Chapter 20

"So tell me, what are your future plans? After this next performance at the International Sound of Music you guys will be internationally known!" the women conducting the interview asked each of us in turn, smiling a little to brightly at the camera pointed our way.

"Well to be honest, I can't really think of anything that would change, I would still happily play with this band, and be able to mess around like a normal boy." Andrew commented while running his hands through his hair, "I haven't really thought of much else I would do besides, be happy and have fun." I couldn't help but smile and laugh quietly with the band at that comment; we couldn't imagine Andrew doing anything other than having fun and being happy. It's crazy...The events leading up to this interview, not to mention receiving an invitation from the International Sound of Music festival held up in DC.

"Well my views aren't that different from Andrews," Erik replied while smiling at the interviewer, "The only thing I wouldn't want to lose during the next few months and after the International Sound of Music collaboration, is how close I am with the friends on this band with me, to be honest they in a way are my future, they're my family."

"Well me on the other hand," Yoru started while stretching and leaning forward, "I plan to continue with my career in music, but I'd also like to start looking into a certain college and get started on my other dream." Lately Yoru's become serious about the girl he started dating, Miki. They of course meet through Amu a long time ago and kind of got to know one another better and next thing we all knew, they we're dating. It's amazing to see how much time has passed since we've just been a band that had fun in my basement.

"For me I can't honestly tell what I'm going to do in the future. For me the future is such a broad word and I change my mind a lot and I experiment with what I feel I want to do and what I don't, so for now I'll honestly say that I consider this band, and my current place, as my future. This is as close to set in stone as I can get with my answer," Amu replied with a smile, though she herself looked like she said everything she felt she had to.

"I can't see myself doing anything else but writing music and playing my guitar, and the company of friends is always something that I consider my future." I answered lastly, shifting and taking a quick glance at my watch. ten minutes to go and then we could get on with studying for our finals for the last couple of days of school.

"What an insight into the minds of this young band that's quickly gained popularity, and with only a few minutes remaining, I want to ask another question that's been on everyone's mind since we found out that Ikuto, you and Amu have started a relationship. What's in store for the two of you?" The question seemed to take Amu off guard for a moment before she blushed lightly and got a bigger smile from the interviewer.

"To be honest I don't know what's in store for the two of us, but I can tell you this whole experience has made us a little stronger and its going well, especially with such good friends as the ones we have." Amu managed to stumble out with confidence though her face was slowly starting to grow a darker shade of pink for every second the camera was still trained on her.

"Well that's all we seem to have time for, thanks for the opportunity to get to talk to you guys from the band Gone-a-Stray, it was a very thrilling to be able to get to see what each of you are thinking and feeling about you next big event." And with that the Camera's red light went dull and we all took a deep breath and got off the old coach, I was pretty sure I had a spring sticking out of my butt.

"You'd think that they'd try to keep that place a little…warmer," Amu muttered while hiding her face from the smile all the workers from that station were flashing her, "That was embarrassing, why ask a question like that…" I couldn't help myself, I burst into laughter and doubled over, she was so cute.

"You know," Yoru started while trying to stop himself from joining in my psychotic fit of laughter, "it feels like only yesterday this band was searching for a new drummer, and it also feels like only yesterday we were goofing off in your basement. And now we're going to perform at such an exclusive event as the one we were invited too."

"Yea I know what you mean," Andrew stated while blowing out a long breath and shaking his head, "We've come a long way from scandalous reporters named Lulu, excellent and very deviant plans done by our very own Amu, and the occasional stage fright and staying up late catching up on school work while planning for our next concerts."

"Don't forget about the start of new relationships," Erik added while winking and Yoru, Amu and I, "And to think we view one another as a family."

"One hell of a dysfunctional one if I do say so myself," I joked while righting myself after catching my breath, "It's been great up until this point and you know, it's just going to get better so why don't we all stop talking about it like it's the end." I finished while hugging Amu close to me so to prove I was only teasing her earlier. "Sides we all have finals to study for don't we?" that got a groan from everyone except Amu who sighed lightly and hugged me back.

"You all should come over to my house, my parents won't mind if we have a study party. Besides we also have to compose that new song we're going to be singing for that event in a few weeks. What was the minimum number of songs they said we could sing?" Amu asked out loud, and we all assumed most of those questions were rhetorical since we couldn't answer half of them. As everyone started to grumble their answers about heading to Amu's house, I dug my keys out of my pocket and held the door open for everyone while I unlocked my car.

