My Life is a big "What If"

AU What if they lived a so called "normal" life? With a twist… hahaha… Did you ever think of what might have happened after years passed? A story of serendipity… The love between a girl who has never believed in love and a guy who once made her see its magic... Only to prove that years and obstacles are not enough to separate true love and that no matter how far apart you may be, you will always find each other… Ichiruki :D

Disclaimer: I don't own bleach :P ( I wish I did XD)

Chapter 56: Epilogue

She quickly walked through the halls her high heels making click-clack sounds in the quiet corridors. Yup, she was late but who the fuck cares? She didn't really want to show up but she has to or else... well, or else...

When she reached the door of her destination, she took a deep breath and tried to gain composure before opening it and entering inside.

"Oh you arrived just in time," The man waiting for her greeted with a huge smile.

"Oh really? Aren't I an hour late?" She asked sweetly yet with an apologetic look.

Of course she was an hour late. She told herself and yet she manage to let out a light chuckle as she took a seat.

"Are you? I didn't notice." The man joked back.

"Um... so, what did he do this time?" She asked in worry not sure if she really wants to hear it.

"Well the question is what he didn't do. You see he didn't pass a paper worth half his grade." The skinny man answered with a serious tone, sitting up straight to look more professional. Rukia's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"Really? Well, that doesn't sound like him. I promise I'll give him a good lecturing at home. So um... when was this paper due?"

The teacher sighed and placed his hands on the wooden desk, his fingers overlapped one another, "Well it was due a long time ago so... the deadline has already been moved so many times..."

"Well, aren't you accepting anymore? I'm sure he's still willing to pass," She assured him with begging purple orbs.

"I-I don't think I can, I mean I did say—" He was cut off when she put her hand on top of his stroking it gently.

"I'm sure a great teacher like you could reconsider." She pleaded. The man cleared his throat.

"I-I guess I could only give him u-until this Friday." He replied stuttering and blushing.

"Oh thank you so much." She said letting out a genuine smile and squeezing his hand.

"W-well, it's no problem, I mean he is one of my favoured students."

"And you're his favourite too... and I guess, mine as well." She added tucking her short hair back behind her ear. He cleared his throat again and sat up straight to look manlier. Deep inside her she rolled her eyes but then she stood up.

"So if that's everything then I better get going."

"Um... wait Ms. Kuchiki. Are you free tonight? We could have dinner..."

She giggled sweetly at the thought then shook her head. "Oh, Mr. Atsuki, I would but..." She leaned her head closer to him and whispered "... I'm married." She turned around and walk towards the door. She stopped upon remembering something. "Oh and Mr. Atsuki..." She looked back making sure she flipped her hair for him to see and as expected, his jaws almost drop from seeing that like it was in slow motion.

She smiled, "It's Kurosaki now, mm'kay?" The man nodded submissively. She chuckled one last time at his reaction before she walked out of the room.

She let out a big sigh...

Well, I doubt he even tried to understand what I said. She told herself.

"Woah! You got until Friday?" Hiro said unbelievably after hearing what Rukia said.

Ken'ichi literally fist pumped, "Yes!"

"Wow you're really good auntie." Hiro complimented.

"Yeah mom, we guessed he'll only extend until Monday."

Rukia proudly held her chin up high, "Well, I AM that good."

"Must be because of the hair. It really suits you." Hiro added.

"You think so?" She chuckled lightly really flattered.

"It's not the hair mom, I think you look beautiful in any hair style," Ken'ichi said.

"Really? That's so sweet of you honey," She said pinching his cheeks lightly, "but that's not going to get you out of trouble when we get home." She added pinching his cheeks hard.

"O-ouch!" Ken'ichi yelped and Hiro chuckled.

"Well, I have to go now I still have to bring your father his lunch." She said begrudgingly.

"You do know that he forgot that on purpose so that you'll go take it to him right?" Ken'ichi said rubbing his now pink and sore cheek.

She gave him a duh?-you-think-I-don't-know-that? look.

"Right." He replied rolling his eyes.

"I'll see you at home and not a word of this to your father or we'll both get in trouble."

"Here. You forgot your lunch." She said bitterly putting the bento box on the office table.

"Yeah just leave it there." He simply replied without even glancing at her. She cleared her throat.

That's all he has to say? Are you serious? I came all the way here for that?

"Huh?" He glanced up. "Oh right. Thanks." He added then he got back to work. Rukia felt a vein pop in her forehead and she gawked in disbelief.

Yes, she knows he wants to flaunt her that's why he forgot his lunch on purpose. Do you know how weird it was walking down that hall and have people stare at you like you're some kind of alien. It's like high school all over again.

"Seriously? Thanks? That's all you have to say?" She questioned slamming her fists on the table. He flinched in surprise.

"W-what's wrong?" Ichigo asked in confusion.

"What's wrong? I woke up early because you've been bugging me all night about making you lunch!"

"Rukia..."He called out in a coaxing tone.

"Mmm..." She groaned in annoyance.

"Make me lunch tomorrow."He whispered.

"What? Why?"

"I'm sick of the food there."

"Then just buy outside the office." She answered not even facing him.

"But come on..."

"Ichigo, I'm tired. Case closed." She tried to shrug him off but she failed.

"But, but..."He tried to reason.

"Just make your own if you want packed lunch." She suggested.

"Come on, please?" He said begging and burying his face in the crook of her neck.

"No. Stop bugging me about it."

"But Ishida had his wife cook for him."

"Then marry his wife and have her cook for you... wait, did you mean Orihime? Doesn't she cook badly?" This time she turned to look at him.

"Yeah, I guess she got better."

"Great then have her cook for two so that you can have some too." She replied going back to her original position.

"But I want your cooking."

"No you don't. You're just jealous of Ishida."

"No I'm not." He answered with a pout.

"Oh please," she said rolling her eyes, " We've been married for seven years, don't you think I know exactly how your mind works like a ten-year-old's?"

He groaned. "Just say yes and I'll stop bugging you so that you can continue sleeping."

She sighed in defeat, "Fine. I'll do it. Happy?"

He kissed her cheek, "Yes."

"And when I was finally done with it..."

"Where's your dad?" She asked holding onto the bento box.

"Dad went to work." Keiji replied followed by a spoonful of fruitloops.

"He what?!" She cried out in shock with a gaping mouth.

"And I fixed myself up to look nice for you but you won't even take a second to glance up and look at me!" She added with a pout crossing her arms over her chest.

"S-sorry." He said with a nervous chuckle.

"Sorry? Sorry won't save your ass from..." She didn't finish her statement when she noticed that he wasn't paying attention again. "ICHIGO!"

"W-what?" He replied startled.

"Damn it, you know I hate it when you don't listen to me... And I hate it even more when you obviously show signs of it in front of me!" She scolded marching towards him until she was standing beside him with her hands on her waist.

"I know, I know. It's just that your brother asked me to make a marketing plan, he says he needs it pronto."

She raised an eyebrow at him, "And what time is 'pronto' exactly?"

"Before lunch." He simply answered.

"And your progress?"

"Almost done." He replied proudly. She sighed in defeat. She knows how strict her brother is when it comes to the deadlines. He's like Momo when planning events. Everything must be on the dot... or like pizza hut.

"Let me see." She said.

"Go right ahead." He answered giving her way.

And she went on checking what he's done so far, and it was really good. She did have suggestion though, adding some changes here and there with his permission of course. Well, he did trust her and plus, her suggestions were actually pretty good.

"There. You're almost done." She finally said after adding some finishing touches.

"Yes, so why don't you just sit still and relax for awhile okay?" He said pulling her hand until she was sitting on his lap. He smirked and rolled the big comfy leather chair closer to the desk so that Rukia's caged in his arms while he continued typing.

She quietly observed his expression... he had a slight scowl indicating his concentration. The room was quiet and the only sound heard were fingers hitting the keys of the laptop.

She took that time to think about how lucky she was to have this man...

This very charming, loving, caring, handsome and over protective man...

She smiled and lightly kissed his cheek. Ichigo stopped typing and looked at her.

"Can't stay still huh?" He teased with a smile.

"Not when we're this close, no. Am I distracting you?"

"Rukia... you always distract me... I'm like an alcoholic and you'd be the finest brand of alcohol." He simply stated as he continued on with his work.

"Hmm... alcohol huh?" She kissed his neck this time. He tried so hard to concentrate while Rukia goes on with what she's doing. He let out a big huff when she began to nibble on his ear.

"I think your logic is flawed..." She said in a breathy tone. "I think it should be the other way around..." She said seductively, her hot breath sending chills on his spine.

