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"Bella? Bella, can you hear me?" called a melodic voice. I opened my eyes to see Jasper's face peering down at me.
"What happened?" I asked.

"You got hurt, badly. I bit you. I'm sorry" he said. I reached up to stroke his cheek, amazing myself at the grace in that simple movement.

"It's okay Jasper" I said "What happened to Felix?" his face darkened.

"I had to let him go to get to you"

"I'm sorry Jasper"

"Why are you apologizing? I only wanted to hurt him, for hurting you. I actually ended up hurting you more" he looked away.

"Jasper, everything's fine. Can I get up?"

"Sure" I sat up, loving the fluidity of my movements. I climbed to my feet, glancing around me.

"Where am I?" I didn't recognize the white walls and light furniture.

"Jane's room"

"She's had a paint job" I noted. Jasper smiled and nodded

"So…I'm a vampire now?"


"Why don't I feel thirsty?"

"I'm not sure. How do you feel then?"

"Shouldn't you be able to tell me that?" I teased. He grinned.

"Humour me" he said.

"I feel…odd" I admitted "Right now I just want to get out of here"

"Well, Bella…since you're no longer human the law can't claim you. You can leave here" I gasped. I hadn't realised that.

"Really? I can leave?"

"they have no reason to keep you" he said.

"Great! Let's go!" I started towards the door but Jasper grabbed me.

"Bella, don't you think you should feed first?"

"No! I'm not hungry! I just want to get out of this bloody castle" I said. He let me go with a shrug and I led the way to the throne room. Aro was sitting there with the other brothers.

"Ah Isabella! Awake at last. I must say, immortality suits you" I allowed a brief smile.

"I'm not lingering long. I just wanted to say that I was leaving"

"just like that? What makes you think we'll allow it"

"The law has been kept. I'm a vampire. I was never a member of your guard so you have no claim over me and I'd rather be killed then stay here a second longer" I said, bluntly.

"if that's what you wish" he smiled slightly "You see, I have no desire to let you go Bella"

"Fine. Kill me" I said, hands on my hips. The Volturi had taken everything from me. My mate, my family, my friends, my dignity, my virginity, my freedom, my humanity. Everything. I guess it was only fitting for them to take my life as well.

"Bella, don't do this" said Jasper, quietly.

"SHUT UP!" I snarled "Jasper, you have no idea how much they have made me suffer and until you do then don't say a word" I turned back to Aro "So? You going to kill me or what? I mean, with everything else that's happened to me here death doesn't seem that bad"

"Jane, Alec. Dispatch her" he said coldly, to the twins who had been hovering uncertainly nearby. They exchanged a look.

"I'm sorry master but no" said Alec "I won't do it"

"Neither will I. Bella is my sister. I won't kill her" said Jane, coming to my side and taking my hand. Alec took the other hand and I met Aro's eyes.

"What now?"

"You want something doing" he muttered under his breath, getting to his feet. I glanced at Alec and Jane.
"guys, you should move"

"Bella, we're with you on this!" said Jane.

"I understand that but if you don't you'll end up getting hurt and I've already caused the deaths of too many people. Now move" Alec led Jane reluctantly away and they went to stand next to Jasper.
"You know you can't defeat me in a fight and it would be foolish to think otherwise" Aro said.

"I know. I told you, I'd rather be dead then stuck here. Kill me. I'm not going to fight" I said. Aro circled me, then suddenly darted forward. I had closed my eyes so I wouldn't see death looming towards me but then no attack came. I opened my eyes to see Aro on the floor. Wow. Did I do that?

"Looks like Bella has a power" muttered Jane. Aro snarled and tried again but was repelled.

"Is it a physical shield?" Alec asked.

"no" said Jasper. He reached forward and touched me "It's an emotional shield. It's designed to act depending on the emotions Bella feels for a certain person" I regained my composure and smiled.

"So I guess I'll be leaving after all since no one can kill me?" Aro snarled but nodded. I'd never seen the powerful vampire so angry. I smiled to myself and started to leave.

"However" he said, before I could leave "Alec and Jane are to be punished for their disobedience and so will Jasper"

"No way. I quit" said Jasper.

"Yeah, me too" said Alec. Jane stared at him. While she may have been willing to side with me she hadn't been expecting her brother to leave.

"I'm with Bella too" she said, eyebrow raised as she waited to see if Aro would challenge her. Physically, he couldn't touch her because I would shield her. She could also use her power on him.

"Fine. But if I ever see any of you again, do not expect mercy"

"We'll keep that in mind if we decide to visit" I said, before turning on my heel and leading the group out of the room. We all arranged to grab stuff from our rooms before meeting up in the courtyard. On my way down the corridor, I bumped into Felix.
"looking good Bella" he said, groping at my butt. I snarled and slammed him against the wall, eyes ablaze with rage. He tried to move but my strength and shield held him there.

"You're lucky I don't tear you apart you miserable fuck for what you did to me. I'm not going to but I will give you a warning. If I ever see you again, if you ever touch anyone the way you touched me I will kill you"

"How are you going to know?"

"I have my ways" I smirked and pressed harder with my shield. He let out a cry of pain as the pressure started to crack his skin.

"Fine!" he cried. I smiled and let him down.

"Good. Bye now" I went to my room. I didn't have much that I wanted to take, just some clothes, so I was finished quickly. I heard a knock on my door and went to get it. It was Alec.
"hey Alec"


"Thank you, for what you did. I know that Volterra is your home and you're leaving it"

"No Bella. Volterra was never my home. Home is wherever your family is. You and Jane are my family. And I know you don't feel the way I do about you but I'll always be there to look after you. If you ever need me. And as long as you're happy, so am I"

"Thank you Alec" I kissed his cheek and took his hand. We went out to the courtyard where the others were waiting.
"Come on then, where too first?" Jasper asked, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"I want to go home" I said, simply.

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