„So what kind of a dress do you need?" Serena asked her friend as she opened the car that brought them to 5th avenue.

"For a date. At a ball." Blair said nonchalant with a shrug as she strolled over to a shopping window.

"Blair….you're not talking about the Bass Ball, are you?" Serena frowned at her as she followed and checked the dresses in the window as well. Blair had called her that morning at 7 am and told her that she needed to get up and go with Blair shopping.

"Maybe." Blair returned and avoided her best friend's gaze.

"Blair!" Serena snapped.

"What?" Blair shrugged.

"You sure that this is a good idea?" Serena tried to lecture her but Blair froze her off.

"Perhaps. But it's worth the risk, I guess." Blair told her in a very serious voice.

"Uh huh." Serena decided to drop the issue.

"So, what kind of a tux do you need, man?" Nate asked as he rubbed his eyes. Chuck woke him up way to early for his taste (9 am) to take him with to Chuck's tailor.

"For the ball. Something fitting for a celebration." Chuck smirked.

"What's there to celebrate?" Nate wondered. For all he knew Chuck wasn't really pleased when he had to attend those Bass Industries events.

"You'll see." Chuck told him in a happily voice.

"Why do I have a feeling that this involves Blair somehow." Nate frowned.

"You're smarter than you look, Archibald." Chuck exclaimed.

"Thanks, man." Nate returned annoyed.

Chuck rolled his eyes and looked outside. The limo was now on in the city and not far from the tailor's office. Chuck spotted a tall blonde who carried two arms full of bags while a shorter brunette walked beside her with nothing but her handbag.

Chuck smiled. Of course Blair would take Serena with her as pack-mule. Blair spotted the limo as well and smirked. Although she couldn't see Chuck, she knew that he saw her.

The limo.

In how many dear memories this very moving vehicle has been involved in the past.

Blair's POV.

God how I loved and loathed this limo. From the very first time Chuck and I slept with each other in it, I never looked at the thing the same. Somehow – no matter how ridiculous it sounded, it was a special place. Maybe even my favorite place in the whole city beside the pond in Central Park.

The leather of the seats always smelled like scotch and smoke. Just like Chuck in the morning when he left the car, usually in the morning after partying.

We had the best moments in this limo and we had some of the worst in it. The best was definitely the ride to the Palace after Chuck told me that he loved me too. The worst was the ride from the cemetery to the Van Der Woodsen Penthouse after Bart's funeral.

Maybe some more of those memories would be added in the future.

Chuck's POV

Damn she looked good. Blair always looked good but sometimes she had that certain glow about her. Just like today. No matter if she could see it or not, she was like an angel to me. I was never really able to measure up with her but I love her. Unfortunately that didn't stop me from doing so many stupid and disgusting things to her that I stopped counting at some point.

For a second I started to caress the seats some. Yes, this limo meant a lot to our relationship. It was like a neutral room where anything could happen.

The sweetest moment I could think of in this limo was the moment after Blair found me in that hospital. On the floor, crying like some loser. Yet, Blair didn't look at it that way. She always found a way to make me feel better. I didn't do that too often. That was why I didn't deserve her. But I did and do love her with all my heart, so all I can do is try to measure up with her and be even better.

"Why hello gorgeous. You're Blair's girl?" Chuck smirked at her.

"I am. She send me to tell you that this tux looks really good on you." Blair nodded shyly.

"Well, I bought it just to impress – y o u." Chuck said and came with his face so close to hers that they almost touched.

"Stop it." Blair giggled before she pulled back some.

"You're supposed to giggle innocently." Chuck laughed in return.

"I guess that's the reason, Yale's drama school didn't want me." Blair said and gave him a dramatically gesture with her hand.

"You applied for the drama school in Yale?" Chuck frowned. Why didn't he know that? Damn it.

"Can we drop that topic?" Blair said sternly.

"Of course, Columbia." Chuck said to cheer her up.

"Thanks for that." Blair told him sincerely.

"Oh, I didn't do it just for you." Chuck told her.

"Why then?" Blair frowned. Of course this came with boundries.

"Let's face it. If there's no else who can kick Nate's ass like you do. And we both know what will happen when he fails. Grandpa Vanderbilt will send him to military school." Chuck reasoned and Blair rolled her eyes.

"Huh. Maybe we should ask Lily to send you as well?" Blair teased.

"Hey! I'm still hurting from getting shot! Beside, if I have to defend my country, you know where I'd work." Chuck returned. Blair's face fell after the shoot comment.

"Hey. This wasn't meant to upset you." Chuck said as he touched her cheek gently.

"I'm sorry for not coming more often to the hospital." Blair admitted. Chuck shook his head and pulled her towards the dance floor.

"It's alright." he whispered into her ear.

"It's not. I'm really sorry Chuck." she responded before she kissed his cheek.

"Blair, I know there was a reason behind it. It's not like you were to busy shopping or something.

"I wish I could make a time warp and avoid everything that happened."


"All bad things."

"So, what does that mean for us?"

"To me, I think we'll start new. Learning from our mistakes and start over. More respect and work on this relationship and I have no doubt that we're made for each other forever."

"Sounds good to me."

"I love you." Blair said before she kissed his lips. Chuck smiled and kissed her nose.

"I love you too."

"Does this feel like a bad teen movie to anyone else?" Nate commented from the side. Nate, Serena and Eric stood right beside them and had heard the end of the conversation without Blair or Chuck seeing them.

"Shut up, Archibald!" Chuck and Blair scowled at their teasing in the same moment.

They were finally back together. Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck.

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