"Rukia..." He tried to sound firm but failed.

She lightly chuckled then she noticed that he was beginning to breathe heavily.

"Damn it... I can't concentrate..." He cursed through his teeth.

"Sorry..." She whispered.

He inhaled deeply then, "Oh fuck it." He said typing something really fast then closing the laptop snapping it shut.

"I can't concentrate on you..." He said then quickly smashed his lips with hers for a hot kiss.

"Mmnn... Ah... we haven't done this in awhile..." She said sitting with her legs astride him on his lap and her arms wrapped around his neck.

"I know... it's been pretty busy..."

"Mmm..." She moaned as he buries his face on her chest. "I was... about to go to those... nnn... talks... on having a better... aah... sex life... you know... keeping the passion burning... After... mnn... y-years..."

"Passion burning huh? Hmm... then why not just tell me straight, I can even give you a demo." He began to run his hands inside the breezy skirt of her dress, stroking her smooth thighs.

"Ah... You mean like what we're doing now...?" She asked with a devious grin.

"Depends, do you think office sex is better?"

"Oh god... my husband is so kinky."

"Says my wife who seduced me at work..."


"Ah... hah... move your hips..." He whispered coaxingly, she complied pushing herself against him, grinding him over and over again.

"Mmnn... like this...?" She purred and he moaned in agreement.

They're reverie was cut off by the sound of piles of papers hitting the floor.

"I-I-I'm so s-sorry... I was just... I didn't mean to..." The young man struggled to pick up the fallen stack of papers and at the same time cover his eyes of the view of the "scene" in the office. Ichigo face palmed at the young man's wrong timing and his wife immediately got off him to fix herself up.

Feeling that he's failing at organizing the scattered papers and disturbing his boss's intimate moment, the young man tried to retreat.

"M-maybe I should just go—" He said in embarrassment still covering his eyes.

"No wait!" Rukia yelped walking towards the poor young man and began to help him pile up the papers.

"Here. I'll help you." She said kindly.

"T-thank you—ah!" He said looking up at her but then immediately covering his eyes. Confused at why he did so, Rukia looked at her sundress and saw that her chest buttons were opened revealing her pale skin and pink bra.

"Oops..." She quickly closed them, "Sorry, sorry. You can look now." She told him with a chuckle. He complied still blushing.

"Sorry about that." Rukia apologized once again.

"N-no. Please don't apologize ma'am." The young man replied bowing himself.

"Ma'am? Did you just call me ma'am?" She said with a straight face.

"I... um..."

"Don't. Ma'am sounds old... ugh... call me Rukia. And you are?"

"Hanataro Yamada..." He replied shyly blushing scarlet. "I'm mister Kurosaki's new assistant..." He murmured.

"So I see. It's nice to meet you." They both stood up holding the stack of papers. "You know Hanataro, you shouldn't be carrying this much papers all at once."

"B-but they need to be signed pronto by mister Kurosaki."

Rukia sighed looking at Ichigo with a scowl.

"What?" He asked still sitting on the chair just watching from there.

"Well, Mr. Kurosaki, are you just going to sit there and watch or are you going to help?"

He sighed, "Fine." He stood up and took the pile of papers from Rukia. Rukia then took the ones Hanataro was carrying and gave them to Ichigo as well.


"There." She said while Ichigo struggled to balance them.

"Um no wait Miss Rukia—" Hanataro tried to help his boss but Rukia stopped him.

"Oh no, don't help him. By the way, Hanataro, have you eaten?"

"Um... no... I—"

"Great, you can eat this." She said handing him the bento box.

"But that's mi—" Ichigo tried to protest.

"Don't mind him. Eat this okay?"


"I said it's yours." She said with a death glare.

"Y-yes ma'am... I mean Miss Rukia." Hanataro replied nervously accepting the lunch.

"Good." She smiled. "Well, I'm off. It's nice to meet you Hanataro. Maybe we'll see each other again some other time. And definitely not the way we did just now. Trust me, that would never happen again."

"I-it's nice to meet you too." He replied flushed scarlet.

"Hey, what about me?" Ichigo asked peaking beside the pile of papers he was still holding.

"Just do your paperwork quickly so they don't get piled up."

She put a hand on the young man's shoulder and smiled. "Well, he's all yours. Good luck and please look after him. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, okay? He tends to do that. A lot." She said with a wink and the young man nodded submissively with pink cheeks.

"I heard that." Ichigo said.

"I know." She said lastly and before they knew it, Rukia was out of the room. Ichigo sighed and Hanataro immediately ran towards him to take the papers from his boss. They began to sort them on a big desk at the side of the office.

"Damn that woman..." Ichigo let out.

"I-I'm really sorry. I knocked but no one answered so I thought it was alright to enter. I didn't mean to jeopardize your relationship with your girlfriend." Hanataro bowed apologetically.

Ichigo's eyebrows raised in surprise, "Girlfriend? You think Rukia's my girlfriend?"

"Isn't she? I mean you two were..." He didn't continue and blushed some more.

"No she's not, well I guess not anymore. Rukia's my wife."

Hanataro dropped the papers he was sorting and he quickly scrambled to get them.

"Woah! Do you have a habit of doing that?" Ichigo said helping his assistant pick up the scattered papers.


"Too unbelievable?"

"N-no, not really... I guess..."

"Well, fact is whatever you saw us doing awhile ago was normal. Married people get intimate sometimes and I think you're old enough to know that, right?"

"I-I understand."

"So next time you see that, just turn around and exit quietly. Although I doubt that there'll be a next time," Ichigo let out another sigh of disappointment.

"Y-yes sir." Hanataro replied in submission.

"You seem to stutter a lot, do you have an illness or something?"

"N-no... I mean..." He gulped, "No."

"Right." Ichigo said finally finishing the sorting and compiling of the papers.

"So aren't you going to eat that?" He pointed to the bento box at the side of the table.

"I'm um..." The young assistant didn't know what to say.

"Say do you have a crush on my wife?" Ichigo finally posed after reading Hanataro's reaction.

"N-no! Of course not!" He yelped.

"That's a bit too much of a reaction for a simple no don't you think?"

"I..." He ended up looking down feeling really embarrassed.

"Don't worry. I won't tell her. This'll just be between you and me."

"You got it all wro—"

"But I can't blame you though." Ichigo added, "I mean I've been married to her for seven years and I still have a crush on her. Can't help it, the bitch got me good..." He said shaking his head with a smirk, "but don't tell her I said that, although I think she already knows. Weird huh?"

Hanataro smiled at hearing that. The confession of a husband who truly loves his wife. "It's fine. I think you're a great person Mr. Kurosaki."

"You think so?"

"Mmm. Here. You deserve this." He said handing him the bento box. Ichigo's eyebrows creased in confusion.

"But that's yours."

"Then we could share." He offered with a kind smile.

"Fine let's go, I'm starving." Ichigo put an arm around Hanataro's shoulder, "You know, I think we'll get along just fine."

"It's too bad that it's a half day today huh?" Hiro said as him and Ken'ichi walked out of their school building.

Ken'ichi scowled at his best friend's comment, "What's bad about it? It's Saturday, there shouldn't even be a class... Stupid make-up classes are a waste of—" He was cut off by someone, more like a gang waiting for him at the gates of the school.

"Oi, Kurosaki. I've been waiting for you." A huge student from another school began with a smirk.

"Oh, it's you again? What do you want fatso?" Ken'ichi said in an annoyed tone.

"A rematch from our last fight." The person replied as his minions began to stand in preparation as well.

Ken'ichi's face remained stoic as he observed his opponent, "You don't look like you got better. You're still fat. Aren't you getting tired of los—"

"S-SHUT UP! Don't you underestimate me Kurosaki, this time I brought a friend with me!" His minions handed him a steel pipe."

"Ken'ichi..." Hiro called out in worry, "Let's just g—"

"Here hold my bag." Ken'ichi said tossing his bag to Hiro and walking towards the gang.

"W-wait Ken'ichi! This could get us into more trouble!" Hiroshi reasoned.

"Don't worry Hiro, this would just take a sec. Besides, I wouldn't want their efforts of going here to be wasted, that would be rude." Ken'ichi explained coolly. The bunch of guys then began to circle him. They're beginning to catch attention. Hiro can practically hear the people around.

"It's Kurosaki again. He's on a fight!"

"Takumo high really? Aren't they scary?"

"Nah, Kurosaki can take them."

"I bet Kurosaki would be beaten into a pulp."

"Kya, I don't want to look!"

"Let's bet!"

"Hurry, I think they're about to start!"

"Someone call a teacher!"

Hiro practically face palmed at hearing those comments.

