Chapter 1

"Yoru," I called across the room, "Did you fix the notices, like I told you?" I was already getting tired of the auditions and it's only been two days. After our drummer decided to quit it's pretty much been like hell. Tons tried to nail the spot but none had the talent. Either they haven't been playing long enough or didn't know how to impress us, and it was probably going to be the same way again today which is the last day of Auditions.

"Yea Ikuto," Yoru sighed while putting the drum set back together, "Damn I sure hope we find someone today, this is starting to get annoying." Yea you heard right, I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto, and the leader of the band Gone-a-Stray, Judge for today, and I'm Officially 18 in 20 minutes. So I'm looking for one hell of a birthday present.

"Alright lets get this started…" I said, while waiting for Yoru to take a seat at the table so I could open the doors and so we could finally start and hopefully end this by 2pm. "First Contestant, lets get this started!" A pretty decent looking guy came and sat down on the stool behind the drum set, maybe he'll make my day and we can call it quits after this. "Your name?"

"Erik," This might be a problem…

"Age?" I sighed and turned to Yoru and smiled when I noticed he was listening to his ipod and retuning his base guitar. Looks like its just me this time.

"17 tomorrow."

"How long have you been playing the drums?" Simple question that no one seemed to answer right, we even had it on the flier.

"6 years in March,"

"Alright show us what you got," I called while nudging Yoru, causing one of his earpieces to fall out.

I don't know if it was nerves or what but he completely killed it…not in the good way either. This was going to be one hell of a long day; maybe we shouldn't have wasted our time with this and just got someone else to find them for us. Oh well to late for that.

"We'll get back to you. NEXT!" Yoru called coldheartedly.

15 other contestants and none of them got our interests. It was getting to the point that we had to stop this for a while and I needed to call the rest of the band so they could give their verdict's, I guess Yoru and I are just a little to picky.

So with everyone here and placed in a seat it was time to get the Auditions started again. So hesitantly we got this started. Immediately a pink haired beauty stepped up to the platform, I couldn't help it but notice what she was wearing, black short shorts and a tight blue misfits T-shirt. She took the seat behind the drum set and didn't even make a move for the drum sticks placed near her feet. A Girl, interesting.

"Your Name?" I asked, I was slightly interested to see what she could do.

"Hinamori Amu," She said while pulling out a pair of pink and black drum sticks from her back pocket. They looked seriously Familiar, hadn't I've seen them somewhere before?


"16." She seemed almost as bored as I looked. Well I highly doubt she'd make the band out of talent, but looks could be arranged, but now that I think about it she did look Familiar.

"So how long have you been playing?"

"10 years." Wow, that's impressive, almost as long as I've been playing the guitar, so lets stop wasting time and see what she can do.

"One last question, are you going to play a piece from a song or make it up as you go?"

"Make it up as I go." She didn't seem all that confident to me, but she didn't seem like she wasn't confident in herself either, just more like she was testing herself.

"Alright, impress us." I can admit she did more then that. She started out with the bass peddle and slowly added a symbol, not all that impressive, just a baby beat. Before I knew it she got into it, combining what sounded like the drum part from So Long Utah, and something from the Misfits, but before I could place my finger on it she added in another bit, one I couldn't tell. Looking at Yoru, I noticed that even he had put his Ipod away and was listening with a look of awe on his face.

No point in lying this girl had talent; she was even a pretty good performer, by twirling her drumsticks before striking either the Snare or the Symbols. What felt like a short time she was done, grabbing the symbol she had just hit to stop it from ringing. Looking at the three other people in the band I got nothing but nods and pleading looks.

"Looks like we found our drummer!" I declared while closing off the Auditions, "Welcome to the band Gone-a-Stray!" The first and only girl member of our band, and for that reason the other members whistled and clapped like they've never seen a female in their life.

"Awesome!" Amu smiled while pulling out her cell phone, "Guess I should tell them tonight will be my last concert with them." She commented while dialing and moving slightly away from the rest of us.

"Last concert with who?" Yoru mouthed to me, and all I could do was shrug. We all got quiet while we listened.

"Let me speak to the Vocalist of PUNKaLICIOUS" Amu asked into the phone, "Yea it's the Drummer, Amu." Shit! PUNKaLICIOUS was a pretty famous band in Japan, not to mention it got even bigger after they made their debut in America. That all girls band wasn't someone you'd want to have as competition. Everyone, including me was surprised that such a…renowned person would want to leave such a good band.

"Whoa that's why I recognized you!" I blurted after she hung up the phone, and she gave me a smile, "But why do you want to leave such a…famous band?"

"Because, I wasn't expecting it to get as big as it did, It started out as a band meant for relaxing sides they're not the people I originally started it with, so I want to start over." Amu admitted. "So you guys want to come to our last concert?" Funny she should ask….

The reason I said funny she should ask, well for one was because we were supposed to be their closing band, we got the part for one because my sisters the Vocalist, and two because we've started to become pretty well known ourselves. And now that Amu was going to be our drummer we would get even more well known, not saying we're using her cause she's got enough talent to shut up anyone up.

Since we got to play as the closing band we got instant backstage access, so right after we dropped off our instruments we watched PUNKaLICIOUS set up the stage with their neon colored instruments. I Noticed Amu readjusting her bright pink symbols. Noticing me watching she waved before getting back to work. I got a pretty good up close look of her face.

She had on bright pink eyeliner that made her yellow eyes shine and instead of her usual shoulder length pink hair, she had on a wig with long pink hair fashioned in loose pigtails. Around her arm was a long pink arm warmer with skulls "scribbled" all over it and last but not least around her neck was a choker with a dangling skull pendant. She didn't look half bad. The rest of the band was dressed up sort of like that except with different colors. Neon blue, green, orange, and silver lit up the stage, in a blinding but attention grabbing rainbow.

"Hai Everyone!" My sister, Utau, called into the microphone to get everyone's attention, and to get the concert started. "Welcome to the PUNKaLICIOUS' Concert! Sadly this is the last one our drummer A.M.U will be playing with us." As Utau said this a bright pink light flashed on Amu who was seated and ready to go at her drum set. There were cries of "Don't leave!" and "Why Amu!" from all around the stage. "Lets get this Concert STARTED!"

I listened along with everybody else as they preformed their first 3 songs ever sung off their first album .::Color Pallet::. 1. Angels Never fly, 2. Nuclear Rainbow, and 3. Colors Fade. All in which Amu got her own drum solo. After they had finished performing everything, Amu took the Mic.

"I've had fun with PUNKaLICIOUS but I'm moving down to a new band called Gone-a-Stray, who will be playing their version of Angels Never Fly!" Amu said while introducing us.

Cheers went and claps were heard after we finished, and again Amu introduced us as her new band and to be looking out for us.

Things are going to be crazy from here on out.