**********************Dedication ***********************

As of 9:00 pm CST, February 17, 2010, I have lost my beloved pet rabbit, Oreo Damita. So this is dedicated to her. I'll miss you my little bunny queen.


He lounged on his throne. His subjects were still celebrating with HER. The castle was empty. The girl had won her brother back. But he had still won. That fool had given her his present. Now he had her. She would not be able to forget him or tonight. Her little friend had made sure of that.

Sarah would now always be tied to him. Even if she did not know it. She was his. No matter what was to come, she belonged to the Goblin King.

I know it is short. I know. But this is new storyline. So please tell me what you think about it so far. I should warn that I do plan to make this an M rated story. I of course will give you all warning.

I don't own anything that belongs to Henson. I also don't own the myth that gave me the idea that belongs to the Greeks, but it's common knowledge.

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