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Four days had passed.

Four days since Etsuko disappeared with a flash of light, still trying to convince Xion that she was also a Sue.

Xemnas only came out of his room yesterday, only to call a quick meeting and order everyone to make sure that the castle was restored to it's original glory, without a single trace of Sue "blemishing the beautiful nothingness," he explained.

So they did. Everyone, even the lesser Nobodies, worked together to change the castle. As a lot of the work was started before Xemnas made it an order, they were almost finished cleaning up. Within a few more days everything would be back to normal, and they would start getting sent on missions again. Everyone except Demyx, Vexen, and Zexion were happily looking forward to being able to kill Heartless again and settle back into their normal routines. Demyx because, being the lazy person everyone knows and nobody likes, had decided that recording and releasing his first ever album (lyrics by Zexion, of course. As he said, "the Sues did a few good things") was more important than destroying Heartless. Vexen and Zexion simply because they were not the best fighters, and everyone knew that.

At least Vexen never had to walk into a room only to have people pull tin hats out of nowhere and put them on.

Namine congratulated Xion on getting rid of the Sues and happily accepted Melle into the mansion. Riku, always the apathetic person, merely shrugged.

They has expected DiZ to refuse to let her stay with them, but strangely, he didn't. From what Namine had told her, DiZ had laughed and happily invited her in. It left a foreboding feeling in Xion's gut. Knowing how hell-bent on revenge he was, she could only hope that Melle would be spared his wrath.

Because nobody but Xion and maybe a few others in the entire world -population: 14- cared enough to do anything to help her if the need ever arose. She hoped that it wouldn't.

For some reason, Axel decided to cut work early and take his two favorite members with him. Though instead of going to the clock tower, Xion suggested they go to the small park in the outskirts of Twilight Town. She wasn't entirely sure why, but she was relieved when Axel and Roxas agreed to the idea.

Roxas admitted that he had been there a few times before; Axel hadn't. So the two teens happily drug their older friend into a swirling abyss of utter darkness.

On the other side of the swirling abyss was a peaceful, quaint little park made for kids. A few mothers chatted at one of the many benches while their children dashed up small plastic platforms to race each other down the slide.

While Axel wondered if there was any way to justify the fact that he, an adult man, just came to a children's park without any children of his own, Roxas debated about going on the swings or beating his game, Xion spotted Namine and Melle sitting underneath a tree, quietly eating sandwiches. She walked over to them and sat down in front of the two. "I didn't think I'd see either of you here," she said pleasantly.

Melle smiled and waved before getting up and leaving. Xion glanced back to see her approaching Roxas, who took up residence in the empty swing and watched the silver device in his hands. Axel, meanwhile, was either trying to help or hit on a young mother with a fussing baby in her arms.

Sighing bemusedly, she turned to Namine, whose eyes darted away from the blond boy and to Xion upon realizing that she was watching her. "I've never been here before," she said awkwardly, "I didn't even know this place existed."

"Well, it is kind of far from the mansion." Xion pointed out, which led her to a new question, "how did you two get here?"

Namine giggled. "Dark corridors, silly."

Xion smiled and rubbed the back of her head, forgetting that both blonde girls could also traverse the dark corridors. Though how the darkness doesn't affect a sweet girl like Namine confused her. She knew that the girl -maybe because of her Somebody being a Princess of Heart- could feel emotions. However, Xion decided against trying to figure out a justification for Namine's emotions and simply accepted that she had them.

"Melle took you here, right?" Xion asked, bringing herself back form the brink of zoning out.

Namine nodded. "She said she found it from a memory of Roxas's."

"So he was telling the truth when he said he'd been here before."

They both took that moment to turn back to the person in question. He was now gently swinging back and forth, still messing with the silver device.

Melle was frantically pounding on a vending machine with her fist.

They faced each other again and laughed, both glad that everyone could have such a peaceful day. Normal was far from the right word, since for Xion, a normal day was destroying horrible monsters that were literally born from darkness and exist only to steal hope from the worlds.

"We have a little extra food, but I could always get more." Namine stated. Xion blinked, wondering why the girl had said such an out of place thing. "How about we all have a picnic?" she suggested.

"Good idea. Let's."

Xion hopped up to get the others while Namine used a dark corridor to properly prepare for their picnic.

Roxas kept himself from swinging back and forth as he fought back a huge ice demon as a kid who looks exactly like him.

After starting to play the game (and with the help of Namine) he had figured out what the note meant. TVA Stood for the names of the three main characters - Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. He didn't understand why Ventus looked exactly like him even though their personalities were vastly different.

Ventus was a sweet and cheerful boy made of pure light; literally. The darkness was ripped out of him to create Vanitas, who suspiciously looked and sounded like Sora. His original theory was that Ventus was somehow related to the new Keyblade master, but nothing had proven that so far.

