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So this is how the story fits to the show. Chapter ONE happens after Season 3 but before Chuck getting mugged! (Yes, this does differ a lot from the show but it really needs to be this way.)


When Blair and Serena came back from Paris, they moved into a student apartment at Columbia since Serena got accepted too.

Chuck never went to Prague

Blair and Chuck didn't talk over the summer

Once back in the city, Blair suggest something to Chuck he can't refuse.

"Chuck, this is not going to end well. Blair knows exactly what she's doing. She wouldn't just decide to suggest friends with benefits because it sounds fun. She wants to punish you. It's what she does!" Nate stressed. Arms flung out for dramatics and blue eyes widened.

His best friend only rolled his eyes though and leaned back in his seat. "Relax Nathaniel, I know not to let it go too far. Trust me when I say this is indeed one of Blair's schemes, but only one to test me. She wants me to prove that even with the option of other women out there I won't seek them," Chuck responded. He wasn't worried in the slightest. Sure, Blair seemed to have gained more of a wild side since she started to attend Columbia, but it wasn't anything Serena Party Girl Days worthy. Everything was going to simply work itself out.

The blond boy beside him however, didn't seem to agree. He shook his head and sighed in a defeated fashion. "Whatever you say, man. Just don't be mad later if I have to say that I told you so," Nate warned him. But still Chuck was unfazed.


"B, I think you may be the first girl ever to make Chuck Bass crack!" Serena shouted in a fit of drunken giggles. She fell back in the booth and kicked her feet in excitement. The music around them blared under the florescent lights. It was another party night for the two best friends.

The brunette nodded and finished her second drink. "I really am brilliant, aren't I? I just think it's time we turn the tables on him. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt my Chuck but I'm out to get back at this Chuck," Blair mused in a proud tone of voice.

"And the punishment of choice is jealousy!" the blond sang out. She then jumped up from the table and scurried into the crowd. If it hadn't been for the nice looking Italian boy that caught her, she surely would have crashed.

Her friend got up too and shook her head with an amused laugh. The real college experience she was obtaining this semester was actually fun. She didn't even mind the painfully long study sessions with the not so easy to catch onto things Nathanial Archibald. Really, it was a wonder the boy passed high school with all that pot contamination to his brain.

Blair made her way over to the bar as she pulled down on her mini skirt. It was always riding up at that time of night. She sat down on the tall barstool and flipped a section of her long, mahogany colored curls over her shoulder.

"I'll take a Sex on the Beach," Blair ordered. She knocked her fist against the surface to get the bartender's attention, but it wasn't needed. The man actually abandoned another customer to tend to the young and very beautiful brunette customer.

"Make that two and on me."

She turned to see who had spoken and instantly smiled. A boy, perhaps a year or two older than her sat down. Only, she could hardly call him that. He had tanned skin, short black hair, deep green eyes, and the body of a Greek God.

"Thanks," Blair returned with a flirtatious smile. She took a sip of her drink when the bartender slid it to her and then set it back down. Her body turned into the man next to her. "I'm Blair. What's your name?"

"No problem and the name's Liam," he replied. Then he flashed her a smile of pearly whites that literally sparkled. His appearance was clean cut, but still had a sense of alluring ruggedness.

"Well Liam, do you come here often?" she furthered. Her doe brown eyes batted thick, gorgeous lashes in his direction. She even crossed on perfect leg over the other to grab at any percent of his attention she didn't already have.

His green eyes fell down to watch, but only for a moment. Then they drifted back up to hers and he leaned in some. "Well I do enjoy the club scene, but it's my first time here. I just transferred to Columbia. Perhaps, a local could show me around?" Liam asked oh-so-innocently.

"Well why don't we start the tour now. I could show you around campus. It's easier to view at night… when no one else is around," Blair suggested. She knew Serena had done something similar the other night. It worked out great for the blond so why not Blair too? Well there was no harm in trying.

"Sounds great. Let's go," he agreed. Then he stood and offered his arm to her. She took it without the tiniest bit of hesitation and they made their way outside. They crossed the street until they arrived on deserted campus.

She nodded around with her head and giggled. "Well this is it. You have the library, the dorms, the classrooms, and such. But then again—We both know none of that is the reason you came here with me." She just threw it all out there. If he rejected her then at least her dorm was nearby.

The boy actually blushed. "No, it's not. So Blair, where to on the tour next?" Liam inquired, eyebrows raised. He soon found himself pulled in the direction of the girl's main dormitory. She didn't say anything, but led him down a hallway with a mischievous smirk on her ruby lips.

"So Liam, I'm going to invite you in on one condition," Blair informed him in a sultry voice. She was going to try it and see how it felt to be in those large heels of her best friend, if only for a night. Her hands grabbed hold of the lapels of his jacket and she pulled him towards her. Their lips were mere inches apart.

"So here it is. Tomorrow when you leave, you have to call me back. But I'm sure you won't be able to get me off your mind." She laughed and her back fell into the door. It was so much fun to be free and yes, a tad tipsier than usual.

