The Silver Neko

Rating: M

Pairings: Sessome, Mirango

Warnings: Language, adult situations, Sesshoumaru has both arms and will NOT speak in third person…he's a lord dangit.

Chapter 4

It had been six months since Kagome's encounter with the Neko Youkai and she had since become acquainted with the rest of the Neko clan she was now a part of. Sesshoumaru had refused to leave her side at any point and the two of them were now preparing for their upcoming wedding. Sesshoumaru's proposal had been nothing short of romantic and Kagome had immediately said yes.

The full moon was bright overhead as they walked into a clearing that held a spectacular lake, the moonlight shimmering on the water's surface. Sesshoumaru had been rather quiet but Kagome sensed he was planning something so she left him to his thoughts, content merely to be with him. As they neared the edge of the lake he stopped and brought her close to him, his breath whispering across her face as he spoke to her.

"I never imagined I would find my perfect mate, until I found you Kagome. You are perfect, and perfect for me. I would be honored if you would consent to marry me."

Kagome's eyes sparkled with joy as she wrapped herself around him and agreed…repeatedly.

Rin and Shippou had been happy for them, especially after being reassured that this would not make them siblings. Kagome was reasonably certain that those two might end up married themselves in the future. She had invited Sango and Miroku, as well as Lady Kaede who would be the one to give her away. Sesshoumaru had invited the nobles of other prominent demon clans, as well as a hefty security force to keep out any unwanted guests.

Kagome's dress was an elaborate white kimono with beautiful gold hand-beaded patterns stretching from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Her slippers were patterned to match and her hair had been done in elegant little waves and curls that fell around her face like a dark waterfall. She was nervous, but also indescribably happy knowing that she was about to marry the most wonderful mate she could ever have asked for. Rin was her flower girl and Shippou was acting as the ring bearer, a job the little kit took as a serious duty.

As the music started and the doors parted she walked forward and Sesshoumaru felt his mouth go dry at the sight of her. She was angelic and radiant and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. The High Priest began the ceremony and everything was perfect, until he asked if anyone would object to the union. Sesshoumaru's glare at the crowd dared them to try it, and one voice dared.

"I object to it. She's supposed to be mine, not his. I had her first."

Shocked murmurs went through the crowd at the implications of his statement. Sesshoumaru's eyes went red as he glared at his whelp of a half-brother.

"You dare imply that Kagome is less than pure? I assure you she is untouched as she was intelligent enough to see you for the coward that you are. She loved you when she was travelling with you and you saw fit to throw her away over a reanimated clay doll. Your stupidity is my fortune and I suggest you leave before someone decides to silence you…permanently."

Kagome laid a hand on his arm to calm her soon-to-be husband, and gave her former love a cold look to rival any true demon noble.

"I am not an object you can own Inu Yasha. You had a chance to be with me once, and you threw it away. I've learned from that and Sesshoumaru makes me happier than I have ever been in my life. I will not allow you to ruin this day for me. Leave. Now."

The guards finally managed to get a hold of the chastised Hanyou and drag him from the room and the ceremony resumed. After the ceremony there was a large and boisterous party that lasted well into the early hours of the next morning as Sesshoumaru getting married was quite unexpected and everyone was rejoicing for his fortune.

The newly weds were blissfully content and looking forward to hopefully expanding their little family. Kagome was happy, but she knew that their trials were far from over as Naraku and the shards were still out there and her work was not yet finished.