"So... are you scared Kurosaki? Wanna call daddy for help?" The big guy said in intimidation but it didn't seem to bother Ken'ichi.

"Nah, I'll pass. That happened one time since you called yours." He reasoned.

Ken'ichi can remember that day. Fatso called his mother a slut and his fat dad beat him up. It was a good thing Ichigo came to save his ass that day. Although Ken'ichi didn't know yet that Ichigo was his real father back then, it was an awesome fight. Just one hit and the large overweight man came tumbling down like his son. Ken'ichi wanted to be like that—to be strong. To be able to protect everyone he cared about. And that's how it started. Who knew fatso junior held a big grudge against Ken'ichi. But it got pretty annoying when he began to always pick a fight with Kichi and always loses. One time, Ken'ichi thought of letting fatso win on purpose but then he realized how big this guy's ego is, probably bigger than himself so letting him win is definitely NOT an option. Then eventually Fatso became a gang leader. Ken'ichi had no idea how that happened, nor did he care. Fatso's number of minions doubled though but still, Kichi didn't give a fuck.

Well, good for him, at least he accomplished something. Besides growing as huge and hideous as his dad. Ken'ichi thought to himself.

Like father like son.

Kichi smirked.

That's right. Like father like son.

"Oi fatso, what's taking so long?" Ken'ichi called out when he noticed that the minions aren't attacking yet.

"Don't call me fatso, my name is—"

"I don't give a fuck of what your name is, let's just get this over with so that I can go home and get some sleep." Kichi replied putting his hands behind his head.

"Oh you'll be sleeping alright. In a tomb!" The young men around Ken'ichi held their own weapons, either steel pipes or wood, ready. Ken'ichi smirked.

"Let's make a deal, since I promised Arisawa-sensei I won't get in too much trouble when it comes to fighting, I'll only hit you." He said pointing at fatso who gulped a bit at that warning, "And everyone else will go down all on their own."

"Che. Enough talk! Get him boys!" Fatso yelled letting the mob do the job for him.

"Ken'ichi!" Hiro yelped in concern and just like that, they all began to attack. Ken'ichi remained calm as he swiftly made his way around each attack. He moved quickly enough so that everyone ended up hitting each other. It took awhile and a few risky moves but soon enough what Kichi said came true. Everyone was down on the ground. He walked towards fatso with an evil grin. Fatso on the other hand trembled in fear holding on tightly to his steel pipe.

"No... Don't go near me! Stay back!" And when Ken'ichi was finally about two steps away from his enemy, he grabbed the steel pipe and threw it far away.

"And there goes your friend." Kichi said grabbing fatso's collar.

"Bastard." Fatso cursed through his teeth.

"And here comes my fist." Ken'ichi stopped with his fist an inch away from the huge young man's face. Ken'ichi sighed and let go of fatso until the poor guy fell flat on the floor. "You know what, I don't have time for this." He murmured. Then fatso smirked.

"Ken'ichi! Behind you!" Hiro yelled. One of the minions was about to hit Ken'ichi with a pipe when suddenly that guy was hit by a ball from behind his head, knocking him completely out. Kichi's eyes widened then glared at fatso grabbing him by the collar once again in the process.

"Why you—" He was really going to punch fatso this time when a voice halted him.

"Mr. Kurosaki, I believe that is enough." A young man with blonde hair said with complete authority.

"President Yatsuri!" Hiro quickly ran towards them, "I... w-we can explain—" Hiro was cut off when Yatsuri raised a hand to make him stop.

"Mr. Kurosaki, I believe this is your last warning—"

"Yeah, yeah. Look, I didn't tell them to come here. It's their fault. Why are you blaming me?" Ken'ichi reasoned.

"Because these brawls of yours are your responsibility. If you'd act more responsibly then they wouldn't have to go here and begged a fight now would they?" Yatsuri countered.

"Then you suggest I just let them beat me up. Is that what you mean by being responsible?"

"Watch your tone when you speak to the president, Kurosaki! You're lucky Miss Nomiya kicked that ball to save your life!" Said the young girl with long green hair who's standing next to the president. Ken'ichi just rolled his eyes, "Whatever, next time stop interfering. If you don't want trouble here in school then tell that to them yourselves." Ken'ichi countered pointing at the bullies from the other school.

"Let's go Hiro." He said with a scowl as Hiroshi bowed at them before he followed behind Ken'ichi.

"Tsch. Damn that Kurosaki, who does he think he is." The green headed girl mumbled in annoyance.

"Vice President Atsumi, where did Nomiya go?" Yatsuri asked looking around.

"Hmm? Oh, after kicking the ball, I think she went on ahead. She said she had to go buy groceries."

"I see, well come now, we have work to do with regards to these trouble makers." The president nodded towards the students from Takumo High.

"Yes sir."

"You know, I could have just lent you one of my uniforms." Hiro said as he watched Ken'ichi clean his uniform.

"Stupid, I'm bigger than you. My mom would know that it's not mine." He scrubbed the last of it with a wet towel. "There, I think it looks better. Not as dirty as it was before right?" Ken'ichi asked holding it up.

Hiroshi fixed his glasses a bit to observe Ken'ichi's work, "I guess." He replied a little doubtful.

Ken'ichi rolled his eyes, "Okay I'll change the question, is it worth keeping me alive?"

"Ken'ichi! Don't say that!"

"What? If my mom found out I got into another fight, I'd be dead! I just got her called by the teacher awhile ago, I'm in enough trouble already!"

"Fine. I guess that will do."

It was afternoon now, almost dark, when Ken'ichi walked home from Hiro's house. Then on his way he saw someone walking a bit farther away from him. He narrowed his eyes to see who it was. The person looked familiar for some reason. It was a girl with long brown hair curling at the end. They continued to walk like that until the girl finally sighed.

"Would you please stop following me?" She said bluntly turning around.

"What?" He said in surprise. He looked behind him. "Me?" He asked pointing to himself.

"Yeah, you. I don't see anyone else here do you?" She said putting her hands on her hips.

"Me? Follow you? But I live—" She chuckled at his reaction.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You live in this neighbourhood. Geez, I was just kidding." She said with a smile.

"Well, what about you? Haven't seen you around here before. Are you lost?" He asked walking towards her.

"Nope, I just moved here with my sister a few days ago, in the house in front of the small clinic." She pointed somewhere ahead.

"Oh, that's my grandpa's clinic." He said knowing that it was the only clinic there.

"Really?" She looked back at him.


She paused to stare at him. "Hey, you know you look pretty familiar."

"Yeah well, we're sort of in the same class together but I guess you wouldn't know that since you're rarely around." Ken'ichi explained knowing exactly who this person was.

"I guess not. It is pretty busy in the council. But wait a minute, I think I remember who you are... hmm..." She thought for a moment. "Kurosaki Right?" she said snapping.


"Ah yes, Kurosaki the trouble maker. The Kurosaki that didn't pass the paper in our economics subject which is worth half our grade. That Kurosaki. Yeah, I think I got your background covered. And, we are in the same class." She confirmed walking ahead and he followed.

"That wasn't much of a background, since most of it isn't true." He commented.

"Did you pass your paper?"

"No, but I didn't mean that."

"Then I suppose those punks from Takumo high at the gates of the school were waiting for a different Kurosaki."

He smirked, "Fine, your assumption is correct. And you were the one who kicked the ball. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

"As expected from the SC secretary and captain of the football team,"

She smiled, "So you have my background info covered too?"

"Ah yes, Nomiya Miyumi, the one who will lead KHS to the football championships and the one who got the highest score in the entrance exams. Brains and talent. It is basically impossible to not know that."

"Sorry, can't help it. I'm famous like that." She said coolly. "I heard it was trending worldwide." She joked.

He rolled his eyes, "Haha. Well, I wish I had a score that high in the tests. That way I'd be able to just skip classes." He said putting his hands behind his head.

"Wishing Huh? You don't wish. You work hard if you want something."

Ken'ichi stopped for a moment, "Weird. You know someone told me those exact same words years ago."

"Yeah well, I met someone years ago who wouldn't believe me, AND he even tried to prove me wrong."

"Her name was..."

"His name was..."



They both stopped in their tracks. She quickly looked back at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, "Oh my gosh! You're Ken'ichi the crybaby!" She exclaimed pointing a finger at him.

"And you're Yumi the wish stealer!"

"Wish stealer? Really?" She said rolling her eyes putting a hand on her hip. "You remembered me as the wish stealer?"

"Seems fair since you remembered me as the cry baby." He countered.

