A/N: These characters might be slightly AU


"Morning Harry." Ginny said through a yawn as she approached the kitchen counter and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"Morning Gin." Harry replied, peering at her disheveled state from over the top of The Daily Prophet. Her brilliant red hair was clumped and knotted, her trademark hangover hair. She wore a large men's white shirt, which Harry assumed was his, barely covering her light purple panties that were sticking out from the top of the waistband of a pair of men's boxer shorts rolled at the waist to accompany her small frame.

"Rough night last night?" he asked as he eyed her.

"Eh, I guess so." She replied as she stood at the island counter in the center of the kitchen chewing on a donut.

"Kyle leave already?" Harry asked nonchalantly.

"Mmmhmm, he had to work early this morning. He said something about going into the office early. Besides, it's probably not a good idea to let him see you waking up to get the morning post, or brewing the coffee with your wand."

Harry nodded slowly. Ginny had a fascination with muggle men. Kyle was her latest victim. She had met him a couple nights ago at a muggle pub that they loved and had been out with him every night since.

"Don't you have a test this morning, Gin? Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"Nah, I took it with the other section of the class yesterday afternoon. I have one more practical for the year an hour and then I'm done. Then I just get to work all summer. Great."

"Well, good luck, I know you'll do great. You've already been working in the maternity department for a year. You'll be fine."

"I know, it's just hard to get used to the different aspects of the job from a Healers point of view rather than a Medi-Witches. But this time next year I'll be a fully fledged Healer, and not a Medi-Witch anymore. So I guess it's worth it."

"It is worth it Gin. You've worked so hard."

"I know. I'm just ready for a summer without classes! Let the partying begin!" She held her mouth open and stuck her tongue out, revealing the mashed up donut inside.

"Ewww, gosh Gin, that's disgusting!" Ron proclaimed as she stepped out of the fire and into the living room.

"Aww come on guys. Do you really have dress like that in front of me?"

"We're clothed Ron!" Ginny shouted gesturing with offense down the length of her body.

"You're wearing each other's clothes!" he shouted throwing his hands in the air.

"Hey! I'm wearing my own pajama pants, and you've seen me shirtless tons of times."

"Yes but you don't have to be shirtless in front of me and my sister at the same time, while she is wearing your clothes!" He yelled, desperately trying to make his point.

"Hey all I did was grab a shirt from the wash basket in the hall. I'm sorry that it happened to be Harry's. We both own white shirts you know." She stated matter of factly.

"And those?" Ron asked dumbly, gesturing towards her boxers.

"Those," Harry pointed a finger at the boxers as well, "aren't mine." Harry finished as Ginny began to blush and turned her back, suddenly very interested in pouring herself another cup of coffee.

Ron though his hands up in the air in frustration and defeat. "I don't know how you do it. You live together, I've caught you sleeping in the same bed multiple times, I know you have sex cause half the time at clubs you're hanging all over each other, and you sleep with other people whenever you please. You guys are messed up, you're… Well I don't know what you are! I'll have to get Hermione to make up a word for what you guys are.

"We're roommates!" Harry yelled at the same time as Ginny proclaimed "We're having fun!"

"We're having fun being roommates." Ginny stated, putting the two statements together.

"Oh well at least you're having fun!" Ron cried. He took a deep breath and took a moment to compose himself. "Whatever," he said calmly. "Do whatever you want. I just came over here to ask if we were still going out to celebrate Ginny's last day of school for the year. And if we are Hermione would like to request that we go to Coopers, and have dinner there too. That way we'll have a table and won't have to try to save seats at the bar for each other all night."

Harry and Ginny were nodding together.

"That works for me." Ginny said. "Tell Hermione that the table idea is awesome!"

"It's good for me too." Harry replied as well. "It'll be perfect for Ginny. It'a s muggle bar so Kyle can come." He said the name in a sing song voice. "Ginny and Kyle sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G," he sang loudly.

"Oh please, Harry" Ginny yelled, punching him. "You're 25 years old! Act like it!"

"I thought he was acting like a 25 year old." Ron stated, defending Harry. "Ginny and Kyle sitting in a tree."

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Harry joined in with the chant.

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then come a baby in the baby carriage!" they sang together towards Ginny's back as she stormed out of the kitchen and down the hall, slamming the door to her room.

"Quite a firey temper she's got isn't it?" Harry asked Ron in jest while trying to keep a straight face.

"I don't know how you live with her," Ron said. There was a moment's silence, in which they heard the Weird Sisters begin to blast from Ginny's room. Ron slapped his palms against the counter and proclaimed that he had to leave for work. He worked in the Sports Department of the ministry and he had a lot to prepare for the hosting of the World Cup at the end of the summer.

"I should be getting ready anyway. I've got practice in half an hour. Apparently there are going to be scouts from your department there, for England's Cup team. I've got to put on a good show."

