Hey guys! So I've seen A-Team twice now and I love it! :) So I thought it was time to do a fic about them. I liked the relationship between Face and Charisa but wished we knew more about their rocky past so I decided to write this. Hope you like it! Please review (no flames please) :)

Quick Summary: Begins a year before Face and Charisa's break-up. We see their relationship become better, slowly scaring Charisa as she realizes that it's getting serious. She wants to be with Face but is afraid that he will go back to his old ways. Leads up to the night Charisa left Face, will include the whole team and maybe some original characters :) Sorry, I'm not good at summaries :)

Chapter 1:

December 23rd, 2006

"Come on Face I'm freezing here!" Charisa said clinging to my arm.

I smirked as I unlocked the door, "Well if you come in here I bet I can fix that," I opened the door.

She smirked looking up at me.

"Ladies first," I winked as she rushed inside, me not far behind her closing the door as quickly as possible and turned on the lights.

"So what's the plan now, huh?" she asked smugly, "It's pouring rain outside, the restaurant we went to was flooded, everywhere is closed," she turned around to face me.

"Oh no worries, I have a plan," I said going to her, "I always have a plan," I attempted to help her get off her soaking jacket, she laughed at my struggling.

"So you can break Murdock out of a straight jacket but you can't get a leather jacket off your girlfriend?" she teased easily getting it off and putting it on a nearby chair.

"Haha very funny," I said sarcastically as I discarded my own soaked jacket, "Now…" I said going back to her; she fit perfectly into my arms, "About that plan…"

"Please do tell," she said looking up to me with her hands on my chest.

"What? You think I didn't think this through already? I've got it a—ll figured out babe."

"Babe?" She asked moving her eyebrow.

"How 'bout I make us dinner, we sit by the fireplace, drink some of that cheap wine… and just relax," I said moving a strand of hair from her face.

"Just don't expect me to sit around and watch."

"Oh I bet we can find something for you to do in the kitchen," I said sarcastically, "I mean you are a woman," I smirked.

"Yeah, a woman that can cook ten times better Tiny Ass," she teasingly smirked back her face getting closer to mine.

"Oh you're on," I said getting even closer.

"Loser makes dessert and serves it to the winner," she said almost above a whisper as our lips finally met.

She pulled away too soon, "F.Y.I. I prefer anything with chocolate for dessert," she then continued our kiss.

I pulled away this time, "F.Y.I. Tiny Ass is more of a vanilla kinda guy," I winked and went back to kiss her but was stopped by a finger on my lips. I looked down at her, waiting to hear the cause for our abrupt stop.

"I love this little game here, I really do, but I'm seriously starving."

I backed away with my hands up going into the kitchen.

"Besides," she added putting her hand on my cheek and slowly moving it, "Wouldn't want to be caught messing around with the competition," she stopped moving her hand midway down my chest and just like that was off to work. After taking a second to breathe and comprehend what she'd just said, I was off to work; she was in for a surprise.

...30 Minutes Later...

"I'm surprised, you didn't even try to cheat and sneak a look at my dinner master piece," she teased sitting on the counter across from me.

"I'm a con-man, not a cheater hon," I winked.

"Indeed you are," she jumped off the counter, "hope you're as good with chocolate as you are at coning cause this pasta is gonna be amazing babe."

For the love of God! I thought, there's one person on earth who can melt me; it's her.

"I don't know," I laughed, "Cause my pasta will blow your mind away darling."

" Touché, alright let's do this," she smirked. I nodded my head. "Here it is," she said revealing a plate from behind her, she didn't say a word.

I looked at the plate, then back at her, and back at the plate. You gotta be kidding me…

"This is your amazing pasta?"

She simply nodded.

I continued, "But… it's simple. Tomato and basil, really? And I thought you'd put up a fight! But obviously you're just giv—"

I was interrupted by her putting a spoonful of it in my mouth; I tried not to laugh as I began chewing. It then hit me. It was for lack of a better word, "Amazing," I mumbled reaching to take the fork from her to get another bite.