One day he'd like to meet Ventus (although, he noted, he'd probably asked to be called Ven unless in a bad mood). They could probably even become friends. Then he could ask him how he could fight holding his Keyblade backwards. It looked cool, but wasn't it impractical?

Still, he felt a strong connection to the boy. It sounded weird, but Roxas thought that if they ever did meet, they would understand each other.

However, he refused to let anything in that game affect him until the 'Final Episode.' Now that he had unlocked it, he had a foreboding feeling. Something huge was about to come crashing down onto his shoulders.

"Roxas?" He looked up to see Melle anxiously staring at the PSP in his hands. "How did you get that?"

He shrugged. He had simply found it in his pocket after running away from Aden and Roku. "It was in my pocket. That and a charger."

Melle worried the bottom of her lip and ran her fingers through her hair, pushing it back. "You don't know how it got there?"


She sighed, then braced herself. "Did you see...a rabbit before getting that?"

A rabbit. Instantly the memory of the small white rabbit that had given him the gun rushed back into his mind. After that, he hadn't seen another one. " this yours?" He held up the silver electronic device, making sure not to show the paused screen of Ven in the Mirage Arena. (Roxas, ever the creative one, named Ven 'Ven'. He gave him blue armor, the closest shade to sea-salt ice cream he could make.)

She nodded hastily, but soon became nervous. "Umm...well, if you're already playing it, you can beat it. Just give it back to me when you're done."

A wave of relief flooded over him. He wanted – no, needed to see the ending. He needed to know what happened to Aqua and Ven. Why he had never even heard of the woman's name until playing the game. And -although Roxas didn't want to bring it up to someone else- why didn't Xemnas show any signs of remembering Terra or Xehanort? It didn't make much sense. His relief showed in his smile. "Thanks Melle."

She smiled back then left, leaving him to continue fighting in the huge arena. He was almost completely finished with Ven's story. He wasn't sure why he wanted to complete his file 100%, but he was determined to before moving onto Final Episode.

"Sorry everyone, but I have to go now. There's work I need to do." Namine explained, pouting slightly as her eyes traveled around the small group. They stayed on Roxas for a split second longer than the others before returning her gaze down to the last bits of bread that used to be a sandwich. "Melle, come back whenever. DiZ won't really care."

DiZ did care about Namine staying out for extended periods of time. He knew that the Organization was back and was probably back to plotting their demise. His fear of the Organization kidnapping her again along with the fact that Sora was close to getting the last of his memories back meant that Namine was forced to spend most of her time in the mansion.

That didn't stop her from setting a little bit of time aside each day to see her favorite Nobody. Though with what he'd been telling her the past few days, she was starting to doubt his status as a Nobody.

After all, who had ever heard of a being without a heart using a weapon so closely linked to a heart's strength?

The blonde waved goodbye as she picked up the spare items and empty plates, instructing Melle to bring back the blanket when she wanted to leave. As she opened a dark corridor (because of practice, she could open one by simply thinking about it), a foreboding feeling rose in her gut.

This day wasn't going to end well.

A little after Namine had left, everyone had found something to occupy their time: Axel slept, Roxas kept messing with his silver thing, Melle was trying -and failing- to coax a cute little puppy to come to her, leaving Xion to her own devices.

In other words, nothing. So she lied down on the grass and watched the sky. It was one of the rare days where Twilight Town had weather other than 'sunny, mid-70's.' It was slightly cooler, and the many clouds covering the brilliant yellow and red sky had been dyed to reflect the color of the sun. It was unusual, but pretty. In a way, the sky reflected how her day went: unusual, but nice.

She was jolted out of her calm state by a loud, rapid beeping that echoed across the park. Mothers started to soothe their frightened children as Xion looked around angrily for the source of the noise.

She huffed in amusement when she found it. Axel was away from the other three, muttering something into his phone. When he shut it and put it back in his coat's pocket, he strolled over to Roxas and told him something that she couldn't make out. She watched as Roxas reluctantly put the device away and opened a dark corridor while Axel came to her. "Come on, Xion. The boss wants us back."

She frowned slightly, trying to figure out what Xemnas would need. "Why?"

"Meeting. I don't know what it's about. Now come on."

Xion stood up and started to look around for Melle. "Just a second." She found her still trying to coax the puppy to come to her. Xion went up to the girl and lightly tapped her shoulder, causing her to look back in confusion. "Hmm?"

"We have to go back to the castle. Do you want to come?"

