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''Meeting the gang to others''

''Manny and the others followed shrek and his company as they headed for shrek's house.

Shrek cautioned the others to be careful as the others will never seen anything like them before.

''Remember now, the others may be a little started due to your appearances, but I assue you that these are the nicest kindest friends, you will ever meet around here.'' shrek told the sub zero heroes.

''Are you sure they won't bite?'' elle asked fiona who smiled at her as they approoced the party crew. ''Oh elle, they will love you!'' she exclaimed as she petted peaches on the head.

'Ohaha'' cooed peaches as they walked up to the party crew who stopped and looked at the strange group.

''Mother!'' fiona cried as she ran to her mother, giving her a huge hug.

''Oh fiona, darling it's so good to have you back with us!'' fiona's mother said as she embraced her daughter tightly.

''We'll fine mother, we just got our rescued group from loony's hideout and they need a place to stay for a while.'' fiona explained to her mother.

''They are from the ice age as well so they are not familler with our surroundings'' fiona also told her.

Queen lillian nodded as she listened to her daughter. She knew that her daughter was telling the truth. she could see her in her eyes.

''Fiona we will do whatever it takes to help these unfortunate animals.'' she told her in a gentle tone of her voice.

Then Queen Lilian walked up to the sub zero heroes and introduced hershelf.

''Good day, My name is queen Lillian, ruler of far, far away and if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please don't hesititate to ask me'' she said in a sweet tone.

Elle stepped forward and introduced hershelf to her royal highness.

''Hallo my name is Elle your royal highness and this is my daughter peaches, my husband manny, my brothers crash and eddie, diego and our one and only sid.'' she told her as she pointed her trunk towards the entire crew.

''Hallo.'' everyone said to her in responce.

All of the other fairytale folks stepped forward to get a glimpse of this perculier looking gang that surprizes them.

''Wow, are you really all wool and fur?'' asked gingy as he examined manny's enormous fur and boy structure.

''Yes actually,'' manny said steadly as gingy and phinochio looked around him in curiouslty.

''Are you really from the ice age?'' brogan said curiously as diego giving him a slight steady stare.

Diego stared at him back. ''Yes actually, I'm from the ice age! where you brought up in a cave buddy?''

''No, I was brought up in an orgre army.'' stared back Brogan who took pride in his work as so did diego

''Oh I see, what is an orgre?'' diego asked curiously.

''We'll orges!'' shrek pointed out to diego pointing out to himshelf and the other orgres in the group.

''Ya, and we'll the three little pigs and that's wolf.'' pointed the pigs to themshelves and to wolfie over in the corner of shrek's house who nodded at them.

Never have the animals seen such strange creatures in their life, they used to imagineing such things in their head when told the bedtime stories to peaches.

''This is quite cool dude!'' crash exclaimed as he saw all the fairy tales folks gather round to examiled the perculier prehistorical creatures.

Never in the history of the far,far away, have they ever seen anything like them, not from the prehistoric age anyway.

But there was one thing on Manny's mind that was constantly troubling him, how on earth were they going to get home!

were their ever going to see their beloved ice age again?

you'll just have to wait and find in the next chapter.

to be continued...