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Xion sprinted up the stairs of the clock tower as fast as she could. Today would be the day that she would be able to have ice cream with her two best friends. She hadn't been able to the last few days because of Saix's wrath towards her.

If only Demyx was brave enough to take the blame himself... But no, he just had to blame me, the girl thought. Demyx had been drinking all of the Gatorade, which happened to be Saix's favorite drink. So when Demyx said that Xion had drank all of his Gatorade, Saix happily believed it.

He already had a dislike for the young girl, but this gave him an excuse to torture her by forcing her to pull off two missions every day.

But today was different. She had finished both of her missions quickly, so she bought some ice cream and immediately headed to the clock tower.

Roxas and Axel should still be there, even though it was starting to get late. As long as she got to spend a little while with them, she was happy.

As she headed around the corner at the very top of the tower, she stopped and bent over, placing her hands on her knees, closing her eyes as as she did so to help her catch her breath.

"Hey guys," she said, gasping between each word. "Sorry I couldn't be here the last few days. Saix has been making me pull double duty but I finished early, so here I am!" she finished with a slight giggle. However, she opened her eyes to see a sight she never expected to see.

There were her two best friends, making out with each other. They were on the ground, and somehow it didn't surprise the black-haired girl that Roxas was on the bottom.

When she -regrettably- thought about it later, it made sense considering Roxas was the wimpier of the two. Some girls she had seen talking used a specific word for it, but she didn't catch it.

However, when she saw this, she did something that most people would do when confronted with their best friends displaying too much affection for each other.

Xion screamed.

It wasn't a scream out of anger or fear, but out of shock. The two boys ignored her and kept going at it. After a few minutes, the initial shock faded.

A dozen questions popped up in her head, but she chose to ignore them for the moment. She wanted them to stop. Sure, it's rude, but at the time Xion didn't realize that. This didn't happen normally, and if they did have a romantic relationship, she would have picked up on it by now.

"Roxas! Axel! It's me, Xion! I know I'm interrupting your fun, but will you please stop making out?" she said, with a hint of exasperation in her voice. But that had no effect on the two.

What can I do to get their attention? she wondered. Wait, I know! The girl slowly crept toward the boys and starting repeatedly poking Roxas in the head.

She knew poking Axel would backfire since that was his biggest pet peeve. Right now she didn't feel like being attacked by his chakrams.

She kept poking the blond until he pulled away from the red-head's lips. "Who's poking me?" the boy asked.

Xion smiled. Finally she got them to stop! "Roxas," she looked down at the two and mentally noted that because of how he was laying, he wasn't able to see her. "It's me! Xion! I've been trying to get your attention!"

Now it was Axel's turn to look up. He chuckled. "Heh, I'm not too glad that you interrupted us, but you are pretty cute. I'll forgive you if you join," he finished with a wink. Xion was horrified. "Axel! No I don't want to join! I don't like you that way!"

Granted, she couldn't deny that she had thoughts about the two boys, but not this extreme.

Something was off. Xion looked at Axel first, who had just rolled off of Roxas and was now sitting up, eying her up and down, nodding in approval.

Then she glanced at Roxas, who was still lying down, staring at the sky.

They both looked different. They both had brighter hair and shinier eyes, along with slightly different voices. Axel's eyes kept changing colors, from their usual calm, minty green, to a blazing red matching his hair, to a soulless gray devoid of any emotion or personality. Although the oddity of that paled in comparison to the fact that the triangle tattoos underneath his eyes were gone.

Compared to Axel, Roxas looked perfectly normal.

"Axel...Roxas..." she whispered just loud enough for the both of them to hear her. "What's wrong with you?" The red-head laughed at this. "My name isn't Axel, and my lovely blond isn't Roxas. I don't know who you're talking about. But I can be this 'Axel' guy, and he can be 'Roxas,' if you're into that," he said, adding what Xion thought was meant to be a seductive growl at the end. If it was, it wasn't seductive; it was just creepy.

Xion wasn't sure what to make of this, but she knew two people who would.

However much she did not want to see him right now, she had to report this to Saix; or maybe even Lord Xemnas himself.

These two were definitely NOT Axel or Roxas, and she knew that they weren't claiming to be.

She hoped that Axel and Roxas had already left, and these two came up here dressed up as them. There was a word for people like that, but it was out of her reach at the moment.

This was a lot for her. Her only thought, her primal instinct, was to get as far away from this as she possibly could. To run to the Castle That Never Was, the closest thing she had to a home, but she had to know something; their names.

The young girl tried to convince herself it was information that her Superiors would want to know, which was true, but deep down, it was out of her own curiosity.

"Then if you two aren't Axel and Roxas, who exactly are you?"

The Axel-looking guy looked slightly upset. "We didn't introduce ourselves!" he said putting his palm to his face. "It's terribly rude not to introduce yourself to a new lover. My name is Aden Mano Eros, but since you're a nine, I'll let you call me Aden." Xion thought, What does he mean by I'm a nine? A size nine? I look like I'm nine? That's terribly rude.

"And my love puppy over here," he said, pointing to the Roxas look-a-like, who had finally sat up and scooted closer to Aden, "is Roku."

"I have amnesia, and that caused me to forget my last name... So I don't have one..." he said, looking down at the floor sadly exactly like Roxas did whenever he was upset. Xion considered it strange that this boy who wasn't Roxas -but was similar to him- had mannerisms that only Roxas had.

It made her feel a fleeting pang of love for the boy. "I'm Xion," she blurted out. Not exactly the best idea... she thought.

A dozen more questions buzzed in her head, screaming to be answered, but she also pushed those away.

"Well...Uh... I have to go, but maybe I'll see you two again. Bye," Xion said as she turned around and started to walk away. When she was out of their line of sight, she started to walk slightly faster. She was close enough to still hear what they were saying.

"Bye! It was nice to meet you Xion!" Roku called out.

She heard Aden sigh. "There goes the chance for some fresh meat. Oh well."

"We can always go back to what we were doing..."

"I like how you think!"

Xion's eyes widened. She didn't want to see their face-sucking again, nor did she want to hear it.

She started sprinting down the fire escape stairs, two steps at a time. A few times she slipped, but managed to catch herself before she actually fell.

She thought about just opening a dark corridor here, but she remembered last time she tried, and it certainly didn't end well. Ever since then she's resigned herself to opening a corridor on the ground right outside of the tower.

Finally she reached the bottom and opened the corridor.

"Wait, what happened to my- oh," she wondered aloud, looking down at her ice cream. It had all melted, leaving only the bare stick. "I didn't get to eat it..." she remarked sadly.

She could always go buy another one, but she didn't have enough time. She needed to go back and report her findings immediately.

As she walked into the corridor, she dropped the bare stick, her mind far away from the excitement of being able to spend time with her friends that it had been at just a little while earlier.

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