Chapter 1

''A fierce Blizzard''

''The ice age was at it most frosty weather yet, a dangerous chiliy blizzard yet as fierce snow falled from the cloudy heavens onto the thick layers of snow that lay beneeth the giant mountains of more snow that shadowed aupon from above.

The storm was dastasly as it whirled around the endless valleys and caves that the prehistoric animals live and hibernate in. All of the animals hid in cover as the enormous chilly blizzard curls in around them, they shuddered and huddled together to get each other warm.

Meanwhile, out in a quin, little, snowy valley, many resident animals duck for shelter in the nearest caves, trees and rocky areas, to protect themshelves from the freezing weather.

In a cave, not far away, 7 very close animals all got together to keep each other cozy, among them are, three mammoths, Manny, Elle, and Peaches. also in their group, there was a saber tooth tiger named deigo, a sloth named sid and two mischivious possems named crash and eddie, who are the famous sub zero heroes.

They have been though many adventures, trials and tribulations as the famous group beared though, drastic dangers, dinosaurs, floods and a dangerous herd of wild sabers together. Despite all of this, they were one big, happy and strong bounded family who never let each other down.

and now they were trying to keep warm. ''Oh, this is rediculous'' manny said finally as he got up and headed towards the cave entrance. ''I'm putting a boulder to seal the cave entrance until the weather stopped.''

Elle who was coudleing peaches in her trunk, told manny ''but manny, wouldn't that trapped us up in this cave?'' she asked him, loking worried on her face. As he was pushing a big boulder out towards the entrance door. ''and wouldn't you get trapped outside?'' she asked him raising an eyebrow at him.

Manny however just shugged his shoulders, ''nah, I'm strong as an ox, Elle so don't you worrie and keep peaches warm okey?'' he told her as he pushes the boulder onto the cave entrance to seal away the safety of his friends from the bitter cold.

''Well, that's them sorted now to find myshelf some shelter.'' he said as he headed off to look for another cave to shelter in.

As he walked thought the blizzard, the snow piled up on his back as he serched for shelter someplace nearby. As he walked the blizzard got colder and colder.

The snow seems to get heavier and heavier as manny barely walks pass the incrediable amounts of cold. ''Gosh, at this rate I won't be able to find shelter beofre I freeze!'' he thought to himshelf, alarmenly.

Then in his sight he spotted a cave nearby, quickly he ran inside it, away from the firery blizzard in order to subtain the warmth of his body against a had rock wall. ''Well at least I'll be out of the way until the storm passes.'' he said as he huddled closely against the wall.

As Manny waited patiently for the snow to subside, little did he realize that something very intreasting and perculier was happning somewhere out in the snowy mists of the ice age.