LUCAS gets on an elevator at Hearth & Home. He presses the button to go to the top floor. A woman named ALEX Miller rushes to the door.

ALEX: Hold the elevator please!

LUCAS stops the door from closing.

ALEX: Thank you.

LUCAS: You're welcome. Which floor?

ALEX: Um, top floor please.

LUCAS checks ALEX out.

LUCAS: I haven't seen you around here before.

ALEX: Oh I'm new. Actually this is my first day and I'm running late. I'm supposed to meet this LUCAS guy. One of the big wigs of the company.

LUCAS: Well maybe this LUCAS guy is running late too.

ALEX: That would be so great.

The elevator doors open. They both get off the elevator. ALEX looks around trying to figure out which direction to go in. LUCAS looks at her.

LUCAS: If you need help I can point you in the right direction.

ALEX: Thanks, which way?

LUCAS: Right through these doors. I have to go see him myself.

LUCAS and ALEX walk through the doors and into his office.

ALEX: Can we just walk into his office like this?

ALEX: I'm sure he won't mind.

LUCAS takes a seat at his desk.

ALEX: And now you're sitting at his desk? I think you should get up before he comes in.

LUCAS: Calm down ALEX Miller.

ALEX is stunned.

ALEX: Wait, how do you know my name?

LUCAS stands up and holds out his hand.

ALEX: No way!

LUCAS: Nice to meet you ALEX, I'm that LUCAS guy.

ALEX is speechless.

At Java, MIA can't take her eyes off of CHAD who's studying with WILL. CHAD looks over at her. He rolls his eyes and gets back to work. The door opens and NICOLE comes in. CHAD sees.

CHAD: Hey WILL, do you want to get out of here? It's getting crowded in here all of a sudden.

WILL looks around.

WILL: I feel the same. Let's go to the Pub.

CHAD: Sounds great.

WILL and CHAD pack up their things and leave as NICOLE heads to the counter. MIA doesn't even notice her. She watches CHAD leave.

NICOLE: You know staring isn't going to get him. It just makes you look sad.

MIA snaps out of it.

MIA: Ah NICOLE DiMera. Sorry, but we're fresh out of babies, but we do have muffins. I recommend the ones with nuts in them. I think they'd be ideal for you.

NICOLE: Cute kid. I WILL just take a latte please.

MIA: Coming right up.

MIA goes to make NICOLE her latte.

NICOLE: You know if you really want CHAD Peterson-Woods I could help you out.

MIA turns around with Nicole's latte. NICOLE hands her the money.

MIA: I wouldn't ask for your help if you were the last person on earth.

NICOLE: Oh honey with those cliche lines you couldn't even win WILL Horton back. Keep the change.

NICOLE winks at MIA then heads out the door. MIA rolls her eyes. CHLOE rushes in.

CHLOE: NICOLE, I need your help.

At the Pub, Sami's there with EJ, JOHNNY, and SYDNEY have a family moment. EJ and SAMI are smiling at one another. Caroline looks over at them and shakes her head. WILL and CHAD walk in.

WILL: It's pretty crowded in here too.

CHAD: Where to next?

CHAD asked as KATE walks in behind them.

KATE: You guys can come with me to the DiMera mansion.

CHAD: Sorry Mrs. DiMera, but my mom forbad me from your place.

KATE: Well what she doesn't know won't hurt her right? Besides I'm sure she'd me much happier if you were able to find a nice quiet place to study.

CHAD: Alright cool, I'll go.

KATE: Great I'll pick you boys up some burgers and fries.

WILL & CHAD: Thanks.

WILL and CHAD leave the Put. KATE looks EJ and SAMI, she rolls her eyes as she walked past.

Back at Hearth and Home, LUCAS holds his out to shake with ALEX. She shakes, but can't speak. They let each other's hands go.

LUCAS: See we already broke the ice.

ALEX: Yes we did. You're very sneaky.

LUCAS: I try my best.

They both smile and let out a little laugh.

ALEX: So is there anything else I should know about you?

LUCAS: Like what? Like how our first day would be like.

ALEX: First date? Really already?

LUCAS: Yes I get right to the point.

ALEX: In some cases.

LUCAS: So WILL you go out with me?

ALEX: Shouldn't we get down to business? Wait, you only asked me here to ask me out?

Back at Java, CHLOE and NICOLE sit at a table. CHLOE's worried. MIA eyes them from the counter.

NICOLE: CHLOE, what's wrong? Don't tell me something's wrong with the dress.

CHLOE: Who cares about the dress?

NICOLE: Did you really just say that?

CHLOE: I'm not going to need the dress when Daniel finds out…

NICOLE: Daniel finds out what? The price?

CHLOE: No….that I slept with Philip.

NICOLE: You what?

CHLOE: You heard me.

NICOLE: Yeah it's a response. How did this happened? Why?

CHLOE: I thought Daniel was cheating on me with Carly and Philip thought that Melanie wanted to be with Nathan, but we were both so wrong.

NICOLE: What made you guys think that?

CHLOE: I went to the hospital to see Daniel and a nurse told me that he and Carly left together to go to some sleazy hotel. So I went to the hotel and the clerk said Daniel was there with Carly. So I went home and started drinking. I was about to leave then Philip showed up drunk. I let him in and he told me about how he saw Melanie and Nathan kissing. We drank some more…. then we did it. Then we found out that Daniel was having surgery on his eyes and Melanie was telling Nathan to back off because she loves Philip.

NICOLE: Wow! So how was it?


NICOLE: Okay….okay…So the hotel guy said Daniel and Carly were there, but he lied?

CHLOE: He didn't say their names, but I showed him a picture of Daniel and described Carly.

NICOLE: So the clerk lied that means the nurse lied too? But why?

CHLOE: Exactly and I think I know who got them to lie.

NICOLE: Carly.

CHLOE: Exactly. And now she knows I cheated on Daniel.

NICOLE: What? And she didn't tell her precious Melanie?

CHLOE: She doesn't know I cheated with Philip and neither does Nathan.

NICOLE: What does he have to do with all of this?

CHLOE: He knows I cheated too.

NICOLE: Oh my gosh CHLOE you know what this means right?

CHLOE: No what?

CHLOE stares at NICOLE. NICOLE smiles.

On the next episode:

ALEX quits

NICOLE has a plan for CHLOE

WILL and CHAD chat with Stefano

EJ gets some news.


Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe Lane

Ally as Alex Miller

Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Horton

Casey Deidrick as Chad Peterson-Woods

Lauren Koslow as Kate DiMera

Dylan Patton as Will Horton

James Scott as EJ DiMera

Taylor Spreitler as Mia McCormick

Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady

Arianne Zucker as Nicole DiMera