She shook her head in disbelief, "Well, what about you? Scarf stealer. Think I don't remember that? That scarf was my favourite you know." She said as she began to walk again.

Ken'ichi smiled wider.

Wow. Who would have thought? It is her.

"I didn't steal it, you gave it and besides you never asked for it back." He said catching up to her.

"Then I want it back." She said holding out her hand. He blinked his eyes twice as if she was asking for the impossible that made her chuckle. "I'm just kidding, you probably threw it away or something. But it's too bad that was the last present my granny gave me before she passed away." She murmured face down as she began to walk again then he followed behind.

"R-really?" He said in panic.

She giggled, "Just a joke... Geez... It didn't have that sort of drama. It's just a scarf we bought in an old bargain store, but I did really like it back then, well never mind... it's too late now."

They looked at each other, "Such a small world..." She murmured unbelievably shaking her head in the process.

"I know. Never thought I'd see you again. So how long will you be staying here this time?"

"Well, sis got a pretty good job this time. We'll probably stay longer or just stay. Period."

"That's good then."

"Yes and it was really good to see you again. You seem to have not been crying lately."

"Haha. You still steal in fountains?"

"Actually no, I go for wells now." She joked.

"Really? I heard there's a pretty deep wishing well downtown..."

"Haha, very funny." She said sarcastically.

"Hey, by the way, my wish came true you know."

"So your family's all together now?" She figured.

"Yes and I have three other siblings too. What about you?"


"Yeah, your wish? Did it come true?"

"Well, surprisingly, it did."

"Really? So what was it?"

She smiled. "Well I did wish for something simple. Just like what you told me..."


"And I just wished to... you know... see you again." She faced away and began walking ahead to hide her blushing face.

"Oh..." Ken'ichi end up saying as he tried to process what the other person just said. Then he smiled and caught up with her.

"So you liked me back then? Cause you wouldn't wish for something like that if you didn't." He teased.

She rolled her eyes at him, "Hey I was a kid back then and you were my only friend. I think I would have wished for the same thing regardless of who I met."

"So you believe in wishes now?"

"Hmm... nope." She simply answered.

"What? Why?" Ken'ichi scowled.

"I told you. You can wish, but you have to work hard for it. If I didn't work hard for a scholarship, I wouldn't be at the same school as you and we wouldn't meet. Do you get it?"

"Well, I get that you won't admit that I'm right and you're wrong."

"And there is that."

They both laughed and tried to catch up on things as they walked the rest of the way home.

"I'm home." Ken'ichi said, tiredly as he entered the house.

"Big brother's home!" Keiji yelped and just like that the twins began to imitate him going "Big brother's home! Big brother's home!" over and over again like a siren, running around.

"Okay, okay, Haru, Haku," Ken'ichi said in annoyance catching them both and lifting the two four-year-olds. "The whole neighbourhood knows that I'm home." The twins began to giggle.

"Ken'ichi, be careful, you might hurt them." Rukia said walking out from the kitchen. He put the two down on the couch.

"Aww..." They both pouted.

"See? They're fine." He told his mother with his hands up in defeat. Rukia scowled when she noticed something odd about Ken'ichi.

"What?" The boy asked when she began to eye him suspiciously then she crossed her arms over her chest as a conclusion has been formulated.

"What happened?" She asked in a dead serious tell-me-the-truth-and-don't-bother-lie-because-I-know-you-so-well-that-I-know-exactly-when-you-lie tone. Ken'ichi gulped.

"W-what do you mean mom, nothing happened." Then he let out a nervous chuckle but his mother's stance remained unbreakable.

"Ken'ichi..." She said in a I'm-warning-you-I-know-exactly-what-you-did-now-admit-it tone.

"I promise, it's nothing I just—"

"I'm home." Ichigo said as he entered the house. And just like before, Keiji starts with "Dad's home!" Followed by the twins going "Dad's home! Dad's home!" like annoying little sirens. Rukia sighed.

"We shall continue this later. Dinner is ready." She said which felt like a needle has been partially pulled out of Kichi.

Thank you Lord. He sighed in relief.

Ichigo came in the living room with Keiji sitting on his shoulders. He carried the twins on their chest each of them in his arms.

"Oh kids, don't do that daddy's tired." She said taking Haru and Haku from each of Ichigo's arms then Keiji from his shoulders. "Aww..." The kids pouted. Ichigo just chuckled.

"Alright, it's time for dinner now." Rukia said and the kids cheered as they raced to the dining room with their mother following behind. Ichigo looked at Ken'ichi for a moment.

"You look like you got into a brawl." He figured.

"Oh, come on..." Ken'ichi grunts.

Was it that obvious?

"Wet towel?" Ichigo asked.


"She still noticed?"


"A little advice, next time, don't hang around here. Just go straight upstairs and change your clothes. Now go."

"Yes sir..." Ken'ichi replied walking upstairs to his room to change. Rukia walked back into the living room walking towards Ichigo.

"Hey what are you standing around here for, dinner's ready." She said.

"Ah." He replied with a nod. Rukia was about to go back to the dining room when Ichigo took her hand.

"Wait Rukia."

"Hm?" Suddenly he pulled her close and gave her quick peck on the lips. She smiled.

"Welcome home, my love." She said sweetly.

"Glad to be home." Then he turned her around wrapping his arms around her from behind. "By the way, the lunch was great." He whispered on her ear.

She gasped, "But that wasn't supposed to be yours."

"He shared it with me. I couldn't decline I mean, it WAS originally mine." He countered kissing her neck.

She moaned and rolled her eyes, "Alright, it's time for dinner." She said stopping him before things get a little more heated up. Though, they did walk to the dining room holding hands.

The whole family began to eat together.

"So how was everything?" Ichigo asked and he got an answer he didn't expect.

"Mama went to school!" Haru said cheerfully. Both Ken'ichi and Rukia flinched.

"School? What do you mean by that baby?" Ichigo said looking at the little purple eyed girl whose light brown hair was tied in pigtails. Just like Ichigo's mother's hair color.

"Big bro got in twable," Her male twin with the same colour of eyes and hair continued.

Ichigo turned to look at Rukia with a deep scowl, "You went to school? Alone?"

She cleared her throat, "It's fine. It's not a big deal, everything was taken care of."

"Yeah dad, I just failed to pass a paper but it's okay mom got our teacher to extend the deadline."

"That's right." Rukia said in agreement.

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"Ichigo, we want Ken'ichi to pass the subject. Not fail it."

Ichigo scowled at hearing that excuse, "How would that be different if I went there instead of your mom?"

"The fact that you're scary and short tempered. You might end up punching a teacher and getting our son expelled. Then what would you have done?" Rukia reasoned.

"Then move to another school."

Ken'ichi faced palmed while Rukia rolled her eyes at that answer.

"What? And what would you have done? Bat your eyes and giggle." Ichigo retorted in frustration.

"Hey! Don't judge my methods especially when mine actually works compared to yours."

"Yeah right and how long were you two planning on keeping this from me?" He asked glaring at the two with his arms crossed over his chest.

"We were hoping longer than this." Rukia murmured.

"Daddy?" Haru asked in confusion when she noticed that her dad stopped eating.

"Sorry baby, daddy lost his appetite." Ichigo said standing up and leaving the room.

Rukia sighed, "Haru, Haku, I told you not to tell daddy that."

The twins pouted when they noticed the broken look on their mother's face, "We're sorry." They said half ready to cry. "Oh, babies it's not your fault." Rukia stood up to comfort the two.

"Big bro?" Keiji asked Ken'ichi who let out a big sigh.

"Next time, remind me to take my papers away from the twins' reach?" He asked Keiji who just nodded.

Rukia got out of the bathroom wearing her robe and a short silky pink nightgown. She saw her husband sitting on the bed holding some papers. She got in the bed as well.

"So... let's go to bed." She said with a slight grin but he didn't even look at her as if he didn't hear her, he just continued on with what he was reading.

Right, he's still mad. Rukia thought.

"I never noticed that our room is so hot, you know... Mmmnnn..." She moaned sensibly opening her robe and taking it off. "And our bed..." She lied down, " So... mnnn... soft and... aah... feels so good to just... relax and... mmnn..." she continued sensually but he still wouldn't budge.

She grimaced, "What are you so preoccupied with anyway?"

This time he spoke, "Seriously? That's all you've got for me to forgive you?"

"Well, what do you want me to do? Strip myself in front of you?" He looked at her for a moment.

"Cause I'd do it, if that's what it takes to—"

"No." He cut her off for a moment before he continued, "Top my charade on our honeymoon, then we'll talk."

"What? But that's haaaaard." She whined remembering all the notes and flower petals that night.

