Author's Note:

Okay...So like...I've got a LOT of flamers on this story!
I've been recieving a lot of messages and reviews that are all "god, I hope Ginny doesn't get pregnant. it'll ruin the story." and "ginny has no other friends in this story. it sucks"
Well, for your information, Ginny DOES have other friends. You're just dipwads and don't read the story correctly.
This is my story, I write it how I want and I reallllly don't want stupid ass flames like that.
If you don't like this story, then don't fucking read it or leave a review. But you know what.. I thank you, flamers, for the views on this story ;) It really helps.

So, main thing is, I don't want flames on this story. I will, however, take advice on how to make the story a bit better. But. I. Don't. Want. Stupid. Ass. Flames!

Get in into your mushy brains, flamers. ;D

Oh, and to my normal reviewers, thanks! :) Some of you have given me quite a few ideas! I thank you all.

But something else: I won't be writing to this story for about a month, seeing as I need to start some other stories and work on the book I'm writing. Once I get it up on Scribd (dot) com I'll post it in an author's note for you go read. :) Cuz if you like Science Fiction, you'll love my book. :)

So, have fun. Check out my other stories, and please, please leave good reviews!

I thank you all, dear readers :)
Go away, flamers ;)