I took another bite, best pasta I've ever had, uh oh

"Family recipe, just you're basic tomato and basil," she said innocently, "and some other secret ingredients."

I went in for a third bite but she stopped me.

"Nope," she said moving the fork away, "You're turn," she smirked folding her arms.

"Come on one more bite," I almost begged.

"No, I wanna taste this mind blowing pasta darling," she said mimicking me.

I turned around taking a deep breath composing myself; I grabbed my plate and turned around with a smile.

"Tomato and basil," I smiled getting a bite ready for her.

She laughed, "You gotta be kidding me."

"Nope, and that's the same thing I thought when I saw yours. And then I tasted it and oh! I would personally like to thank whichever Sosa family member made that recipe. I can't imagine mine comparing to yours," I said innocently as she took the bite. It took her a minute, I watched as she fell in love with every single bit of it.

I continued, "And then I remembered, you may have the whole family recipe passed down deal, but I have the crazy guy who gets bored and ends up experimenting resulting in culinary genius deal," I smiled.

It took her a minute to realize what I meant, "What you mean… oh no, no, no, no! You said the last time you ate his food you ended up with temporary paralysis!" she panicked.

"No, no, no. First off, it was only temporary and that was steak! And second off, I know for a fact that Murdock didn't do anything too crazy with this one. I mean seriously I made it with stuff in the kitchen."

She reluctantly took another bite, "I swear, if anything goes wrong with me, I'm killing both of you."

"No need for that," I laughed, "Now how do we decide who won?"

"Hmmmm, I think it's pretty even," she said picking up the plate of her pasta.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"I say we call it a tie and you let me make dessert? Deal?"

"Fair enough," I said kissing her lightly before we both headed for the fireplace in the living room, "So since technically, you're making dessert, does that mean I win?"

"Does there always have to be a winner and a loser?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yes," I teased back.

We sat down close on the blankets I'd set out in front of the fireplace.

"Well then between you and me, I guess you could saw yours was a lit—tle better," she said sitting closer.

"That's all I need to know."

She then came within centimeters of my face, "Oh and if I find out that the guys find out about your little… victory shall we call it?"

"I guess you could call it that," my voice cracking like a teen.

"Then I'll personally make sure they know about the little incident involving Steel Magnolias and a box of tissues."

I laughed nervously but then realized she was dead serious, "Oh you're good, you're real good," we both put our pasta bowls down for a moment as she wrapped her arms around me and I wrapped mine around her.

"Am I really? Cause I think you had this whole night planned out."

"What?.. Seriously?.. How the hell would I plan for it to be pouring rain so hard that our favorite restaurant is flooded?" I pretended to be offended.

She smirked up at me as I held her in my arms, "And we just happen to end up having to come back here, and you just happen to only have the things here to make pasta, which you had Murdock teach you how to cook. And now we just happen to be sitting by the fireplace, eating pasta, sitting very closely all as if this was how it was meant to be all along."

Taking how close we were into perspective, I took the opportunity, taking my arms away from around her and putting my hands on her face as I brought her in for one of our amazing, mind-blowing kisses. Completely forgetting about food as we simply enjoyed each others embrace as the rain poured down outside the near-by windows.

I smirked leaning back for a moment, I tilted my head, "I love it when a plan comes together."

We both laughed as I held her tight, "I'm s—o telling Hannibal you stole his one-liner," she teased.

"No you won't," I kissed her cheek, "Besides what's the worst that could happen?" I said beginning to kiss her passionately once more.

Suddenly lightning cracked outside, followed by rolling thunder, and of course the loss of electricity.

Charisa flinched looking around at the sudden darkness, the room only lit now by the nearby fireplace.

"Did you really need to say that? Something bad always happens whenever people say that!" she panicked.

"No worries," I said leaning closer, "All part of my plan."

"Of course it is Face, of course it is."

So what do ya think? It's gonna get better :) The next chapters will have the rest of the team, Christmas, and more :) Maybe even a mission or two...