"Then we've got nothing to talk about."

She began to pout, "You know what? Fine. If you don't want to talk to me then I won't talk to you either. Good night." She grumbled lying back down and cuddling under the sheets.

Ichigo rolled his eyes.

Then he realized maybe he should have just said yes when she offered to strip in front of him.

"Rukia..." He began to call out putting a hand on her but she shrugged him off.

"No. Don't touch me. Just talk to your papers from now on." She yelled in a muffled tone. "You shouldn't even be allowed to work here. We should have been even since you always bend the bedroom rule." She mumbled.

He sighed.

Ah yes... their "Bedroom rule" which states that in the bedroom, your partner is your ONLY business. Nothing else.

Why is life so unfair?

How did the situation turned around?

Wasn't he supposed to be the victim here?

He puts the papers down on the side table and wrapped an arm around his wife, "Hey, don't be like this. You know that I hate sharing you with other people."

"I know." She answered then turned to face him, "That's why I didn't want to tell you."

"But I'd rather you tell me than keep secrets from me."

She sat up, "I'm sorry, don't worry, next time I'll tell you."

He glared at her.

"Which of course will never happen again so I'd have nothing to tell you." Then she mumbled, "Or I'll just make sure that you never find out."

"Rukia." He said in a warning tone.

"I'm kidding. Geez... chill will you?" He sighed in defeat his angry face changing into a caring expression once again.

"So did he do anything to you? Touch anything?" He asked gently caressing her cheek with his hand.

"Well, we did have some hand-to-hand action." She simply answered. He then took her hand and began kissing it then rubbing it against his cheek. She couldn't help but smile and chuckle a little.

"What?" He asked while continuing his ministration.

"It was the other hand." She simply said. His eyebrows shot up then took her other hand and did the same thing.

"Mm..." She moaned. "And some lip-to-lip action." That made him stop to look at her suspiciously.

"What? You know what I want." She said. He smirked and caught her lips with his. His lips began to travel her neck then he began to knead her mound.

"Ah... That's the spot." She moaned in ecstasy.

"He got to third base?"

"Well, he was probably thinking it."

He smirked, "And I'm doing it."

"Yipee. Lucky you."

Quickly, everything started to heat up from the sweet simple kisses to full on hot and lustful ones. He ran his hands on her creamy white thighs that wrap around his waist. He pulled down her night gown until it revealed her perky breasts. He immediately began kneading one of her mounds which made her gasp in pleasure.

"Aah... Ichigo... Ichigo..." She purred like a mantra while she pulled on his shirt. Getting the message, he quickly took it off and threw it on the floor. He stared at his half naked wife, panting and wanting. The sight turns him on. The craving just intensifies down there, in his lower half. Then she began to reach for the lamp on the side table but he stopped her holding her down.

"B-but the lights—" She tried to reason.

"Forget the lights, I want to see you." He said in a strict tone, which she had no choice but to comply. She let out a sharp moan when he began to suck on the tip her mound. His tongue swirled around her hard nipple making her bite her lower lip to stop herself from screaming. Moving on from her breasts he slowly pulled the laces of her underwear, loosening it and completely peeling it off her skin.

"Ah! Oh god... Ichigo—nnn... aah... aah..." She huffed as he began to stroke her. He began to moan himself after feeling her wet and ready for him. Slowly he entered two fingers inside her, moving in and out, massaging her walls. She was losing herself in all the pleasure. She didn't know whether to scream, curse or yell his name, she ended up doing most of them.

"Ooh... shit... aah... Ichigo... Ichigo..." She groaned then she watched him pull his fingers out and put them in his mouth. Oh just the sight of that made her want him more. He smirked at tasting her. To him she tastes better than anything he had ever tasted. This is her lovely flavour... classic Rukia. He put her legs up his shoulders and began licking her folds. She let out a long sensual moan as her hand grabbed his hair while the other held onto the pillow beneath her head.

"Hah... hah... Aaah!" His tongue flicked her clit quickly then began sucking. His talented tongue was indeed a gift worth being thankful for. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the mind numbing sensation. Soon enough her body began trembling and she let out a powerful orgasm. Ichigo hungrily drank her juices as she finished her release. Then he smacked his lips onto hers. She groaned when she tasted herself on his mouth but the idea just turned her on more making her wet again.

Ichigo was tired of all the work, he hasn't had any of this in weeks... yes, WEEKS because of the stupid company projects and all that shit. He comes home tired and stressed; yet, this woman who's writhing under him right now would always be up, reading a book, waiting for him to come home. He remembered those days, he'd ask her after a long day if she wants to do it but she'd just smile then shake her head. He felt bad. He knows that she's been wanting him too but she explains by saying, "No Ichigo, the last time we did it when you were this stressed, you ended up finishing and nothing's even happened yet." He just figured that since he's always at work and she's busy with the kids then this is the only time they could bond together but what she does is just let him cuddle her. She kisses his forehead, tells him "good night", strokes his hair until finally tiredness overcomes him and he falls asleep. For the past few days of mind blowing work this is the part of the day that he always looks forward to. Being back in those arms, like a child cradled by his mother. He craved that.

And now no more abstinence or whatever shitty reason there is to not do it. 'Cause they'll damn well do it now. He's going to satisfy her tonight as a thank you for everything she has done. Nothing can stop them from—

"W-wait! Ichigo... don't..." She yelped grabbing his hard member when she felt the tip of its head on her entrance.

"W-what?" Ichigo groaned unbelievably.

"I-I'm not on birth control." She reasoned frantically. They looked at each other for a moment when an idea hit him.

"Condom?" He offered.

"Condom?" She repeated.



He quickly got off her and rummage through the drawers of the side table not even caring if the things inside it fall off. Then he finally found what he was looking for.

"Mmmnnn... Ichigo... Hurry..." She groaned in bed. He shakily opened the foil packet and put the damn thing on then got back on his original position on top of her.

"Ready?" He asked positioning himself back on her entrance. She nodded submissively then he filled her in completely. They both moaned in unison then Ichigo began to thrust in and out of her calling her name again and again like an incantation.

He'll never get tired of this... of her...

"R-Rukia... on t-top... now..." He commanded, switching their position then she began to ride him. Her hands were flat on his toned chest as she bounced up and down. He groaned stroking her thighs, ass then her breasts. She began to kiss him on his lips but that didn't stop her from moving.

"Aah... soo good..." She moaned running her kisses on his neck and her hands on his chest. Then her breathing quicken. She was so close.

"Ichigo... I... I... Aaaah..." She let out a long blissful moan. Her head was thrown back as she climaxed on top of him with her nails clawing his chest. He gripped her hips tightly when he felt her walls contract around him. Then he quickly changed their position so that he could keep thrusting. Yes, he wasn't done yet. He quickened his pace which made her gasp. Her head turned from side to side at the satisfaction it sent.

"I-Ichigo... f-faster... ah... ah..."

"R-Rukia... I'm... almost..." He continued to thrust a few more times. Soon she reached another orgasm just at the same time as he reached his peak of pleasure as well. They both catch their breath for a moment then he kissed her deeply.

Ichigo looked intently at his wife and smirked, "I'm not yet done with you." He said showing her another condom. She grinned in excitement with her cheeks flushed red.

This is going to be a long night.

It's Sunday. The perfect day to absolutely do nothing. Just spoil yourself, stay in bed and...

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

Ken'ichi groaned at the loud sound.

"Huh? What the fu—Ouch!" He suddenly fell off the bed and worse, the noise continued.

"It's morning! Let's go play!" Keiji beamed shaking his big brother, "Come on big brother! Get up!"

"Please! Please! Please! We wanna play! We wanna play!" The twins cheered as well.

"GAAH! You guys are so annoying! Go away!" He said crawling back to bed.

"But we want to play!" Keiji reasoned.

"Please! Please! Please!" Haku and Haru pleaded.

He felt a vein pop in his forehead.

It's always like this...


"What? What do you want from me?" He couldn't help but yell in irritation but it didn't seem to bother nor scare his little siblings.

"Let's play role play!" Keiji beamed.

Oh God... no... not that game again... Ken'ichi inwardly groaned.

Role play... damn, if only you knew the hidden meaning behind that cursed "game". Yeah, I know what it really is now... I can't believe I was fooled for years, I mean the mechanics alone of that game was flawed. Don't even get me started on how I found out the truth. Let's just say it has something to do with a rabbit and a lion playing inside my parent's den, well, you get the point. Shit, just the reminder of it gives me the chills. Damn it dad, why did you have to teach me that. And my little brother is following my legacy... damn... just damn it all...