"Alright I'm dropping everyone off at their houses so get your books and find another way to get your butts to Amu's house." I said while climbing into the front seat of my porch.

"That's wrong."

"Nah, you guys are resourceful."

~~~ "Alright I reread the letter we were sent and figured how many songs minimum we can sing at the event, and apparently, its four." Amu said while pushing her math book out of the way and stretch out on the floor next to me, tapping the letter to put emphasis on what she was saying, "three of them have to songs we've already preformed and the fourth is a song that was designed especially for this occasion." She continued while looking at each of us close our books and start to think.

"So pretty much we're singing a song for each day that we're there?" Erik asked out loud and nodded thoughtfully.

"Well that makes sense I suppose," Yoru muttered while nudging Amu with his elbow to hand him the binder we kept all our songs in, "Now it's just the hard part of choosing and creating."

"Actually," Andrew cut in while flipping through the binder and pointing stopping at one of our older songs, "Wouldn't it at least make sense to sing the song Grand Scheme of Things, since it shows that all this work was to get into this huge event?" That made sense, I nodded and took the binder from Yoru and continued flipping through.

"One at a Time," Amu said while stopping me from flipping the page, "I like that song and it also kind of proves how we took duties before becoming…known, one at a time."

"So the last one should be Games I Don't Play," I finished off while look around making sure that everyone agreed, "So that just leaves us with the tough part of all this, the creation of our fourth and final song."

"Well of course that won't be easy, but at least we have a few weeks before we've got to have it done and submitted to Rhythm so he can run it through with the coordinators of the event." Erik said, making us all relax a bit. He had a point, which means we could think about this carefully and also catch what this event was all about.

"Amuuu!" Amu's mother called from upstairs, "You guys sure have been busy lately while don't you take a break and relax, watch a movie or something." That wasn't a bad idea, but I had an idea where this would lead.

"Alright thanks mom!" Amu called back while hopping off the floor and dancing her way to the movie cabinet and pulling out a serious of three DvDs, "Now if you boys don't mind, we seriously have to watch Hannibal Lecter!" she replied while winking at me.

"Right 'cause a little blood, gore and suspense will calm us all down," Andrew commented sarcastically.

"Well I do remember Yoru saying he wished he could see the look on Ikuto's face when he watches horror movies so, I'm granting your wish" She continued, while putting the first DvD in and returning to sit herself in my lap and thread her fingers through mine.

"You're lucky I like you," I muttered to her into her ear, "Or else I would have to get you back for what you said to Yoru, I don't get scared of horror movies." That got a good laugh out of her.

"Whatever you say tough guy," She commented while letting go of one of my hands to hit the "PLAY" button on her remote, "Don't be mad at me when they all realize that I was right when I told them that you don't do well with horror movies." I grumbled something unintelligent and pinched her nose making her squeak.

"Payback enough."

"Hey don't bully her just cause she's granting my wish," Yoru joked at me and went to turn down the lights.

"Yea whatever," I commented while sighing and resting my chin on Amu's shoulder, it would have been so much better if we weren't watching horror…not that I have anything against horror.

"The look on his face now is pretty funny also," I heard Erik mutter to Andrew and laugh, oh they're laughing now just wait till they find something horrible happened to their instruments.

"Now shush and pay attention, you actually have to watch to get whats going on through the series." Amu said rather sternly and leaned back against me when everything got quiet.

Completely tuning out the movie and was thinking of all the different melodies I've had stuck in my head and yet have never used and I was surprised to find that there were a lot to go through, a lot that sounded really good.

"Woah I didn't know you could do that to someone!" Andrew managed to gag out while staring at the screen intently, Erik on the hand was looking at the screen with a look of complete fascination. Well it was clear who I had to watch out for in the future.

"Ooh you should see what he does to this one lady," Amu added grimly while continuing to stare at the screen with such admiration that I could help but look at it too.

"Who would have thought a cannibal could be so…." Yoru muttered while trying to find the right word.

"Civilized?" I finished for him watching the T.v almost as intently as Amu.

"That's just gross….we should have just stuck with our song creating..!"