"Sounds good," Liam chuckled. His lips then pressed into the crook of her neck and he started to suck. But she pulled away teasingly and entered the room. They both stumbled in. He grabbed hold of her waist, but froze when he noticed what her bedroom held.

Blair gasped as her eyes widened. There were roses scattered all over the room. It smelled amazing and candles were lit. But it appeared that had burned for a very, very long time. And then she noticed the boy that sat on her bed. The one that went by the name Chuck Bass. And indeed was he glaring at them.

"Umm… is that guy your boyfriend?" Liam asked with a confused laugh. He motioned towards Chuck and furrowed his brow in question.

Chuck smirked and crossed his arms. He hid his jealousy rather well, but then again it had only been a few seconds. He was ready for her to tell the muscle head what was what and then beg for forgiveness. Even if she technically didn't have to—Well he could guilty trip her until she felt the need.

She bit her bottom lip and returned a nervous chuckle. Her eyes flickered between the two boys. But honestly why was he hesitating? It was best to just go with her plan like she had. In fact, Chuck being there was perfect.

"No, he's just a friend," Blair smiled with a small shake of her head. She then shrugged and spoke before anyone else could. "Look, we can't do this tonight, but I'd love to hear from you. Perhaps if I give you my number you can call me."

"Sure," Liam drawled very slowly. He still seemed uncomfortable and the dangerous stares from the dark haired boy on the bed didn't put him at all at ease.

"Great, here… umm…" She searched around for something to sketch down her digits. The only thing available was something red on the floor. Yes, Serena was that messy. When she picked it up she realized it was a bra. "Oh, well it will do," Blair giggled with a shrug.

Chuck's mouth fell open. He watched as she not only wrote down her number for another man, but on her bra! And it was one he had bought for her when they were still officially together. Now she handed the red, laced lingerie to the other man in the room.

"Thanks Blair," Liam smiled. He then leaned in as if to kiss her, but stopped just inches away. He wanted her permission and was also slightly afraid of the other guy who had balled his hands into fists.

"No problem, Liam. Call me," Blair smirked. Then she put the icing on the cake. She grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled his lips onto hers. They basically had a full on make out session right in front of Chuck. And oh did she enjoy it. Not the kiss really, but the payback. For all the times he flirted with random girls in front of her, slept with them right after their breakup, and blatantly bragged bout them to her face… it was a glorious feeling. She'd surely dream about it later in fact.

She pulled apart and sighed happily. "Goodbye, baby," Blair finished. She then led him to the door with her hand and gently ushered him out. To finish it off, she slid down against the door and acted physically drained, as if the kiss had knocked the wind out of her. Then her eyes drifted up to the livid ones of Chuck. She giggled innocently and waved at him.

"Did I just ruin a perfect night with him for you?" Chuck snapped at her. He rose from the bed and took slow, yet powerful steps towards her.

"Actually, yes you did. What gives you the right to yell at me anyway?" Blair cocked an eyebrow. Obviously her plan was working. For a short moment a flash of victory was in her eyes. Chuck saw it though.

His angry face fell to a perfect mix of a damn angry, yet solemn one. He shook his head and walked over to the door.

"What now?" Blair asked confused as she watched him go by.

"I'm leaving. But when I meet your boy toy on my way out I'll send him right back to you." Chuck stated sarcastically before he turned the door knob. But Blair was quick beside him and held the door closed.

"You won't send me on a guilt trip, Chuck. We're just friends." Blair returned nonchalant. She tried the best to pretend that this quick row of events didn't bother her at all.

"I didn't try that." Chuck gave back drily.

"So why you're leaving now like this, huh?" Blair smirked at him. She leaned a bit closer to him so that he had no other choice but to face her. He could count every of her lashes.

"Because Nate was right. You don't really want me back. You just want to make me pay for what I did to you." Chuck said sounding as if he was in pain. Blair frowned at him.

"And if I was? Don't you think I've every right to?"

"Goodbye, Blair." Chuck returned before he pulled the door open and her right with it quite a bit.

"You don't get to walk out on my like this!" Blair yelled at him.

"You know what Blair? I'm giving you a chance to end it once and for all. Either you let me go for good or we're getting back together now and you'll finally really forgive me. Pick your poison." Chuck challenged her angrily but Blair didn't flinch a bit.

"You can't blackmail me." Blair responded unimpressed.

"I'm not blackmailing you. I want you to make your decision. I should have known what this was when you suggested friends with benefits." Chuck gave back immediately.

"Why did you agree on it then?" Blair wouldn't give up on this fight just like this.

"Because I thought you wanted to test me. See if I'd do other women when you leave me that option and I wanted to prove you that you're the one for me. But this was all a game to you and I'm done with it. You won, I'm hurting." he answered her honest and Blair's face fell a bit.

"No you're not." Blair said in self-defense manner. Unwilling to let his potential hurt let affect her.

"Here, this was meant for you." Chuck placed a small black box in her palm before he left.