Anderson stood over the pitch coffin with a growing demonic smirk. Daylight rained on the world outside the creature's cell, and Father Anderson knew that the Hellsing vampire was vulnerable to attack. He kicked open the coffin lid and thrust his duel bayonets towards the figure before it could register what was happening. Let's just say, things did not go as he had planned.

An arm passed the blades and twisted the garments of the paladin, forcing him off balance. The initial shock loosened his hold on the blades while shadows drew them away and he was pulled into the massive coffin. In conclusion, Anderson suddenly found himself under the monster, and he scowled as he tried to understand why the vampire had been so prepared for his assault, but Alucard's face cast his thoughts into chaos. Obviously only partially awake, Alucard was staring at the priest with vacant wonder and confusion. The paladin did not appreciate the cold body that was on his, or the hands that slowly folded about his neck.

"How did you get in my coffin?" Anderson watched the vampire blink tiredly, and slowly settle contentedly on him.

"You put me in it." The growl brought little surprise to the pale features and the hiss that followed was ignored when the creature put his head on the paladin's chest and closed his eyes.


"Get away demon!" Anderson's hands gripped the shoulders of the red coat in an attempt to throw the vampire off of himself. Alucard promptly displaced the hands and peered at the priest with a frown.

"You're so rude." While Anderson was stunned by the words, Alucard put his head back on his chest and breathed a sigh that could have been a yawn. "But you smell good." The mumble made Anderson jolt and scowl. He was quieted by the cheek that was softly burying itself in his clothes. "And warm."

A bayonet sizzled against the skin on the back of the vampire's neck and a deep growl came from the priest. "I'll kill you."

"No." Alucard shifted his head so that his neck has less contact with the blade. "Kill me later, I'm comfortable right now."

There was a pause. "If I let you sleep, I'll get to kill you when you wake up?"

"Sure." The face snuggled closer to Anderson and he grimaced.

With an exasperated groan, he tried to sit up. "I give up. Let me leave, stupid beast." He was held down by the vampire as he continued to move. "Let me go." The darkening expression went unobserved, though Alucard grinned slightly and opened his eyes.

"No." he moved upwards, his face skimming the paladin's neck and then hovered over his chin before Alucard brought their faces parallel to one another. Anderson's eyes were wider than before, not knowing what to think of the arrogant, but certainly not foreboding, smirk. "Everything that is in my coffin, is mine." A twitch of the shoulders was the only response Anderson could muster when soft, icy lips touched his own before the vampire's face lowered to rest against his collar.

Minutes went by without a word. Anderson's neck creaked when he strained to peer at the vampire, revealing that Alucard was dead asleep. More time passed before a sigh filled the cell and Anderson frowned, making a sound that resembled a whimper.

"I just want to go home."