Author's Note!

I really would like to thank all the people here who have been reviewing&faving my stories so far. Really guys, it means a lot to know that people are actually interested in my work. Thank you so much; you guys mean the world to me!

And so, I decided to reward you with Porn!...

yeah, pretty unorthodox present, I know.

The truth is Ive always wanted to try it out but was always too nervous to do it. I always tried, but it always ended in me getting too embarrassed. Then finally, at 2:00 in the morning, i couldn't sleep and I just...started writing...instead of, you know, trying to sleep again. so After I started, I just went "eh, what the hell?" and...this came out...horray?

THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING SMUT! I REALIZE THAT IT MAY NOT BE GOOD! please understand that im a fluff person mostly. Although this was fun to write, it still was pretty hard to write two people having yeah. First chapter is pretty much fluff with dream sex, second is...smut. So you have been warned. if you dont like yaoi or smut, i am deeply sorry. I suggest checking out some other great stories.

I hope you enjoy it, fail and all! love you guys!

There comes a certain point in a person's tolerance and patience where they simply cannot stand around idly waiting for something to happen. Allen Walker had reached that point.

He wasn't exactly sure when it had started; he wasn't even sure why. Maybe it happened in a quick instant, or maybe it had built itself up over time. Whatever the cause, Allen could not bring himself to deny the fact that he was infatuated with a certain elder exorcist: The red haired miscreant of the Black Order, Lavi,

Allen realized this quite some time ago, but he tried to ignore it, brushing it off as a simple little boy crush. But the more time that the two close friends spent with each other, the more the young exorcist realized that his feelings for the older one was much more than just a crush. He didn't want to call it love, but he couldn't think of what else to call it.

There was simply too much about Lavi to love: his optimistic, carefree attitude; his infinite level of knowledge; his sly and childlike attitude. And that smile. The way that it could range from a small little smirk to full beaming and always be so alluring was a pure gift.

Plus it didn't hurt that he had the body and the physique of a sex god.

When all of this finally started to hit Allen, he realized that he was definitely in love. He wanted a deeper relationship with Lavi, but he knew it wouldn't happen. For one, he was still an exorcist. His priority in life was to cleanse the world of Akuma and save the world from the Millennium Earl's planned destruction. Everything else besides that would simply have to come second or third. Also, He was almost completely convinced that Lavi favored females more than he did males, if he liked males at all, which was highly unlikely. So, with a heavy sigh and his head held high, he tried to be satisfied with the friendship the two shared.

However, things started to take a turn when Allen had a very…unorthodox dream. It was a type of dream that was is commonly referred to as a "wet dream", which was appropriately titled, seeing as Allen woke the next morning wet with sweat and…other fluids. It was the first one he had ever had, and he remembered it vividly. It involved him and Lavi, in some posh and warmly lit room. Lavi had Allen pinned to a bed and started to kiss him, stripping him down quickly and passionately. Soon he was Naked and Lavi's lips found every inch of flesh on the boy's body. Allen could hear himself moaning Lavi's name as he was kissed and touched all over. The Kissing stopped and suddenly Lavi yanked him into his lap and entered him, slowly and softly. Burning fire and bliss took over as Allen moaned and groaned, the sensation of pleasure and lust taking him over. They switched positions over and over, the red head seemingly not content until he viewed the White haired exorcist at every possible angle. Allen was practically screaming Lavi's name at that point—

And then he woke up, sweating like crazy and wet in his Southern most region. He realized after a minute of being awake that he was panting.

What should have taken over was a extreme sense of embarrassment and shame that he had thought of doing such a thing with his best friend. But instead, he felt…longing; A deep, passionate longing. And kind of longing where you want something and you have to have it at that one exact moment.

Allen could only want Lavi even more. He suddenly wanted to feel Lavi's kisses, his touch, his warm body—his everything! He had to have him, and he had to have him as soon as he could.

However, having a reputation as the calm, sweet exorcist, he couldn't just jump the man and have him claim him right then and there. No, that would be completely beneath him. He had to work his way up; inch by inch, slip his way into the older exorcist's heart until he felt the same way. Then he could get his reward.

So he did just that. Every so often, he gave little hints and teases: a small hug, sitting as close as possible, following him around wanting to "help". He even shared his food with him, for Mana's sake! If that didn't prove his love, then nothing would!

After about a month of his sly tactics, Allen was enlightened of a very essential part of Lavi's character… He was an idiot. He was quite possibly the densest and stupidest person on this side of the globe. The man could literally not take a hint. Every time he hugged him, he simply ruffled his hair and went on with his day. Every time Allen scooted closer and closer to him, he acted like he didn't even exist. He still remembered when Lavi, out of nowhere, asked him if he had ever kissed a girl and he purposely blushed and held his own hands in a cute manner. "N-no, I haven't" he said, "b-but…I do really wanna...kiss somebody…I just wonder if they realize it."

