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It had been a whole three weeks since Lavi and Allen consummated their relationship. Nobody knew how or when it happened; they just noticed that the two exorcists went almost everywhere together holding hands. Most didn't say anything; the rest just went, "About time." After a while, they became a pretty hot couple around the Order. Neither of them minded much, although Allen did tend to blush when anybody brought it up around him.

The two boys were on their way to Komui's office, hand in hand and Allen leaning on Lavi's shoulder. Komui had called both of them down without any specific reason as to why. Both of them had to admit they were a bit suspicious and worried at the same time.

They entered the Chief's office and automatically felt a cold chill trickle down their spines. There in front of them the chief sat, stacks of papers pushed to the sides so his sharp glare was clearly visible. He had his hands folded across his face as he simply stared at the two, who were feeling more and more like they were staring a cheetah ready to pounce in the eyes.

"G-good morning, Chief," Allen finally said, "You called us down?"

"Yes, I did," Komui said without any real emotion. "Sit down, please."

Lavi and Allen did what they were told and sat down in the two armchairs in front of Komui's desk. Komui himself got up and paced over to the filing cabinet.

"So how have you two been doing these past weeks?" he asked as he rummaged through a drawer.

"Pretty good," Lavi said. "The nurse says we'll be able to go back on missions soon."

"That's good, that's good. I hear you two are a couple now, actually."

Allen blushed slightly on cue.

"Yep! Been a whole three weeks now, actually." Lavi wrapped his arm around Allen and he smiled.

"Ah, congratulations. Have you two…made it official yet?"

This made both of the boys blush. "U-um…no offense, Chief, but I'm not sure if that's any of your business."

"Oh but I think it is," Komui said, finally finding what he was looking for, a video cassette, and walking back to his desk. He reached under and pulled out a pretty large television with a VCR attached.

"You see, about three weeks ago, you two were in charge of cleaning up the library," he said, turning the T.V. on, "and I assume you decided to consummate it there, seeing as I have full video surveillance of you two thanks to the cameras that were installed."

He popped the cassette into the VCR and after some white noise, an aerial view of both boys three weeks ago in the library was shown. Both boys went pale. If Komui had this, then he surly had footage of them…

And sure enough, a few minutes later, footage of the two making love in the library was shown in an omniscient view. Allen sank in his chair as his whole body lit up like fire and Lavi just stuttered for words. As soon as Komui got to Allen screaming, he stopped the tape.

Komui folded his hands over his face again. "…I am accepting explanations at this time on why you decided to desecrate my library."

Allen was still inventing a new shade of red and Lavi still stuttered.

"I take it you don't have one."

"Chief please," Lavi said, snapping out of it, "Please don't show this to bookman! He still doesn't know we're together and would tear my head off if he saw this, and that's if he's in a good mood!"

Komui pondered the thought for a second. "Don't worry, Lavi," he said, "I won't show this to bookman."

Lavi sighed in relief. "Thank goodness…"

"However," he said, "I am obligated to submit all video surveillance to the archives, and seeing as Bookman makes regular visits there, I'm not sure if I can keep it out of his hands."

Lavi was convinced he was no longer looking at the Chief anymore; it was simply a level 4 with the chief's face.

"….What do you want?" Lavi said, hanging his head in defeat.

"Oh no, I couldn't ask anything of you boys," he said, shaking his hands, "…But if you two were to volunteer to help me with this paperwork, I may be persuaded to pretend this tape never existed.

Never mind, this was obviously a Noah.

"Deal," Lavi said.

"Excellent," Komui said, smiling broadly. "I'll leave you boys to it, then. Good luck!" Komui zoomed out of the office singing.

Lavi sighed and looked over to his lover, who still seemed to be in a state of flustered shock.

"Allen," Lavi said, trying to make contact with him. "Hey Allen…c'mon Allen, I'd rather not be In love with a statue."

Allen then got up without a word with a look that gave any man a death sentence if they looked into them. He went over to Komui's desk, took out the tape, and activated his innocence.

"Won't do any good," Lavi said, patting him on the back, "He's definitely got copies."

"…" Allen deactivated his innocence as his head fell to the desk.

"C'mon babe, it's not the end of the world," Lavi said, trying to console him with a few pets.

"It's still so embarrassing," Allen's muffled voice said, "Why didn't I think about cameras? Of course that nerd has cameras everywhere!"

"I said don't worry about it," he said, kissing him on the cheek, "I swear we'll get him back."

Allen looked up at him with big puppy eyes. "Promise?"

"Promise babe."

Allen smiled and gave his lover a small little peck. "Alright!"

"…In fact," Lavi said, mischief lingering in his eyes. "I think I know just how."

Allen blushed at the way Lavi said that. "H-how?"

Lavi picked Allen up and threw him down on the desk, paperwork scattering everywhere as he straddled the boy. "Always did wonder how it would feel screwing you on a desk.

Allen just smirked. "You are such a naughty bastard."

"All because of you babe," Lavi said, swooping down for a kiss.