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Oh Belmar, how much I love you. Alice, Rose, and I decided to leave earlier for the beach than the boys. Jasper had to work and Alice is crazy impatient anyway and even more so when it comes to beach days. She said something about "getting her tan on". Either way, it was nice to be getting out to the beach and just enjoy being out of the crazy busy city for a day.

I was trying to avoid thinking about the whole Edward thing for as long as possible. It was just too much to deal with right now. This was my life out in New York and he suddenly and rather rudely invaded it. I thought I had finally gotten over him at least in real life. My dreams were a completely different matter but I am living in denial of those happening.

"EEEEEEEEE," Alice screamed suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts, "We are here!"

I couldn't help but laugh at my pixie friend. We quickly grabbed all of our things and ran towards the beach. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to be on the beach. The three of us ran and splashed in the water for about half an hour before we decided to tanning was in order.

"Alice, you know I'm going just turn into a tomato," I told her as we stretched out on the towels.

"No you aren't," Alice argued with me. I just rolled my eyes at her.

"Its okay Bella, I know this super great skin treatment that will just turn it into a tan," Rose chimed in. Easy for her to say. She was a greek goddess and not a paper white normal human.

We sat and chatted for a while just enjoying being out when suddenly there was a loud thud and a squeal and sand puffed up around me.

"Rosie, baby," Emmett boomed holding her now on his lap, "Look at my rockin' body!" Emmett began to flex and pose for us and Rose just giggled and kissed him.

"Hello beautiful," Jasper said as he plopped down next to Alice, and gave her a chaste kiss, "Hello Bells," he said as he flashed me a quick smile. I waved back at him and tried to keep my eyes from roaming around the beach looking for the copper hair.

I will not ask. I will not ask. I will not ask.

"Bumble Bee!" Emmett yelled as he stood up and quickly picked me up.

"Emmett. Down," I managed to gasp out.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Emmett said and then in the most high pitched and ridiculous voice ever managed, "please dear big brother carry me to the water! I need your big strong muscles to help my weak self get there!"

I couldn't help but laugh. He looked over at Rose with a menacing glance but she simply shook her head a him and with that no was no and I was carried to the water.

"Emmett! Put me down!" I screamed at him but to no avail. Emmett then tossed me into the water but he misjudged and I landed hard in the muddy sand.

"Emmett," I growled, "Run."

His booming laugh stopped when he saw the look on my face and boy did he run. I got up to run after him but with me being me, I of course slipped and fell in the muddy sand again. I was determined. This time I got up and was able to take about three steps before toppling forward. My hands went out in front of me to brace for impact but it never came. Something caught me across my stomach then quickly rolled me over and hoisted me up carrying me bridal style.

I pried open my tightly shut eyes and stared into emerald.

"Hello Bella," The velvet called out to me. I'm not ready for this. I can't do this. Not yet. But holy crap are you gorgeous... Wait what?

I guess I was staring for a bit to long because Edward put on a goofy look and mimicked me out of the corner of his mouth, "Oh hi, Edward. Thanks for saving me from certain death."

"Ha. Haha," I replied flatly to him. I was happy here in his arms. Again, wait what?

I cleared my throat as I squirmed to get down. This was a bit awkward. He let me down and neither of us said anything.

"LOVEBIRDS," Emmett boomed as he came over and squeezed both of us in a hug. Sometimes I really hate Emmett.

"Emmett let me go," Edward said as he shoved off of him. I was not expecting what happened next. I swear he growled before he lunged at Emmett and tackled him in the water. I squealed out as the water from the splashed over me before I ran for cover up the beach. As I was running I passed Jasper.

"It's been too long since brotherly fun," He said as he winked at me and ran down to the water to join him. I continued retreating up to my girls.

"Well that wasn't weird," Rose said as I walked up.

"Yeah no not at all," I agreed sarcastically. Alice screeched. What is with that girl lately?

"Something going on Bella?" Alice asked as she bounced up and down.

"No Alice. I mean I don't even like the guy anymore. He's been gone for two years," I reassured her. As I said the words I still wasn't so sure myself.

Alice opened her mouth to say something else but before she could the boys came running back up the beach. She closed her mouth put pointed two fingers at her eyes then to myself. I was in for it later. I turned and looked at my two favorite boys and their incredibly gorgeous brother coming towards us. Oh how I could stare at Edward without a shirt on for so long. If its possible he looked even better than he did in high school. I really needed to stop this.

We hung out on the beach for the rest of the day going in and out of the water just enjoying each others company. I tried to ignore Edward as much as possible for fear of an awkward situation and it seemed like he was a bit embarrassed about adult napping me as well. The next thing I knew Alice and Jasper were walking one way up the beach and Rose and Emmett were walking up the other. I was alone with Copperhead.

"Well then," Edward said as he looked at me propped up on his arms.

"Well, well," I said. I then cringed because that came out incredibly sexual sounding. Why couldn't I be normal. He smirked at me.

Conversation was easy, surprisingly and I was incredibly nice. I loved talking to him. Something about it relaxed me. I know I should still be mad at him about adult napping me yesterday and just everything in general but I just couldn't. It was silent for a few minutes and I was just taking in the slowly setting sun.

"Thanks for inviting me Bella," Edward said breaking the silence.

"No worries," I replied. We sat for a moment longer and then before I knew it i was pulled to my feet and was running towards the water.

"Edward," I squealed out. As he dragged me after him laughing his musical laugh. We hit the water and he then turned around and picked me up and spun me around laughing. If I wasn't so sure it was a coincidence I would have said this was like when he told me he had feelings for me so long ago. As he set me down a devious look slid across my face. I reached down and splashed water up at him. His smile dropped into a playful glare. He then came after me as I tried to run away in the water. It is incredibly difficult to run in the waves and I have no idea how I managed to fall.

I decided to go on the offensive and turned around quickly to splash him but before I could he grabbed my hands and held them as I struggled against him.

"Oh, no you don't," he said as he chuckled and pinned my arms to my side. I stared up at him stupidly as he stared back down at me a smile on his face. Everything was Deja Vu minus the rain. I felt my breathing hitch.

And with that he leaned down and kissed me.


It was no coincidence. I knew what I was doing.

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