This was, quite literally, the biggest hint he could have gave him, and what did he do? Laugh, say, "don't worry about it," and just kept god damn walking. Allen had to gather all the self control he had to stop himself from throwing a god damn table at the idiot. How dense could one human be? Did he substitute every bit of common sense he had for his useless brain? When these questions should have convinced him to stop trying, they simple fueled his wanting and longing more and more each day.

It finally came to a point where Allen decided that enough was enough. If he was to have Lavi, he couldn't just wait for him; he had to make the first move. And he was going to make it today.

The Order was still under way with reconstruction from the recent Akuma attack. Allen recovered from his injuries quickly and was able to help the rest of the staff clean up. Lavi was also able to heal up quickly and help around. Really, he was only helping to escape Bookman from forcing him to do his regular job. He had told Allen as much. Allen didn't complain; it helped in his plan to spend more time with him.

In almost perfect timing and coincidence, Komui assigned them to organize the books in the library. There was no real damage to the room itself, but all of the commotion caused almost all of the books to fly off of the shelves and the table and chairs to flip over. Everyone else was busy doing more labor-demanding jobs, and seeing as the nurse suggested (more like aggressively ordered) to Komui to not put too much work on the boys, he gave them something easy to do. Lavi seemed a bit reluctant to work in the place he was trying to avoid, but Allen was perfectly keen with the job; they would finally be alone and Allen could set his latest plan into motion.

After some whining from Lavi and some persuading by Allen, Both exorcists entered the giant, two storied room and scoped out their workplace. Books and chairs were scattered haphazardly across the entire room; tables were flipped over onto their sides; shards of glass from broken table lamps were hidden amongst the book carpet and a few of the bookshelves were knocked over. It was a bit worse than the two had expected, but it was nothing they couldn't handle.

Lavi let out a deep sigh and habitually rested his hands on the back of his head. "Jeez, and I hated this place before," he groaned. "What do you think we should get to first, Allen?"

Allen didn't respond for a second; he was preoccupied with the scheme that was circling in his head. "Huh?" he finally said in acknowledgement. "Oh...Well, we should try to put up some of the table and chairs first at least."

"Yeah," Lavi said, letting out another sigh. "You get the chairs; I'll take care of the tables."

"Okay!" Allen said, the giddy anticipation of future events made evident in his voice. God, he felt like a small schoolgirl going out on her first date. He felt a bit pathetic, but didn't give it much of a second thought. It's not like he had no reason to be happy, after all.

Both exorcists went to work tidying up the bookroom, Lavi finding all of the tables among the scattered books as Allen took care of the chairs. Allen's eyes picked up the bad habit of peeking over at the red head when he bent down to grab a table and his ass stuck out towards him. He tried to continue his work without getting distracted and blushing like a girl. It wasn't a plan he followed very well.

After about five minutes of silence, Allen decided now was as good as any other time to start. "Hey Lavi?" he asked.


"How long have you been here at the order?"

Lavi heaved another table up and scratched his head. "Hmmm…a few years, probably 4 I think…"

"Do you like it here?"

Lavi didn't answer for a second of two. "I guess," he said, "I mean, I don't hate it."

Allen picked up a chair, then picked a book that was lying in the seat and placed it on the table. "Me neither," he said. "In fact, I really like it here. Everyone here is so nice and dedicated; it's the closest to a family that I've ever had, not counting Mana."

Lavi laughed lightly to himself and bent over again, and like a small kitten followed yarn, Allen's gaze shifted once again to Lavi's fine ass. He kept himself form stripping him with his eyes before he got too impatient. "Do you like anyone here, Lavi?"

"Sure," he said, sweeping some books off of a table onto the floor. "People here are nice. Yu's fun to play with, Lenalee's really sweet, and Komui is always…interesting to be around. The science departments pretty cool, too." He lifted a book with its spine slightly torn and tried to see if it could be put back together.

"…What about me?"

Lavi went silent at the question. He had his back to Allen and didn't seem to be moving. He closed the book slowly and placed in on the table. He then turned around and beamed. "Do you even have to ask, Allen-chan?" he said in a cheery voice. "I like you a lot, too. You're like a little brother to me."

The last sentence seemed to turn into an invisible spear in thin air and stabbed at Allen's heart a bit. Little brother? Is that all he saw him as, a younger sibling that he wanted to protect? Sure, it was still flattering, but here was the object of his affection telling him that he only saw him as a little brother. Doubt and despair started to set in, but he didn't give up. Not yet.