Melle turned to face her, finally abandoning her quest to pet the puppy. "Yeah...I have to apologize to everyone." Xion sighed, knowing that the bloodthirsty others might just try to kill her as revenge. What she meant was 'you can wait outside while we have the meeting,' but the determination in her eyes meant that Xion could only hope for the best.

"Alright," said Xion, "let's go."

Xion and Melle appeared on the ground in the middle of the huge circlular chamber. Roxas and Axel used dark corridors to warp directly to their seats. High above the two was Xemnas, who was scanning the room to make sure everyone was here. If he did notice Melle, he didn't seem to care. Satisfied that everyone was there, he cleared his throat and began his speech.

"As we all know, recently a good number of us were kidnapped and held hostage in Castle Oblivion. Xion, for some reason, wasn't. She was allowed to stay here with the kidnappers and live with them. As a result, she was forced to put up with their insanity for much, much longer than we had to. Personally, I commend her for that, because I wasn't able to deal with them for a single day."

Xion blinked at her Superior in surprise. Not only was he admitting he wasn't all-powerful, he was complimenting her at the same time! She briefly wondered if Etsuko was manipulating Xemnas, but if she was, he would have giggled by now.

"And Xion was the one who broke all of us out of that wretched prison. From now on, I suggest we not hold any more operations in Castle Oblivion. In other words, it's off-limits.

Although she did take a while to free us, she did. And she also got rid of all of the kidnappers." Xion smiled when he said that, meaning that Melle was safe. Right?

"Also I promised her a promotion if she eradicated the imposters." Xemnas, having finished his speech for the moment, looked down at Xion. "Are you ready for your rewards?" Xion's huge smile did all the speaking for her. "Alright. You are now ranked 7th in the Organization. Above Roxas, Demyx, Larxene, Marluxia, Luxord, and Axel in that order. However, while those members now have to answer to you, don't forget you are still ranked below myself and the other founding members. No-" Xemnas was cut off by a horrified gasp. He bitterly turned to the source of the noise: an offended Saix.

"You mean...I'm not second in command anymore?" Saix asked, utterly horrified beyond rational thought. Xion sighed, trying to understand why he was so attached to his job.

Maybe he gets special bonuses.

Xemnas growled at him. "Yes, you're still second in command. But one more interruption like that and you won't be." He snapped. Saix, however, was pleased and leaned back in his chair, clearly relieved.

"As I was saying, there are still a few more rewards that belong to you. I shall spare your friend," he said, pointing to Melle. "As long as she does not cause any problems. Now, if you look behind you, you shall see your other reward."

While Melle was silently thanking anything and everything for being able to live, Xion turned around. To her utter delight, she saw an empty white chair built straight into the wall above the entrance. Unlike the others which were separate from the ground, hers was built directly into the wall. She knew it was because it was the only available space for it, but the only thing that mattered to her was that she finally had a chair to call her own.

If she hadn't been before, she was definitely now a real member of Organization XIII. Even if there are 14 members; 13 is the cooler number.

"Um, can I say something?" Melle's quiet, scared voice Xion. She was so wrapped up in the joy of getting her new chair that she forgot about her.

"Alright..." Xemnas said, warily eying her.

"I just want to say, I'm sorry for keeping you guys locked up for so long. I never wanted to, but if I didn't I probably would have been killed. I hope you can forgive me. I'll make sure never to bother you again."

The Organization muttered quietly amongst each other, but Xion didn't know what they were saying. When the murmurs mostly stopped, Melle spoke again. "Um, is it okay if I ask a question?" Xemnas nodded in approval.

Melle nervously shifted from foot to foot and kept her eyes off of the others, instead focusing on a blank white spot on the wall. "I've been wondering...I know you don't feel any emotions, but do you still get...urges?"

"What do you mean?" Xemnas asked.

"How do I put this..." Melle whispered. After finding the right words, she spoke up again. "Do you guys Not with each other of course, you ever...want to?"

Somehow Melle had managed to dumbfound 14 heartless monsters into silence. They glanced around at each other, unsure how to answer the question, if they even should answer the question. Even Xion was confused.

However, upon closer examination, Roxas was too absorbed in his game to care. Xion doubted he even heard what she said, otherwise he'd probably be destroying something by now.

Several uneasy, awkward minutes went by. Nobody knew what to say next, or how to say it. So Xemnas decided to take matters into his own hands.

He extended his hand towards Melle. A huge white bolt of energy came out of his hand and absorbed the girl in an ear-shattering explosion. Xion looked away, the light too bright for her eyes.

When the light faded, Xion opened her eyes. Both the explosion and Melle were gone, leaving not a single trace of their presence.

The Organization looked at the area where the girl stood. Some were confused, others angry, others amused. Though all of their heads turned to Xemnas after a few short moments.

The man shrugged. "What? It was an awkward question. Meeting adjourned."