"Too right you do Harry! They've got their eye on you! And Puddlemore is the last that they have to look at. We're supposed to be announcing the official line up tomorrow afternoon! Good luck!" Ron said as he moved away from the island and towards the fireplace. "See you for dinner," he said with a suspicious wink, before he flooed away to the Ministry.

Harry disregarded the awkward wink and moved from the kitchen to his bedroom to prepare for practice.

Harry and Ginny led a very complicated relationship after the war. They had tried to get back together, but Ginny had one more year of school left and Harry had accepted the position of reserve seeker for Puddlemore United, following in Oliver Wood's footsteps. He just wanted to do what made him happy after the war, and nothing made him happier than Quittich and Ginny. They had written letters throughout her seventh year at Hogwarts. They became close though those letters and that's how Harry had learned about each other nightmares. Both had terrible nightmares in the middle of the night about the battle, about what could have happened, about what had happened. As they grew closer mentally while being physically apart they became more like best friends then boyfriend and girlfriend. Sure they hugged and exchanged short kisses, but they were more like friendly and comfortable flirtations between good friends. They realized it before anyone else and embraced the change that they had slowly slipped into. They were happy with the way things had turned out. She wasn't his girlfriend but he was closer to her than anyone in the world, even Ron and Hermione. They weren't together but they were friends, best friends.

Upon leaving Hogwarts Ginny applied and was accepted into the Medi-Witch program at St. Mugo's. After two years she was a Medi-Witch in the maternity ward and was living in a flat with Hermione for a year. That is until Ron and Hermione got engaged, then married, and moved into their own house. Ginny desperately wanted to return to school to become a Healer, but couldn't afford to rent her own flat and go to school at the same time, even if she stayed on as a Medi-Witch while she went back so school. Harry graciously opened his arms and his flat to her letting her live there rent free while she studied to become a Healer.

It was her second night there that it had started. Harry had had a night practice. He could never fall asleep properly after them. He was sitting at the island in the kitchen when he heard a noise from down the hall. It sounded like screaming. He snatched up his wand and dashed to Ginny's room. He could hear Ginny moaning in distress but could hear no other sounds coming from the room. The opened the door slowly, wand at the ready, to find Ginny tossing wildly in bed crying out to the empty room. He knew about her nightmares, but she had never told him that they were this bad. She had never told him that they were just like his. But then again, he had never let on to the severity of his own night terrors either.

The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly constantly reported that Harry slept around a lot. Harry Potter did sleep around a lot, but not for the reasons that they thought. He had found that when someone was sleeping in the same bed as him, particularly when he had someone to hold or hold him, his nightmares disappeared. Therefore, he took to bringing women home with him, but he was not looking for a lasting relationship, only a means to an end, an end to his nightmares.

Not pausing to think Harry rushed toward the bed, climbed in and wrapped his strong arms around Ginny, guiding her sweated forehead to rest against his bare chest as he set his chin gently upon the top of her head. Soon she stopped shaking and her breath came in even sighs. Harry kissed the top of her head before drifting off to sleep next to Ginny to find that she drove away his nightmares just as successfully as he removed hers.

They weren't dating though, they couldn't date. They were best friends. They dated others, slept with others, and at night were comforted by others. On occasion, although, when neither had someone to help them through the night they relied on each other. Soon sleeping in the same bed on occasion turned into sleeping with each other on occasion, but they weren't together. They were just comfortably flirtatious, best friends, who drove each other's each other nightmares away better than anyone else. But they would never admit that to each other.

They'd been living together for three years now. Ginny had one more year of Healer training and Harry was now the starting seeker for Puddlemore United, the champion of England's Quittich League. He was rumored to be the first pick for seeker on the England's team for the World Cup tournament.

As Harry closed his bedroom door the wooden barrier brought the sound of the Weird Sisters down to a bearable level. Harry stripped off his pajama pants and stepped into a pair of navy blue mesh shorts. He covered his chest with a white shirt identical to the one Ginny was wearing. He stepped into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and attempted to flatten his hair to no avail. He dropped his pajama pants in the hamper and left the bathroom and his room and entered what felt like the front row of a Weird Sisters concert.

He opened the door to Ginny's room only to be blasted even more by the music. She was sprawled out on her bed lying on her stomach with her feet in the air, reviewing notes before her final exam.

"Ginny!" he screamed, as he flicked his wand at the stereo to turn the music down. "You're going to be late for your exam if you don't start getting ready soon."

She stood, dropped her boxers to the floor and threw her t-shirt on the floor as well. She replaced them with a pair of jeans from the floor and Weird Sisters t-shirt handing off of the footboard of her bed.

"There, I'm ready! Just go to work and let me study. I promise I won't be late!"

"Okay, okay," he said, backing out of the room, his hands in surrendering position in the air. He backed around the corner before popping his head back in the room.

"Good luck Gin." He said while striding over to her. He planted a kiss on her forehead. "You'll do great. Knock 'em dead."

"I don't want to be knocking any babies dead!" She yelled after him as he made his way down the hall and flooed to practice.