Harry awoke, rolled over to stretch, and found himself falling face first into a deep sea of red hair. Harry sighed to himself happily. He wouldn't mind drowning, as long as it was in sea of red hair. A smile crept onto his lips. Ginny wasn't lying in his bed because she had had nightmares the night before. She wasn't in his bed because they had come home together drunk. She was in his bed because that's where she truly wanted to be. It was where he wanted her to be too. If he had his way they would never leave the bed. He could lay here with Ginny forever. He let out a sigh of frustration when he realized that he couldn't. He rolled back over and scrambled, carefully out of bed. He pulled on a pair of boxers and padded down the hall to the kitchen. He was desperately in need of coffee. As he entered the hallway he could hear the music they had abandoned in the kitchen playing softly.

"Bloody hell, are you always here?"

Ron nodded his head vigorously, his mouth full of a scone that he had stolen from Harry's refrigerator and had magically warmed. Harry groggily flicked his wand at the coffee pot, while two cups soared towards the island counter that Ron was seated at.

"What's with the music?" Ron inquired.

Harry grunted with a chuckle. "Ginny must have forgotten to turn it off last night. She always has music playing. What do you care anyway? What in bloody hell are you even doing here, again?" Harry asked stressing the last word.

"I am here, you wanker, with some very important inside information about England's World Cup team, but if you don't want to hear it, I'll just be on my way." He taunted lifting himself from the stool.

Harry's eyes widened as the coffee tipped itself into to the mugs. "Sit your arse down, and tell me."

Rom smirked into his coffee cup. "As of last night after the idiotic stunt you pulled, you my friend have been moved to the top ranking in the seeker standings for the team. As long as you don't foul it up, you'll be announced as the starting seeker at the end of the week."

Harry's mouth hung open dumbfounded. "Seriously?" he stammered.

Ron nodded proudly, as Ginny came tiptoeing into the room donned in a tank top and Harry's boxers with her incredibly messy hair piled into a bun on the top of her head.

"Seriously what?" She queried.

"I've made it to the top of the seeker ranking!" Harry proclaimed. "I'm going to be the starting seeker for England's World Cup team!" He declared rushing to her. He lifted her in his arms and spun her around to the middle of the kitchen. He set her gently on her toes and captured her face in his hands and her lips with his. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, hugging him to her small frame.

"That's brilliant Harry!" she exclaimed, not letting go of him.

"Oi" Ron shouted. The couple let go of each other slowly and turned to face Ron. "What's the big idea?"

All three started suddenly when green flames erupted in the fireplace, carrying Hermione with them.

"Merlin Ronald, I told you not to come over here! You can't just floo to people's houses whenever you bloody well please. You've been here almost every morning this week. You don't think that you could have waited until he was a least dressed to pop over here unannounced. You are such a bleeding prat!" she seethed.

All three stared at her. Hermione never cursed.

"But, but, but…" Ron stammered.

"But what Ronald?"

"But, look at them!" Ron finally roared, pointing rudely at Harry and Ginny. Harry's arm was now draped over Ginny's shoulders and her arm was looped firmly around his back. Harry was placing a kiss on Ginny's forehead.

"They're, they're, Merlin Hermione what are they?" he pleaded.

"They're happy Ronald. They're happy."

The End