"Auuugh... Stop bugging me... go play with someone else." He groaned pulling the covers over his head.

"Oh I know. Let's go play with dad!" Keiji told the twins as the idea hit him.

"Yeah, go, go you little monsters." Ken'ichi murmured and his little siblings rushed out of the room. He sighed when he remembered something.

"Now where did I put that thing...?"

Ichigo was sitting on the living room couch peacefully reading a newspaper when all of a sudden his children came running down the stairs shouting "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Ichigo sighed and put away the newspaper. He knew well enough that that was the sign of peace officially broken. The two little boys sat beside him while Haru sat on his lap.

"We wanna play!" She said cheerfully.

"What do you want to play?"

The three looked at each other before answering at the same time, "ROLE PLAY!"

Ichigo cringed at hearing that game.

Ugh... Every time he hears it come out of his children's mouth it's like a big slap on how much of an idiot he is.

"But I'm not in the mood for playing." He reasoned.

"Aww... please!"

"Please dad!"

"Pwetty please!"

The children all talked at the same time like little bees buzzing around your ear. Ichigo sighed in defeat.

"Game huh? Then let me tell you guys a secret, come closer." They did so.

"I think you three should run 'cause I hear there's a monster looking for little kids to eat."

They gasped.

"Where is it?" Haru asked in worry.

"It's... It's..." And then he didn't move as if he passed out.


"Dad?" The kids began to shake him and then...

"I am rumplestiltskin the monster that eats children. I'm going to get you all! ROAR!" Ichigo yelped.

"Aaaah!" The children began running away and laughing at the same time. It's amazing how you can entertain children just by acting stupid. They all ran behind Ken'ichi who just got downstairs.

"Big brother help! Stilson is after us!" Keiji explained as they all held on to their brother.

"Who the hell is stilson?" Ken'ichi asked with a scowl.

"So... you kids hide behind your brother. But that won't save you." Ichigo explained as he walked closer towards them.

"Um... dad? What's going on?" Ken'ichi asked because of his father's behaviour.

"That's not dad! It's rumplestilson the monster that eats kids." Keiji cleared out. Which was enough to explain what's going on.

"Save us!" Haku pleaded.

"Yeah help us!" Haru added.

He looked at his dad who smirked.

"So... Show me what you got boy." Ichigo challenged.

Ken'ichi smirked, "you're going to lose old man."

"Old man? Well, experience always beats ignorance kid."

"We'll see." And they began to brawl. The little kids were cheering from behind. They tussled on the floor but kept getting up. They ended up pushing each other hand to hand.

"You know why you're going to lose dad?" Ken'ichi said confidently. Which made Ichigo raise an eyebrow but still smirk.

"Lose? Me? Interesting theory, tell me then."

"Simple, cause I have cavalry." He said with an evil grin, "Guys, now!" He called out and the three came jumping onto their dad.

"Oh shoot!" He yelped and they all fall tumbling down with Ichigo lying flat on the floor.

"What is going on here?" Rukia asked entering the scene.

"Mom! We defeated rumplestilson!" Keiji cried out in victory.

"I see that," Rukia walked towards them and observed the supposed to be dead monster, "Well, he looks knocked out alright."

Then something hit Ken'ichi's memories, like this scene was so familiar.

Oh no...

"Kids get off him. Rule number one: never let your guard down!" He yelped standing up. Ichigo smirked and sat up. The children squealed and ran. Ichigo grabbed Rukia's hand and pulled her on the floor with him.

"Oh, so you're still alive. Such a devious monster." She praised as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Aha, I captured your mother little kids. What are you gonna do now?" She rolled her eyes at his acting.

"Come on, pretend to be the hostage." He whispered to her.

"Fine. Help! Help! Save me please!" She acted.

"Oh no mom!" Haru gasped.

"The monster got mom! We have to save her." Keiji yelled to Ken'ichi.

"Yeah, we just have to—" Ken'ichi's statement was cut off by another voice.

"Mommy!" Haku shouted then he began to cry.

"Oh baby, it's okay, come here." Rukia called out to her youngest little boy with open arms. Haku immediately ran to her wrapping his arms around her crying some more. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Mommy's okay see?" She said wiping the little boy's tears.

"Hey sport, I won't hurt mommy. See?" Ichigo said hugging Rukia.

"P-pwom...ise?" He asked in between sobs.

"Promise." Ichigo assured his son. The little boy wiped the rest of his tears.

"Do you still wanna play?" Ichigo asked and his son nodded. He stroked the boy's head to comfort him.

"Okay, now go help them save me," Rukia said kissing the little guy's forehead to encourage him before letting him go back to the group.

"Come on, I have an idea." Ken'ichi said and they went off except for Haru who stayed behind.

"What's wrong sweetheart? Why aren't you running with them?" Ichigo asked his daughter.

"Is everything alright baby?" Rukia asked in concern.

"I wanna be raple... raple... stilson too!" She beamed.

"Alright then, Rapunzle, go find out what they are up to!" Ichigo commanded. Haru nodded enthusiastically and followed her brothers leaving the two adults behind on the floor.

"So, Mr. Stiltskin right?" Rukia began.

"It's Stiltson actually." Ichigo corrected.

She chuckled, "I see. So what do you usually do to your hostages?"

"I'm not sure, I've never had a hostage as beautiful as you." She rolled her eyes at how cheesy that sounded.

"Oh, so do you always say that to all your hostages?"

"Hmm... Since YOU ARE my ONLY hostage then yes, I do."

"Then what now?" She asked giving him a seducing look that made him grin.

"I guess I have no choice but to change you into a monster as well." He said lying her on the floor with him hovering above.

"And how do you do that?" She asked mischievously.

"Well I just have to—"

Suddenly he felt splash of water hit his face.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Step away from our mommy monster!" He looked up and saw Ken'ichi, Keiji and Haku holding water guns. He wiped the liquid on his face with his shirt as he stood up.

"Ah! The monster is mad!" Keiji yelped and they shot him again and again with water.

"Why you... come here!" Ichigo ran after them. Haku ran towards Rukia.

"We saved mommy!" He cheered.

"Oh yes you did. Thank you baby." She hugged him then carried him up. "What about you Rapunzle? Tired?" She asked Haru who hugged her back.

"I'm hungry." She said playfully.

"Okay, let's get some cookies in the kitchen."

Ichigo, Ken'ichi and Keiji were running merrily around the kitchen chasing each other when all of a sudden...


The three of them froze.

"Oh..." Keiji began.

"Oh shit." Ichigo said.

"Uh-oh." Ken'ichi second his father's reaction.

"What was that sound? It sounded like something... broke..." Rukia's voice faded as well when she saw what it was that broke. And what was it really?

Haku answered, "Bunny bwoke!"

"Mommy, the cookies!" Haru added pointing at the splattered cookies and the broken Chappy the rabbit cookie jar.

"Right..." Rukia began in a cold tone putting down Haku first then she asked with such a scary tone looking back and forth at Ichigo and Ken'ichi, "Who broke it?"

They both pointed at each other.

"What? You pushed me dad!" Ken'ichi reasoned.

"No I didn't, you tumbled yourself!" Ichigo retorted.

"Enough... Oh if I were you I'd start running." Rukia warned. And with that they both did with Rukia of course running after them like the new monster.

"I'm done cleaning the mess. I'll be baking the cookies now." Ken'ichi said in a low tone. That feeling of being beat up by your mother... awful.

"Good boy." Rukia praised but it only made Ken'ichi sigh. And now she looks normal.

Curse that rabbit cookie jar. This was the second time that this happened. I remembered mom went berserk when the one she bought before broke. Dad replaced it and now he'll be replacing it again. What a cycle.


Rukia opened the door and was immediately hugged by her guest. It was Momo, her best friend whose personality is still as bright as ever. She hasn't changed except for her short newly permed black hair. With her was of course her daughter, Kizumi. The six-year-old little girl who had her black hair French braided. Her cute yellow dress compliments her blue eyes perfectly. Her eyes sparkled when she saw Keiji. She immediately ran towards him.

"Hi Keiji." She greeted waving her hands sweetly.

"Oh, it's you. What happened to your hair?" He asked as he noticed the complicated braid.

"Do you like it?"

"No. It looks like a rope." He simply stated.

Kizumi pouted, "Well my mommy said I look cute in it."

"She always says that. I bet if you put an eggplant on your head, she'd still say you're cute."

Kizumi pouted some more, "Keiji you are so mean!"

"So where is your husband?" Momo asked as she took a sip from her tea.

"Someone broke the Chappy cookie jar." Rukia answered as if that should explain everything.


