kind of scary. Lucky…be careful, ok? I don't want you getting hurt by Rhodes. I've heard that Orton was abusive. And not just physically. Rhodes is messed up. I don't want you getting involved with him."


"I know, ok?" Mike blushed, "I kind of heard you and him one night. I left something in the locker room and uh, yeah. Promise me it's just sex. That you don't have feelings for him."

"I promise." The blinding smile was enough to make Lucky feel guilty for lying. Maybe it was the prospect of saving Cody from himself and his demons. But how could he have feelings for someone that didn't even want to talk to him?

"Yeah, suck me harder," Cody writhed on the seat of the car, hips thrusting, driving his cock against the back of Lucky's throat. His hands were twisted in Lucky's hair. Blue eyes were glittering in the light from the street lamps. "So good," he moaned as Lucky deep throated him, desperate to keep himself from choking and showing Cody that he was no expert at oral, at showing Cody that he'd never done this before.

His fisted himself, pumping in sync with the bobs of his head. He never imagined that he would enjoy having another man's cock in his mouth. It made him red hot with lust. The taste of pre-come on his tongue that had a faint saccharine sweetness of mint. Feeling that solid, rock hard shaft. Listening to the sinful noises spilling from those full lips. Of how he was in control, in charge of the amount of pleasure Cody received.

Their fight on NXT. The sexual tension could have been cut with a knife it was so thick, clouding the ring. It had taken all his self restraint to make it to Cody's rental, his heart thundering furiously in his chest the entire walk to the deserted parking garage.

Cody's hands tightened in his hair painfully. That was the only warning that Cody was climaxing. Bitter and salty, the viscous fluid filled his mouth. He refused to gag as he swallowed, refused to blanch as it trickled down his chin. His mouth was swollen and his cheeks burned with embarrassment as Cody withdrew. Blue eyes were clear, free of the storm that clouded them, watching Lucky as his hand quickened on his shaft.

Lucky never imagined that he'd be an exhibitionist.

But having Cody there, staring at him as he brought himself closer and closer to completion, made it so pornographic and stimulating that he could feel the familiar coil of orgasm in his groin. Cody didn't look away when Lucky came. The appreciative look that swept that beautiful face was enough to fuel the hope burning inside him.

His hand was warm and sticky, face wrinkling in distaste, as he buttoned his jeans. A baby wipe was thrown at him, "Wipe yourself off. You look like a whore. Get out of my car."


"I got what I wanted. Now get the fuck out," Cody hissed.

Lucky shook his head, "I don't get you. You were eye fucking me the entire time! Stop lying to yourself. I know you're attracted to me on more then just a physical level!"

Cody laughed, "Really? All you are is a hot piece of ass. You have no talent. You're gonna be another has been once NXT is over. You're a means to an end for me. And you spread your legs so easily. Why shouldn't I take advantage of the fact that you'd sleep with anything to win? Maybe you've already let-"

The slap echoed the inside of the car.

Lucky's eyes were blazing with fury, "One, I'm not a slut. Two, for some stupid, weird reason I actually give a fuck about you! I hate that you're so jaded you can't let someone in. I don't know what Orton did to you-" Cody visibly paled. "But you don't have be scared to take a chance. There're other men out there that would treat you like king."

"You know nothing."

"I know enough. Goodnight, Cody," he said quietly, slipping out of the car.

He watched the Charger pull out of the parking lot, tires squealing. Maybe that was a sign that Cody was angry. Anger meant Lucky's words had affected him. Meant that he was one step closer to destroying the walls around Cody's heart. It would be a challenge and honestly, Lucky wasn't positive he had the strength to deal with Cody's harsh words and temper.

Cody was worth saving. And that was all that mattered.