Title: Preparations and decisions
Author: Ree
Version: Faster than a Kiss Manga during chapter 32
Rating: G

This lovely lady and her chosen one belong to Tanaka Meca.

Preparations and decisions

With her eyes closed, Fumino could feel the make-up brush slide across her cheek bones, leaving a faint trail of powder. The events of the last year spun through her head. 'I asked him to marry me...and he did. Teppei is so much happier now. But...' Her mind drifted off to school the other day. A group of girls near her and her friends were gossiping about their boyfriends and the dates they went on. She understood why Sensei couldn't take her on dates, and she accepted it. But it was when they started talking about kissing she felt a bit of jealousy. ' He kisses me on the neck, on the forehead, and even on the cheek once. And they make me want more. I want my first complete kiss. But he says he won't. He wants to wait until I am grown up... until I am ready. Maybe I need to show him that I am ready?'

Her hair was pulled off to one side and the perfect dress chosen. The black dress tied behind her neck, showing off her shoulders, and the skirt was about as short as her uniform skirt. Slipping on the heels, she hoped that this would be better than the aquarium trip. She had looked like a child then. 'It was a good disguise, but he looked so good that day. I wish I could have looked like I belonged with him... like I was his partner, not his student.' Looking in the mirror, she was surprised at what she saw. The woman looking back at her was elegant and pretty. She wouldn't shriek or cringe when her husband tried to touch her or kiss her. No, she would let him, and maybe even touch him back. 'Or even instigate a kiss.' Reaching out a hand, she touched the dressing room mirror. 'Could I instigate it? Could I kiss him?'

She looked into the eyes of the adult looking back at her. 'Fumino Ojiro. That is who is looking at me. I am Ojiro, not Kaji.' The words drifted about in her mind. No matter that it had been a year since she had changed her name, she was still called Kaji. 'Or Fumino. Even with the ring, it is hard to think of myself as Ojiro. But that is who I am. The wife of Sensei.' She shook her head quickly, dismissing the word. 'No, not Sensei. He asked me on his birthday to call him Ka...Kazuma. He his Kazuma Ojiro, husband of Fumino Ojiro. I need to practice call him that, in my head at least. One day I'll have the courage to call him it to his face... maybe it will just slip out because I think of him that way?' A frown creased her brow. ' That might not be good at school. But tonight that is what I will try to be. He shall be Kazuma and I shall be Fumino.' A weight fell off her shoulders, and she noticed that her posture relaxed. Confidence clung to her.

Slipping her ring off her necklace and onto her left ring finger, she made a promise to herself. She was not going to shrink away from him, and she was going to do her best to show him that she was ready for everything, even if she had to start it herself. Because tonight, on their first wedding anniversary, she was going to be his partner, his equal.

The look of admiration in his eyes that evening on the boat as he watched her walk towards him boosted her confidence. Looking up at him, she felt her cheeks warm, but that couldn't be helped. He was still as good looking as always, even better with the warmth in his eyes that was radiating out to her. Her mind flashed briefly to the girl who had made the dress and the make-over possible. 'Thank you, Meg.'