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Last time

"The reason that I did all this was quite simple, as I said. I did this because…" Itachi paused here, preparing herself for what she was about to say. For some reason, this was harder to say than she imagined. Oh well, the answer wasn't going to present itself to Naruto.

"Because…I…Naruto-kun…I…love you"


Naruto's brain couldn't quite comprehend what Itachi just said. I mean, how many times in your life do you find out that the man who has been hunting you like rare game is a girl, and then, on top of that, that girl is in love with you. Ever happened to you? No? Well then, you can't really comment on what Naruto does in reaction to this.


Itachi couldn't believe it. She had just confessed here love to him in what she thought was quite the romantic manner, and the idiot faints. Is something wrong with his head? Does he do this a lot? If so, he should really get that checked out.

Itachi couldn't help but let her eyes wonder over Naruto's sleeping form.

'He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping. The way his face seems to age when he's relaxed is just…wrong. He's been through so much in his life. Sigh…Oh well. We'll never have to worry about that again. Once I'm through with you Naruto, you will never feel an ounce of loneliness again. But first, and experiment. In ANBU, to mess with new recruits, they tell you that the size of your dick is directly linked to the size of your chakra. Then they tell you to flare your chakra to the max. I still remember their faces when I took that test. I will never get the way some of those guys were looking at me out of my head. The girls, on the other hand, well, who doesn't like to try new things, ne?

Itachi was well aware of how much chakra Naruto had (Coughcoughstalkercoughcough), so now; all she had to do was get him hard. She looked at his boxers as if trying to burn a hole through them, and then slowly lowered her hands towards Naruto's waist. She started to slowly stroke him through his boxers. Little Naruto almost immediately jumped to attention. And what a jump it was. Itachi was surprised for two reasons. One; how fast Naruto got hard. Did he never masturbate? Two; he was…big. If she had to hazard a guess through what she felt, she would place him at eight and a half inches to nine.

Wow. Will that fit for my first time? I already know that its going to hurt but, for Naruto, I can take the pain.

As she was slowly and absentmindedly stroking Naruto's length through his boxers, she failed to notice him stirring till it was almost too late. Quicker than the eye could follow, she was sitting a few feet away from him, legs crossed, a small smirk marring her emotionless façade.

The fuck, man? Why do I always have these messed up dreams? It's something that only the most messed-up, screwball freak that locks themselves in their house bleaching themselves in front of their computer screen could come up with. Or Kyuubi. Yeah, let's blame Kyuubi.

In a cell somewhere, a hot, redheaded fox-girl was slowly crying her eyes out. "Why do you hate me so much, fate? I didn't even do anything! If this is still about your pet halibut, I'm sorry, but I swear it was making eyes at me!"

Naruto slowly opened his eyes, waiting for everything to come into focus. When it did, eh immediately noticed that he A) Wasn't wearing any clothing except his boxers and B) His boxers were doing a very poor job at hiding his raging hard one. It looked like frogs trying to take over a volcano landscaped with ramen bowls.

He looked around for clothes, hoping to hide his 'little' problem. That was when he noticed he wasn't alone. Suddenly, he realized that, everything he though he dreamed, really happened. He also realized that Itachi, now a girl, was staring straight at his dick.

"Mmm, Naruto, were you dreaming of me?" asked Itachi with a sultry(not that Naruto would notice) smirk on her face.

"NO! No, no, no!" exclaimed Naruto repeatedly.

'Do…Do you think I'm ugly, Naruto-kuuuun?" questioned Itachi, in a tone that made Naruto's soldier stand a little straighter.

"WHAT! No, I don't think you're ugly! I don't even know what you look like-"

Naruto was cut off as Itachi sprang up and appeared right in front of him.


Itachi smirked again, loving every second of Naruto's reaction.

He seems to like what he sees. Let's tease him.

"Like what you see, Naruto-kun?" whispered Itachi into Naruto's ear as she leaned forward. Naruto was hyperaware of the feeling of her hard nipples pressing against his chest, though Itachi didn't seem to notice a thing.

"Yes, very much." whispered Naruto, trying to ignore Itachi's hands roaming all over his body. He gasped when he noticed that her hands were travelling down his stomach towards his dick. Itachi noticed and practically shoved her hands down his pants, trying to feel him. She let out a soft moan when she felt the heat Naruto's stiff member was releasing pool into her hands. She was also a virgin so this was all new to her, though she did take time to read Jiraiya-sama's books beforehand. She started to stroke Naruto, moving her face from his ear to right in front of Naruto's. She looked deeply into his twin pools of warmth, slowly leaning forward.

She kissed him.

So…sooooft! Thought Naruto as Itachi kissed him. He was extremely confused with what was going on. All he knew was that Itachi's mouth and hands felt really good on hi-OHMYGOD IS THAT HER TONGUE! Itachi took advantage of Naruto's absentmindedness and deepened the kiss.

Mmmm, he tastes good. Like, strawberries? Itachi decided to store this information away for later, and get back to devouring Naruto's mouth.

Her tongue is in my mouth! And it feels GOOD! AANND she tastes like chocolate.

Naruto and Itachi soon lost themselves to the pleasure they were feeling from the kiss, completely oblivious to their surroundings. That is, until Naruto decided to let Itachi know he felt weird.

As Itachi pulled back for some air, she noticed the confused look on Naruto's face, and wondered what eh was thinking.

"Ne, Itachi, I feel weird, like I have to go." It all became clear to her after that, and she immediately dropped to her knees and literally ripped Naruto's boxers off, not knowing how much time she had till he blew.