"I see," he said, his voice lowering an octave. "Well….how about love? Do you have a crush on anybody here?"

Again, Lavi went silent as he brushed off another table. "…not really," he said, not even bothering to look at Allen this time, "I'm not a big relationship person. I did think Lenalee was cute for a bit though. Never got the courage to tell her, though."

The spear hit again, this time bigger and laden with hopelessness. "O-oh…I get it…well, what would you do if someone…really close to you told you that…they liked you a lot?

"Hmm…depends on the person I guess." Lavi responded. "Allen, could you help me with this table over here?"

"Sure…" he said, walking slowly over to the table Lavi stood at, gravity taking its toll on his slumped head. Lavi went on one side and Allen went on the other.

"Well what do you mean by depends on the person?" Allen said.

"Exactly what I said: it depends on who was confessing to me. On three….three!" they both heaved and the large table went right side up. Lavi wiped his brow and Allen leaned on the table a bit.

"What if it was a guy who said it?" he said, waiting for the deciding reaction.

"Allen, is there a reason you're asking these questions out of nowhere?" Lavi said, his eyebrow rising slightly. "You're acting really weird."

"…I'm sorry," He said, he voice now down to a small little whisper. "I was just…wondering…"

Lavi scratched the back of his head and started to wander a bit. "Well…I mean…It would be kind of…weird…I mean I'm not into guys, so It would be really awkward."

The spear turned into a broadsword and Allen's heart was pierced. He didn't think that this little rejection would hurt so much. It wasn't anything more than a spontaneous crush, but it felt like he just broke up with someone he had been with for years. An impulse came to cry, but he held that back with all his might and simply didn't say anything. He was too crushed to even speak. He stood their quietly instead, lost in thought…

"…aaanyway," Lavi said, "we should probably keep going. We're gonna be here forever if we don't" he started to walk over to the last flipped table with his hands still scratching the back of his head.

It's not like it's that big of a deal, Allen thought to himself. He didn't actually confess to him; they were still friends. It was just his first rejection, of course it would hurt. He would get over it; it would just take some time….a very long time…full of self-pity, anguish, doubt, and self-hate and…

"Oh screw it!" Allen shouted, Running up to Lavi and swinging him around. Before Lavi could even let a gasp out, Allen locked his lips with his, tugging on his shirt tightly so he would run away. He wanted something; he needed something. He didn't care if Lavi hated him; he needed something to keep himself from spiraling out of control.

Allen finally separated their lips and Lavi just stood there with a dumbfounded look on his slightly red face. When he tried to speak, only small little stutters came out.

"I…I'm so sorry!" Allen immediately said, ducking his head so he didn't have to meet Lavi's look but still holding on to his shirt. Tears started to drip from his eyes. "I'm so sorry, Lavi. I just…dammit, I love you so much! I can't stand it anymore! I wanted so much for us to be together, I didn't care about anything else. I knew it was wrong and I knew you probably wouldn't feel the same way, but I didn't care! I loved you so much it hurt! And I still do…but if you really aren't interested in guys..," his grip started to loosen a bit, "I guess…there's nothing I can do about that…If you hate me now I under—"

And then Lavi did something that didn't make any sense at all to Allen. He lifted his head up and kissed him back, chastely but passionately. Allen was caught completely off guard from the contact and didn't know what to do with himself at first, but the kiss was so warm and inviting that he almost had no choice but to melt into it and kiss back, he heart doing flips as he did. They parted lips and looked into each other's gaze, Allen's mouth slightly open and Lavi smiling at him.

"Love you too, Allen-chan." he said.

"B-but…I don't' understand. I thought you weren't interested in boys."

"I only said that because I was afraid," he said. "I actually kind of liked you for a while too, Allen.

"S-stop lying!"

"I'm not, I swear! I really did fall for you a long time ago, but I was too nervous and scared you wouldn't accept my feelings and dismiss me as a friend. So I hid my feelings and acted like I didn't like you at all. But now…I'm so glad to know you felt the same all this time."

"…So lemme get this strait," Allen said, "I've been flirting with you for the past three weeks, and you just pretended to be oblivious?"

Lavi gave his trademark smile. "Pretty much. I gotta say, it was really hard; you were really adorable sometimes I—"

Allen punched him in the shoulder pretty hard. "Idiot! I thought you were trying to block me out!"

"Lavi let out a small yelp and rubbed his arm. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was...too afraid, okay?"

A small tear of happiness welled up in Allen's eye. He then, out of nowhere, hugged the red haired exorcist tightly. "I love you, Lavi; and I mean it."

Lavi smiled. "I love you too, Allen." They kissed again and held each other tightly.