The Silver Neko

Rating: M

Pairings: Sessome, Mirango

Warnings: Language, adult situations, Sesshoumaru has both arms and will NOT speak in third person…he's a lord dangit.

Summary: InuYasha angers Kagome yet again and she runs from the group. She has an odd encounter with a Neko Youkai and ends up being rescued by Sesshoumaru. What will develop between them? How will InuYasha cope when he realizes what he did?

Chapter 1


Kagome was angry…enough that she could barely speak the word to plant InuYasha's face into the ground. He had just told her that the only reason he kept her around and protected her was because she could sense the jewel shards.

"Let me tell you something…InuYasha…I stay with you for protection, even though you are an ass…You need a shard detector so damn badly? Fine! See if you can find one because I'm finished. I said SIT!"

She planted him into the ground once again as the others looked on in shock. She ran off, tears in her eyes. She knew Sesshoumaru's forest was probably not the safest location to run into, but she also knew InuYasha would hesitate to follow her there. She came upon a small hot spring and slid to a stop…a nice hot soak sounded really good to her. She whirled around when she heard a branch snap behind her.

She came face to face with a beautiful Youkai woman…a panther type Neko Youkai. She looked similar to Sesshoumaru, just shorter and female. Her hair was a sleek, glossy black to her waist and perfectly matched the long black tail that wrapped around her. Her hands were tipped in sharp cat-like claws and she had sharp, piercing emerald green eyes. Kagome started as she heard a low rumble and realized that the demoness was purring.

"Hello little Miko. You have no need to fear me, I am not here to harm you."

"Then why are you here? Do you need help?"

The demoness chuckled slightly.

"I am beyond help little one…I am dying."

Kagome's soft gasp of horror made the demoness pause and tilt her head slightly.

"You seem upset by that news…You do not hate Youkai?"

"No…I don't hate anyone as long as they don't kill or harm innocents. I travel…traveled…with a Hanyou."

"Traveled…you seem saddened by this…"

"He only used me to find jewel shards…he never cared…"

Seeing that the little Miko was near tears the demoness quickly distracted her with her next words.

"I will be honest Miko…I have a favor to ask of you…though I will not expect you to agree."

"What kind of favor? It's nothing bad is it?"

"I hope not…I have no heir to pass on my power to…I would like to pass my power to you Miko. I find you worthy of my power…If you are willing."

"What would you have to do, and how would it affect me?"

"Both very good questions. I would merely have to exchange blood with you…in return you would become a ¾ demoness…You would look similar to me, but still like yourself. You would also gain power over fire, a gift all Neko Youkai have as well as the long lifespan all Youkai have. A blood exchange between Youkai and human passes the Youkai's power to that human, and makes then ¾ Youkai, between two Youkai it creates an unbreakable bond that varies in type depending on what the Youkai want it to be."

"Will it be painful?"

"Somewhat…though not for long…you will be weak for a couple of days while your body adjusts to the changes."

"I'm willing…proceed."

The demoness walked up to her and made a slit across her palm, mirroring it on her own palm, before pressing their hands together. A searing fire shot up Kagome's arm and spread through her body. As she collapsed to the ground in pain she hard a soft Thank You from the demoness and watched as another Neko Youkai came and lifted her from the ground. Another Neko was about to lift Kagome as well but was stopped by a green whip that nearly hit him. The Neko's hissed at the Inu Youkai as he landed near the Miko. Sesshoumaru growled at them and ordered them to leave his lands before he killed them all. The one Neko moved toward Kagome again but the Inu Lord stepped between them.

"The Miko stays with me…Leave now."

The female Neko agreed softly and the three felines left. Kagome watched through a haze of pain as the proud Lord bent down and lifted her in his arms. She curled into his chest with a small whimper of pain and felt his arms tighten around her before she blacked out.