She latched her mouth over Naruto's tools head, and heard him gasp loudly, before grunting. His hands attached themselves to her head and held her there, even trying to push her mouth further over his cock.

"Ah, Itachi-chan, something's happening!" Itachi cheered in her head for her victory, but was suddenly occupied with the task of swallowing all of Naruto's cum.

Holy shit! How much is he going to shoot into my mouth? Is he trying to drown me?

Naruto kept shooting his load into Itachi's mouth for what seemed like hours before he sputtered to a halt. Itachi pulled back after sucking, making sure she got it all, and wiped the cum that had escaped and dribbled down her chin up with her finger, then sucked her finger clean. Staring directly at Naruto, who was getting hard again just from watching her, she said, "You taste good, Naruto-kun. What do I taste like?" With that, she leaned back and opened her legs, showing Naruto her moist lips in all their glory. Naruto couldn't help but stare at Itachi's pussy taking everything in. From the swollen pinkness of her wet lips, to the matted down, neatly trimmed triangle of hair above her pussy, Naruto though it was all beautiful.

"Naruto," moaned Itachi, "Lick me, please?"

Naruto gulped, and then lay down, positioning his head right in front of her entrance. He had no idea what to do so just winged it. Flattening his tongue, he licked her from top to bottom. Judging from the loud moaning he was hearing, Itachi liked it. He carried on doing this for a while, till Itachi decided to say something.

"Naruto, stick your tongue in my vagina, NOW!" Naruto was kind of scared of this Itachi, but did as she asked. He stuck out his tongue, took a breath, and plunged his head in between her thighs. Itachi let out a shrill scream as Naruto shoved his tongue in as far as it would go.

"YESYESYES! More Naruto-kun! MORE" screamed Itachi as she subconsciously grinded her pussy into Naruto's face. As Naruto continued to tongue-lash her to bliss, she accidentally hit her clit against Naruto's nose. She came immediately.

"!" Itachi let out an earsplitting scream as she came into Naruto's mouth. Naruto, left with no alternative, swallowed as much of Itachi's nectar as he could. As Itachi came down from her orgasmic high, she noticed Naruto seemed to be struggling against her legs. Only then did she notice that she had trapped him with her thighs, and he probably couldn't breathe. Releasing her grip, she watched as Naruto shot upwards, gulping as much air as he could, the lower half of his face glistening from Itachi's cum. Once Naruto had regained his breath he looked at Itachi.

"You taste good too, Itachi-chan" Itachi's eyes widened briefly, before she smirked at Naruto.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, but I Think its time for the main event, don't you?"

"Main event?" questioned Naruto with a confused look on his face.

"Yes. Get on your back, and stay there." ordered Itachi as she started to crawl towards Naruto. Naruto quickly complied with Itachi's wishes, wondering what was going to happen next.

Itachi straddled Naruto's waist, grinding the crack of her ass up and down Naruto's shaft.

"Mmm, you like that, Naruto-kun? Here we go." She pushed back till her ass cheeks enveloped Naruto's cock, then slowly slid upwards, gasping as the tip of Naruto's cocked pushed slightly against her asshole, till the tip of his rod was pointed directly at her entrance. Knowing it was going to hurt, Itachi wanted it over as quick as possible. She slammed down onto Naruto's nine-inched member, screaming and letting a tear fall from each eye as she adjusted to being deflowered and having to accustom Naruto's large cock.

Naruto, on the other hand, was experiencing something out of his world. As soon as Itachi plunged Naruto's member into her tight confines, he couldn't get over how tight, hot, and velvety it felt. It only got better when, after a few minutes, Itachi slowly started to rock her hips against Naruto's, occasionally rolling them in a circle. Once she had had enough of that, she started to rise and fall on Naruto's tool. Naruto, not wanting to be left out, but not knowing exactly what to do, simply gripped Itachi's hips and thrust up whenever Itachi started to lower herself. Itachi seemed to greatly appreciate this, as she was moaning so loud, Naruto was sure she would attract some unwanted attention. Naruto decided not to say anything, and just bask in the amazing feelings he was experiencing at the moment. After ten minutes of this, Naruto started to get that funny feeling again, and realized that it was called coming.

"Ita-chan, I'm going to come soon!" Naruto said, not realizing what he had just called Itachi.

Itachi did, and it almost made her orgasm right there, she was so happy.

"Me too, Naru-kun, me too. Come inside me, I want to feel you flow inside me!" Itachi exclaimed, desperately seeking release, and knowing that it would come from the feeling of Naruto's baby batter filling her womb.

Both Naruto and Itachi, now covered in a thin sheen of sweat, started to move faster and more erratically, signs of their impending releases. Naruto came first.

With a loud grunt, Naruto pulled Itachi down as hard as he could, while slamming up into her, letting his cum flow from the tip of his cock in thick, ropy streams. Itachi felt this, and when Naruto started to cum in here, she was tipped off the proverbial cliff, into the ocean of bliss that was her orgasm. She screamed again, putting all others to shame, squirted her fluids all over Naruto's stomach and groin, then fell down with a flop, right on top of Naruto. She could feel herself slipping into unconsciousness, and knew Naruto would soon follow, and could help but let a smile, a true smile, grace her features, before succumbing to sleep. She was aware of Naruto's cum continually shooting into her the whole time.

Naruto was awake by sheer will. he only wanted to see Itachi's face before he fell asleep. Looking down, he saw a smile grace her features. Just before he passed out, he kissed the top of her head, whispering, "I love you."

He didn't notice Itachi's smile grow.

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