"Hey Da?" Five year old Jack Sparrow said, peeking into the Study. He was wearing a white shirt, blue vest, brown trousers, red striped sash, and brown boots.

Teague looked up from his papers. "What Jackie?"

"I want to learn piano. Can I? Please?"

"Ask your Mum."

"I did."

"And what did she say?"

"She told me to ask you." Jack said. "I have money for the piano and books, I just need someone to help me."

"Where did you get this money?" Teague asked, giving Jack a serious look as he checked the pouch on his belt. 'Still there.'

"Rum locker." Jack said.

"Were you charging people again?"

"No! I promise I didn't do that!"

"Then how-"

"Mum paid me to clean it and, while I was cleaning, I found a lot of coins!" Jack said, very proud of himself. "Then Mum had me go to the Bakery for bread and while I was on my way back, I heard somebody playing a piano! I then found out there's a music store near the Bakery!"

'There's a music store near the bakery? Why was I not told of this?' Teague thought as Jack took a sheet of paper out of his pocket. "Jackie, what's that?"

"The store owner put the prices on this paper for me to bring home!"

Teague looked at the paper, not believing Jack had this much money. "Let me count your money to make sure you have enough."

Jack nodded. "I'll be right back!" He said, before running out.

Teague smirked, pushing his papers aside. 'This should be interesting.' Then he heard a scrapping sound.

"I'm back!" Jack said, pulling a medium sized chest in. "I've been saving!"

'Bloody Hell.' Teague thought. "I can see."

Half an hour later...

"Jackie, you don't have enough." Teague said, standing up from where he had been sitting on the floor. "You need a few more shillings."

"Oh. Ok." Jack said, turning away from Teague to hide his suddenly watery eyes. "I'll just keep saving."

'Damn it.' Teague thought, already knowing that Jack was about to cry. He then quietly poured the contents of his pouch into his hand. "Oh, look!" Teague kneeled down, pretending to pick the coins up. "Looks like I missed a few."

Jack looked up. "Is it enough?"

Teague smirked. "Exactly." He said, as Jack's face lit up. "Go tell your Mum that I'm going to teach you piano."

Jack nodded, before hugging Teague. "Thank you Da!" He said, before running out.

Teague laughed, watching as Jack ran out. "Oi that boy." He said before sighing. "Now I just gotta learn how to play piano..."

I wrote this for Father's Day...but the laptop was locked in my sister's room...

I actually wrote this a while ago...but it didn't make sense...so I shortened it...