"Hey, Mikey, whatcha doin?" Raphael plopped down on the couch next to his youngest brother, reaching for the remote lying on the table.

"Just lookin' at our photo album," said Michelangelo.

"What ya wanna look at dem ol' pictures for?"

Michelangelo shot his brother a glare. "Photos are important, Raph. They help us remember times when we did cool stuff together."

Raph grunted. "Whatevah."

"Look." Michelangelo pointed to a picture. A couple stood, smiling into the camera. In front of them, a young man beamed. They were obviously a happy family. "Do ya think they're ok, Raph?" asked Michelangelo wistfully.

"Yeah, Mike, they're ok. They have each other," replied his brother.

"I guess."

"Hey guys, what're you watching?" Donatello came out of his lab, stretching.

"Nothing, Donny. We're lookin' at some pictures," replied Michelangelo.

"Cool." Donatello came to stand behind them, leaning over to look at the photo in Michelangelo's lap. "Oh… Looking at those pictures again, huh?"

"Do you think we'll ever see them again, Donny?"

"I don't know Mike. We might. You never know. Our lives are so crazy sometimes…"

"Guys." Leonardo strode into the room, a determined look in his eye. "Casey just called. Hun's got a bunch of Purple Dragons breaking into a warehouse down at the docks. What do you say we pay them a visit?"

"Cool." Mikey closed the book, setting it carefully on the table.

"Sounds good to me, Leo." Donatello pulled his bo out of its holder and twirled it. "It'll be good to get out on the streets again now that my ankle's healed."

"I'm in," said Raphael. "I owe dat big ape one anyway."

"Be careful, my sons." Splinter stood in the doorway of his room, his lips twitching in a smile.

"Don't worry, Sensei," said Leonardo with a short bow.

The Turtles filed out of the Lair, disappearing into the sewers.

The Rat crossed the room, scooping up the book. He settled into a chair and opened it, finding the photo Michelangelo'd been looking at loose, falling out of the plastic sleeve. He tucked it carefully back into place, allowing the smile to grow.

"May the fates be kind to you and your family, Karen Vincent-san," he said softly. Splinter closed the album, and made his way into the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea.

It was good to be home.

The ceremony was unpretentious. The bride wore a simple dress, an iridescent green that drew comments on its beauty and carried an unusual bouquet of mixed flowers. The groom wore a simple black suit with a delicate lotus blossom in the lapel. The attendants included a young man who couldn't seem to stop smiling and a woman who wore an unusual piece of jewelry, a computer memory stick, on a long chain around her neck. She smiled shyly at the man officiating the ceremony. His gold sheriff's badge sparkled against the black of his formal suit.

The guest list was short. An elderly woman sat in the audience, dabbing at tears. She leaned over to the woman next to her.

"I always did cry at weddings, Louise," she whispered. "Your sister is so lovely. But why on earth did she wear those odd silk bracelets?"

Louise Clarke smiled. "Karen asked her to, Martha. She wanted to match the flowers I think. Such unusual colors, red, blue, orange and purple, but they do seem to go together somehow."

"Yes," Martha answered with a smile. "They do, don't they?"

Louise smiled. "They really are a lovely family."

"They always were, Dear," said Martha. "They always were."

Somewhere in Massachusetts…

"Pete, I've got an idea… a fourth movie."

"I don't know… the other movies were so cheesy. I mean, the costumes were ok, but they didn't fit our original vision, and they made the Turtles look so… campy."

"It'll be different this time, Pete, I promise. There's this guy in Upstate New York, an animator. He called me last week…"

"Another animator?"

"Well yeah, that's what I thought at first too, but Pete, he showed me this project… It's wild, Pete, really wild… Just wait til you see what this guy is capable of. I think we should bring him in on this."


"Pete, it's an opportunity to take them in a whole new direction, to bring the real Turtles to the world in a way that hasn't been done before."

"I don't know. I mean, how much more advanced are animatronics since the first movie?"

"Pete, this guy's onto something totally different. CGI, combined with some kind of new tech he's discovered. Pete, it's gonna rock your world. Give it a chance, huh? Come with me. Meet him. This could be big."

"What's his name?"

"John. John Vincent."

"…..Ok. I guess I could have a look. Maybe the Turtles are ready for another movie."

"I'm telling you, Pete, you won't regret it. This could be the most amazing Turtles movie ever."


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