"Yeah, I told Ichigo that he's not allowed to come home unless he finds a replacement." She simply added.

"But Rukia, I think those jars are extinct." Momo figured.

"I don't care, it's his fault for breaking it."

"Or maybe this is a sign telling you to stop obsessing on it. I mean even if he finds a replacement, it's bound to break again."

"I don't care. I just want my jar back."

It was night time when Ichigo got home from his rabbit cookie jar hunting and right now, all he wants to do is crawl up in his bed next to his wife. He opened the door to their bedroom and as usual, Rukia was sitting on the bed reading a book. She glanced up at him.

"So? Where is it?"

"Actually, I..." He didn't even finish when she suddenly stood up, put the book down on the side table and began to get some of the pillows.

"W-w-wait, you're sleeping outside?" Ichigo asked frantic.

"Oh I'm not, you are." She said forcefully pushing the pillows to him.

"Wait Rukia please listen." He lets go of the pillows and grabbed her hand.

"I'm not listening. If you don't have it then we have nothing else to talk about. Case closed."

Ichigo sighed.

I guess there is no other choice.

He then swept her off her feet and brought her to the bed. She struggled from his hold.

"Let go of me Ichigo!" She protested then he began to send her kisses.

"Aah! L-let go of me!"

"I wonder if dad found a new replacement jar. Aunt Momo said they were really hard to find nowadays." Ken'ichi murmured in wonder. He decided to step out of his room and get some water. On the hallway he saw a box placed in front of his parents' room. Curious, he walked towards it and took a peak at what's inside.

Wait a sec.

This is...

His thoughts were cut off when he began to hear the voices coming from inside the room.

"Let go of me Ichigo!"

"Aah! L-let go of me!"

"S-shit... ah... don't... nnn..."

"Oh shit, not again." He immediately covered his ears and run back to his room. He knew that Chappy the Rabbit jar was a bad idea. The first time it broke they ended up having twins in the family. What now?

Skin to skin. Naked. Covered in sweat. Heated and panting. That's Ichigo and Rukia's status right now.

"Nnnn..." She moaned as they pull back from their hot passionate kiss.

"Ichigo..." She purred, "Condom..." She called out indicating that she wants him. He rummaged through the side table's drawers once again.

"Hurry up..." She groaned in desire. Soon she felt him hover above her once again. He positioned her legs up towards her body.

"Rukia..." He began huffing.


"I love you so much." He said before entering himself inside her. She gasped and groaned in surprise but something felt wrong, she didn't hear a foil packet open nor does it fill like—

"Ichigo! " She yelped when she finally realized what he did, but he just continued to thrust faster.

"Aah... o-oh my g-god... i-idiot... hah... hah... aah..." Soon enough they both reached the peak of pleasure. Ichigo thrusts a few more times to let his juices fill her in. They both waited for their breathing to even. Rukia let out a huge sigh as she held onto her husband, "Oh Ichigo, what did you do?"

"I'm sorry, I wanted you so badly." He reasoned burying his face on her neck.

Rukia ran her hands through her hair in frustration, closing her eyes.

"I can practically feel it already." She mumbled.

"You're just overreacting. You know, maybe we didn't actually hit the—"

"Oh Ichigo, I am fully aware of how active your seeds can be. Trust me." She said rolling her eyes.

"Well maybe a seventh family member is not such a bad idea." He tried to joke but his wife just sighed in defeat.

On the bed, her body turned to face him. He wrapped an arm around her and she scowled as it woke her up. She looked at him but it only made her grimace.

"Good morning." He tried to greet happily.

She pouted and crossed her arms over her chest, "No, not a good morning. I can't believe we did it again last night... And I was supposed to be mad at you! I hate you."

"Oh? A little grouchy today, huh Mrs. Kurosaki?" He said holding her tighter.

"No! Stop doing that!" She tried pushing him away sounding really annoyed.

"So you're still mad?"


"Was this about the cookie jar or the condom?"

"Both! Ichigo I don't think you under—" He kissed her.

"You worry too much..." He whispered before meeting her lips once again.

"Mmm... okay, maybe I'm just a little concerned." This time he sent her butterfly kisses and she lightly chuckled.

"Okay, okay you caught me. You know I can't stay mad at you whenever you do that. You are so unfair." She stated shaking her head.

He smiled, "And for that, you get a reward."

She raised her eyebrows in confusion, "A reward?"

"Turn around." She complied and saw a brand new chappy cookie jar placed beside her on the bed. Her eyes widened with bliss as she sat up and immediately took the jar in her hands.

"B-but how? I thought—" She didn't finish when he sat up as well and embraced her.

"I never said I didn't get it." He said kissing the top of her head.

"But where?"

Ichigo's been looking for hours and... NOTHING. Just fucking NOTHING. He ended up standing in front of the antique shop where he waited for her to arrive with her date at vin et des roses before and she ended up pranking him. An old lady stepped out of the shop—the same old lady who talked to him before.

"Oh you're back. Can I help you this time boy?"

He sighed and ended up telling the old lady his dilemma. The old woman smiled.

"You know boy, I remembered your cute little raven haired girlfriend giving out her seat to an old man just so she could stand next to you in a bus."

Ichigo's eyes widened, "Wow, that was... a very long time ago... how come you remember?"

"It's your hair boy. You don't usually see young men walking around town with orange hair you know. And that girl, her features compliment yours." She said with a chuckle. "Anyway, I think I could help you find that jar of yours. You see this store used to be a chappy shop. I think we still have those rare jars at the back."

"Really? That sounds great!" He beamed following the old woman inside, "And by the way, that cute little raven haired girlfriend of mine is now my cute little raven haired wife."

"I'll just keep that as a secret. I don't want you going there 24/7 if ever you found out where it is."

She pouted then smiled knowing how true that statement was.

I'll find that out, I have my ways. She thought with a grin.

She stared at the cookie jar admiring its details.

"I just wanted to make sure if you loved this thing more than me..." Ichigo said running a finger over the cookie jar.

"Oh Ichigo, isn't it obvious? I married you didn't I? If I loved Mr. Chappy more than you I would have married him! But unfortunately, I don't think that's possible." She chuckled. "I'm just kidding. Besides, Mr. Chappy can't give me one hell of a night."

"And one hell of a morning..." He added sending hot wet kisses on her shoulders. She moaned at the feeling.

"Maybe you should put him aside for now, I don't want him to see what I'm going to do to you next."

She blushed feeling her spine tingle in excitement at hearing those words. Suddenly, they heard something that made their little charade stop.

"Did you hear that?" She asked.

"It sounded like the gates." Ichigo murmured.

"But who?"

They both peaked out of the window.

"Yo." Ken'ichi greeted as he saw Yumi come out of her house.

"Oh hey, you're early." She greeted back with a sweet smile.

"Well, my brother woke me up and I can't go back to sleep so might as well go now." He explained like it's such a normal thing to be early.

"I see." She nodded in understanding then she began to walk ahead.

"Oh yeah, by the way..." He said digging his hand inside his bag. She stopped and looked back. He stepped closer as he pulled the item out. Yumi's eyes widened when she saw what Ken'ichi was holding.

"Well, you did say you want it back." He said and her eyes softened. "So... may I?" He asked offering to put it on her. She just chuckled and bowed her head a bit towards him. Ken'ichi put the blue scarf around her neck. His eyes remained on hers as he fixed the scarf. When he was done, she observed the scarf and ran her hands through it. It was definitely the same scarf, she was sure of it.

"Wow. I can't believe you kept it." She said still in awe.

"Well, I got the feeling that one day you're going to ask for it back and I was right." He answered. She chuckled at hearing that.

"And besides..." He continued. "I can't throw it away... it was... the only thing that I have left... of you..." He said looking away to hide his blushing face. She can't help but blush as well.

Wow... he kept this thing for eight years... Amazing...

She looked back up at Ken'ichi.

"Uh... so... let's go?" He asked awkwardly.

"Mmm." She nodded and they began to walk together.

"You see I owe you." He began this time.


"I mean, if it weren't for you telling me to go home, I don't think I'll even be here now so... thank you."

"Well, I was pretty awesome as a kid. I mean I felt sorry for you since you live in an old abandoned clinic and you eat pretzels for breakfast."

"Which makes me twice as awesome."He said proudly.

"Or twice as pitiful." She corrected his statement the she dug in her hand inside her shoulder bag and showed him a box of pretzels. His eyebrows shot up. She opened it and offered him some.

"Pretzels are "food too" right?" She smiled putting quotation marks in the air with her fingers when she said the words "food too". He smiled and took one. They ate pretzels and talked the rest of the way.

