Hawkeye House:

A Cool Front in the East Part 2

"Just because it wasn't one of your men, doesn't automatically make it one of mine!" Roy shouted. He was getting sick of the Generals accusations, not only about his men, but about himself as well. From the moment he arrived at the camp she was badmouthing him and he was not going to stand for it anymore. "Look, I've never had problems with this sort of thing either."

"Do you think it's worth investigation?" Captain Buccaneer asked, glancing between Oliver and Riza. Obviously he was saying it more for Riza than anyone else, he already knew that his commanding officer could handle herself.

"I think both of us are capable of taking care of ourselves." Riza responded, "It's also possible that it's just a prank."

"Prank or not," Roy started, "I don't like anyone thinking they can mess my subordinates." Oliver glared at him. "And, uh, my fellow comrades," he added.

"Well we can't do anything about it right now," Olvier said, brushing off the whole situation, "If anything happens we'll report it or handle it ourselves."

Bang! Bang! Bang! All three shots hit their target straight on. Riza got up and instructed some tips to a small group that had gathered to watch her shoot.

"You're sniping from Ishval is legendary!"

"Uh, I wouldn't call it legendary…" Riza insisted. She wasn't used to all this attention, especially all this positive attention. She glanced over to Roy across the field, giving a basic lecture on alchemy. She caught his eyes for a moment, he seemed to give her encouragement with just one look.

"Seems like your Lieutenant there is the life of the party," Oliver came up from behind Roy. She was leading an intense physical training regimen. When she turned to speak to the Colonel, half the men collapsed into the grass.

"Of course she is," Roy couldn't help but brag about his favorite subordinate, "she's my best man." He pointed to a circle one of the soldiers were drawing. "Your line is crooked."

"I've heard a thing or two," Oliver said, drawing closer and dropping her voice so only he would hear, "about how close you two are."

"I assure you, those are all rumors." Roy bent down and fixed the man's circle, "like this."

"I'm certain they are." The General glanced over at Riza's group again. She smiled, "looks like she's getting quite a few admirers.

Roy stood up fast, his head instinctively turning in Riza's direction. A few admirers was just fine, it didn't mean anything, he had plenty himself. He shrugged it off. "Well, she deserves it."

Oliver watched him carefully before turning back to the men she was training. "What are you doing laying around! Up!"

Roy sighed, cleaning up the last of the field with Havoc and Breda. He had lost a bet to Armstrong, and was stuck cleaning it all up by himself for the night. "Why do you always have to drag us into stuff, Chief?" Havoc complained, carrying the last box into the field house.

"That's my job," Roy replied, laughing.

"Hey, what's that light up there?" Roy turned to where Breda was pointing. There was a hill just past the bunk house. About halfway up there was a little square shaped light.

"Maybe a house?" Roy watched the light flicker as if someone was walking in front of it. Maybe whomever lived there had seen someone sneak into the bunkhouses the other day. "I think I've just thought up another thing to get you guys messed up in."

He explained as he lead the other two towards the hill. The two would do anything to help their comrades. They were just as ticked about what had happened as Roy was. By the time they finally climbed up to the small house, in was pitch black outside.

Roy cursed himself for not wearing a jacket, it was freezing. Havoc knocked twice on the door, no response. He knocked harder and called out, nothing. The lights were still on. Roy motioned for Breda to check the window.

"Uh, sir?" There was a worry in his voice, "you might want to take a look at this."

Roy started over and peered in. At first he didn't see what Breda had, it just looked like a bunch of random items. Then it hit him, components to make a bomb. A table was just up against the window, filled with papers.

There were newspaper clippings, some about General Armstrong, some about Roy's team. There were notes, all in a recognizable handwriting. "Havoc, bust in the door!" He commanded. Whoever lived here didn't just know about who had done it, they were the culprit themselves.

After a quick search of the place Roy found a journal, plans written in. It was clear that this man hated the thought of woman in any role other than that of a housewife and child bearer, least not the military. His eyes widened and he dropped the book.

"We need to get down there, now!" Roy shouted, sprinting out of the building.

The other two followed after him, un-holstering their handguns. "What is it chief?"

Riza let the cool water hit her face and run down her arms. She loved a good cool shower after a long days work. The season was just starting to warm up, but nights were still pretty chilly. She shivered and turned up the heat. Warm showers were just as nice.

She was glad that things were going smoothly. Actually, she even found herself having fun during the camp. Everyone was eager to learn and to teach.

Riza froze. She though she heard a sound coming from the entry way. It was probably just Oliver. She could hear her footsteps, but why was she running? Riza turned off the water. She peeked around the shower stall. "Roy?" She exclaimed, seeing him running towards her.

"Get down!" He shouted. He glanced back for a second and accidentally slipped on the water from the shower, barreling right into her. Riza slammed against the back of the shower. The back of her head hit hard against the tile, her vision leaving her for half a second.

Her heart pounded, horribly confused. Roy tucked his head between her neck and shoulder, holding her head against his. That was when she heard the explosion.

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