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This is the sequel to How Much I Thought I Hated You. If you haven't read it you need to to understand what is happening.

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How do I even begin to explain New York. Oh, wait simple. I freaking love it!

Alice, Rose and I had moved into an apartment together at the end of the first year of college. Life. Was. Perfect. Every night we would go somewhere, usually meeting up with Jasper and Emmett. I was in Heaven. How could my life get any better?

Our small apartment had a very tiny kitchen and only a slightly larger living room. In the living room there was a window that slid up to allow access to the fire escape. There was a bathroom off of the main hall and also one in Alice's room. Rose and I shared a the larger bedroom. We figured Alice had more stuff than us and she would need all the room she could get.

"Bel-la," Alice sang as she walked into the apartment, Jasper in tow.

"Hey Alice, Jasper. Whats up?" I replied. It wasn't every day Alice came in singing my name. Okay well she did but I could tell today was different.

"We are going... out, later tonight."

"I will go but it depends on where "out" is." I hated surprises. She should know that by now.

"That is for me to know and you to find out."

"Then no Alice. I won't go until you tell me where."



"Puh-lease," Alice whined. Her face slipped into an adorable pout. Her bottom lip jutted out and her eyes went wide starting to water. I can't say no to that face.

"Ugh Alice! Fine!" I yelled. Alice started jumping up and down in place. In the background I saw Jasper trying to hold back a laugh.

I stood up from my seat and walked over to Jasper pointing my finger at him. "I don't want to hear anything from you. You know you can't resist that face. You have fallen victim to it many times too. I will have no more sass from you young man!"

Jasper threw his hands up in surrender and tried unsuccessfully to hold back a laugh. Between how I just scolded him and the look on his face it was too much to remain silent. We looked at one another for two seconds before cracking up and leaning on each other for support.

Jasper and I had grown a lot closer over the last year. Alice, Rose, and Emmett were constantly working around mine and Jasper's work schedule for the week. So, Jasper and I would be working the same hours and then would have the same free time. We were constantly over at one of our apartments watching a movie and waiting for the rest of our group to show back up. Jasper and I were tighter than ever.

"Alright Bella. It is now four and we have to be there at six. To the bathroom you go!" Alice chirped.

I turned to Jasper in horror, "Jasper, save me. I don't want to be Bella Barbie!" Jasper stepped away from me and waved. I gaped at him.

Alice came up behind me and grabbed my wrist. I was still as clumsy as ever and managed to trip as she yanked me backwards. The damn pixie was stronger than I thought.

I flipped myself over onto my stomach and started crawling away from Alice.

"Oh no you don't," She yelled and I felt two tiny hands wrap around my ankles.

"No!" I yelled as Alice started dragging me backwards by my feet. "Jasper save me!" I yelled. He smiled at me and blew me a kiss. Just as I was being dragged around the corner. I used all my strength to pull myself back around to the living room but then I slipped. Jasper laughed at me and I flipped him off as I was dragged back toward my awaiting doom.

"That was harder than it should have been Bella," Alice said.

"Screw you and your canoe Alice," I replied playfully. The pixie just stuck her tongue out at me and laughed before setting to work.

She put my hair up in curlers to curl while she did my make up. As always, she kept it light and natural. When she was finished she pulled out the curlers. My hair formed loose curls that were very bouncy.

"Put this on," Alice said to me as she handed me a bag.

"Alice, you need to stop buying me stuff," I complained.

"I do it because I want to Bella. Now please enjoy this or it will make me sad." I saw her lower lip start to tremble and I sighed in defeat earning a happy smile from her.

I slipped into her bathroom and slipped on the dress. It really was beautiful but must have cost a fortune. I knew Alice had plenty of money but this was really unnecessary. It was a deep wine colored bubble dress. It had one strap across my left shoulder that was rhinestones and it fell just slightly above my knees. I did a twirl and the skirt flowed around me.

When I exited the bathroom I tripped over something in my path. I looked down and saw high heeled silver shoes. Forget shoes they were more like death traps. They had about a three inch heel with a T-strap that met the bottom part of the shoe and the top which clasped around my ankle.

"Oh hell no Alice," I said as my eyes searched frantically around for the devil pixie.

"What Bella," Alice said as she came back into the room wearing a pink halter dress that fell to her knees and had a tie on the left side of it. Her shoes were simple black pumps with a square toe. She took one look at me holding out the shoes and left the room pulling the door shut after her. I tried to get there in time but I was too late. She was holding me captive in the room.

"Alice open this door right now!"

"I can't until you have the shoes on your feet Bella!"

"I will not be killed tonight in the name of fashion!"

I was banging on the door when I heard Jasper start talking, "I need to go home and get ready Alice. Everyone is ready and we will meet you there."

"Okay, Jazzy," Alice said. Then her voice lowered, "Does he know?" I momentarily paused my pounding to try and hear but nothing else was said.

"Let me out Alice!"

"Not until those shoes are on your feet!"

I paused for two seconds unmoving and then saying, "Okay they're on!"

"No they're not Bella. I will know when they are on then you can come out."

I groaned but sat down and put on the death traps anyway. As soon as the strap was buckled Alice threw open the door and handed me a coat before pulling me out of the room and out of our apartment. Pushy little pixie.

"We're here Bella!" Alice said as we walked up to the club. She parked her car in the parking garage and we had walked back down to the club. I looked around and saw we were at the CBGB club. We had been here twice before. It was a fun hangout for people sixteen and up with live bands playing almost every night.

As we walked into the club I looked at Alice, "Aren't we a little dressed up for this Alice?"

"No Bella this is a special occasion," she said as we walked in past the bouncer. I saw Emmett jump up and wave us over to where we were sitting.

We were just past the bar as I tripped over my own two feet and fell into someone. As I felt myself start to fall toward the ground two strong arms grabbed me and steadied me. As I righted my self mumbling apologies I looked up and into a pair of dazzling green eyes.

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