"It's Kichi. It looks like he's heading to school." Rukia figured as they continued to observe.

"This early?" Ichigo posed in confusion.

Then they saw Ken'ichi greet a brown haired girl passing by. By the looks of her uniform, she must be Ken'ichi's schoolmate. After greeting back the girl began walking ahead but Ken'ichi caught up with her while rummaging through his things in his bag. They seemed to be talking but the two who were watching couldn't hear them.

Rukia and Ichigo both eagerly stared in anticipation of what would happen next. It was like a movie played from outside their bedroom window. Rukia gasped when she saw her son put a scarf around the pretty young girl.

"Ichigo did you se—"

"Sshh!" Ichigo cut her off immediately as if she was a very noisy audience disturbing the climax of the movie. She immediately zipped her mouth and looked back at the two again. Ken'ichi and the girl went their way walking side by side.

"That... was... so... SWEET!" Rukia cheered in glee. "I can't believe our son has a girlfriend and she looks GORGEOUS!"

"Yeah, way the go Kichi." Ichigo added with a smirk.

"Oh we have to meet her! We can have her over for dinner and—" Rukia said with a determined face.

"Rukia, we're not even sure if they're toge—"

"Nonsense! My motherly instincts tell me that they're perfect." Rukia answered as if that is enough proof.

"Motherly instincts? Now where did that come from?" With that he received a punch on the gut.

"Ouch! Damn it."

"Ken'ichi grew up so fast..." She continued not minding his retort. "I... oh, where do years go...?" She said with a soft expression. Ichigo smiled and kissed the top of her head.


"Hmm?" He asked an arm around her shoulders and his cheek on top of her head.

"How come you never gave me a scarf?" She asked innocently. He was surprised by the question.

"Well... er... that's because... you don't need it. I can just warm you up like this." He said wrapping his arms around her and enveloping her with his warmth. She smiled but her next question cornered him,

"But then, how come you never wake up this early to walk to school with me?"

There was a long pause. She scowled when she didn't hear an answer.


"Well I... hmm... you see, you go to school VERY early." He began with a nervous chuckle.

"So I'm too early? OR you're just too lazy to wake up early?"

"Well, you go to school earlier than the security guards on duty so..."

"Oh right, great. It's so nice of you to notice that." She said sarcastically, pulling away from him.

"Wait look, what I meant was maybe you should have tried going to school using the normal time?"

"Really? Wow, I never thought of it that way. Thanks for sharing that. How very romantic of you."

"Rukia, let me explain—"

"No, no, I don't want to hear your lame excuses."

"Why are you so angry?"

"I just can't believe that your son can do it, but you can't."

"Hey, may I remind you that he's your son too so he probably caught your 'early bird' genes."

"Well, hopefully he doesn't get that "You're such a jerk" gene from you! You arrogant bastard!"

"And you're still an annoying, bitchy midget who likes that hideous rabbit." He said begrudgingly pointing at the newly bought cookie jar. "Are we done stating the obvious?"

She gasped and shook her head in disbelief, "BLASPHEMY!" She yelled pointing a finger at him. He rubbed his temples in frustration.


"That's it. You've crossed the line. We're through." She got off the bed. He just rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head.


"Look, I don't even know how we've managed to stay together this long when we argue like this EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. Aren't you getting tired of it?"

"I don't know. Are you?"

"I... maybe... I DON'T KNOW!"

He sighed, "Look I don't really know how to answer that, all I know is I'm still here, with you, amidst all the arguments we've had because even though I knew how much of a pain in the ass you are, I still love you. It's that simple. Case closed. What about you? Why are you still here? You could have walked out on me years ago up until now."

She stared at him for a moment then she ran and jumped up to him in a tight embrace with her lips meeting his. They kissed before she whispered her answer, "I'm here because you want me here... And I love being here... with you..."

He lied her back down onto the bed, with him hovering above her.

"Admit it, you like it when we bicker. I do. It reminds me every time how much I love you." He whispered seductively then he buried his face in the crook of her neck. She smirked.

"You are such an asshole."

With a hint of a smile playing on his lips, they both had the same thought in mind...

Here they go again.

So to wrap things up, my name is Ken'ichi. Eight years ago I had a different surname. For seven years, I grew up with the care of my mom and aunt. When I was seven I met my dad. He almost hit me with his awesome car. I'm glad I met him though; I've always wanted to meet him because mom doesn't talk about him much. You know, for some reason, I never felt any hate against my dad even though he left. Cause deep down I knew there must be a really good explanation as to why he did it. I mean, my mom is amazing. You must be out of your mind to leave her without a good reason which I also found out soon enough of course. Well, actually, my mom and dad told me what really happened. From how they met, to how they got separated, and while they were separated. With all the necessary details, yes. Not like how Aunt Momo told me before with lacking details. And I felt relieved to know that my gut feeling was right and if ever I did have hatred against the man who left my mother, it must have probably been overshadowed by my longing for a real father, my true father. I mean my mom dated but, none made the cut and I think I know why. Yes, my mom's pretty picky when it comes to men but I don't blame her. Even I was picky, for her. She's too precious to be in the open market. But I knew why no one ever caught her attention... It was because deep down she was still waiting for someone, the one person who still holds her heart in those past years... and still does as of this moment... it was none other than my dad. And even though she tried to hide any possible information about this mystery man, I have nothing against my mom. I have the best mother in the world. I think we all do.

She was fifteen when she fell in love with the most unexpected person who turns out to be my dad because they love each other so much that I came into the world. But just like that, the two of them got separated so pretty much for seven years I grew up without a father. But then after an accident and some twist and turns of faith I thought I just existed to look after my mom until they found each other again but I was wrong. Because I'm the one who brought them together and I'm here because I have to make sure they stay together which I believe now... is the real reason why I'm here.

Now we're living in our own house near my grandfather's. Yeah, my grandpa and aunts really prefer it that way. As of now our family is pretty big, yeah and I have a feeling that it'll continue to grow bigger through the years especially now that mom's expecting again. Yup, that's how much mom and dad love each other. So far they have proven their love three times through four children. Me of course, my little brother who's now eight; and the twins who are four years old and they're about to prove it again for the FOURTH time... yes, three times is just unfortunately, not enough. Well, my grandpa's pretty hyped about the idea of growing a whole town filled with his grandchildren. As for me, hmm... not really, the house is pretty much a ruckus with my three little siblings not to mention my parents who are a bit... oh I don't know, child like? They still fight though. The usual bickering. It seems pretty normal and we're used to it. Well, mom always wins though in the quarrels but she definitely loses at night I guess. Since she always tells my dad they have enough children, she still keeps popping them out like a machine. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. I guess they just really, really, really love each other. So what else is new? I'm in high school now and my best friend Hiro still wears glasses. I still train at the Arisawa dojo. I try to refrain from getting into trouble which of course doesn't work out since trouble always has its way of finding me. And when it does, there goes my mom's lectures again, at least dad doesn't lecture me, he has a pretty good idea of what it's like. And then there's Yumi. Oh, don't even get me started on her. I met her when I was seven. She's the little girl who steals wishing coins and doesn't believe in wishes, well, she's not a little girl anymore... she's all grown up now... you know, a little taller, longer hair, beautiful eyes... I mean... she's pretty cute... er... what I meant was Yumi's hmm... I can't really explain but you know the feeling that there must be a reason why you meet people... and sometimes you feel that... that... um... nevermind... Yumi scolds me a lot too... yeah let's go with that but she did help me in the past, up until now. I still can't believe we met again after eight years, although it's not that unbelievable I mean just look at my parents, seven years, and then they were together ever since. Well over all, I'm very satisfied with the way things are. Again, my name is Ken'ichi Kurosaki, I'm fifteen years old. I live with my parents who tend to always bicker and three most-of-the-time-annoying siblings. Black hair, violet eyes, I have a weird grandpa, super rich uncle, very loving aunts, great friends...

But you know, sometimes I think...

What if...

just what if...

My life...



Well, nevermind.

Whatever those "what if's" are would forever be a mystery.

After all we've been through, whatever happens from now on, I guess we just have to find out for ourselves and I'm sure we'll be able to take it. No matter what destiny throws at us...

Thanks for being part of my life.


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So you see my story was based on the story of letters to Juliet. I want Ichigo and Rukia's relationship to be as they say in the letter once again "love to leave loved ones for, love to cross oceans for" and I wanted them to have the courage to seize it too. So there. You know I wrote a small part where the two of them were in a school auditorium pretending to be romeo and Juliet, I never really added it in the story since I don't know where to put it. It was supposed to be a flashback but maybe someday I'll post it or make a different story out of it.

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