This is my response to day 6 of Siriusly Smart's iPod challenge. It's a post DH drabble.


"My dark twin,

The annihilating feminine,

Does not need


-Tori Amos, 'Smokey Joe"

Narcissa had always been the darling of her family. From an early age she had been aware of her beauty, and learned quickly that she could melt hearts with an adoring smile, flutter her eyelashes to avoid a scolding, and that due to her angelic countenance, the adults in her life never expected her to misbehave. Bellatrix was every bit as pretty, with her unruly dark curls and secretive dark eyes, she could not use her looks to avert the blame. Unlike Narcissa, her older sister was not satisfied by quieter pursuits.

"Come on, Cissy! I'm old enough to do magic if anything goes wrong." At thirteen, Narcissa was extremely wary of Knockturn Alley. She raised her eyebrows, unconvinced. Sensing her reluctance, Bellatrix continued hastily, "Not that anything could possibly go wrong."

Rolling her eyes, Narcissa had followed her sister out of the door, not looking back to see if their escape had been observed.

There had been many disastrous trips out to equally dangerous locations, and in the end Bellatrix had always saved her, which was why Narcissa always allowed herself to feel a hint of the fevered excitement that burned in her sister. Freedom and adventure were qualities Bellatrix had always embodied to her, and even now she was grown and married with a child of her own, Narcissa knew that a part of her would always worship her brave big sister.

"He's going to change the world! The natural way of things will be restored." Bellatrix reached out her arms, a look of rapture softening her sharp features. "Come on, Cissy! Join him. Join the Dark Lord."

But Narcissa couldn't join in her sister's devotion; no woman would ever love Lord Voldemort as Bellatrix had; nor would Narcissa want to, as she loved her husband unreservedly. She hadn't followed Bellatrix into the inner circle of the Death Eaters, although she had always supported their cause, and she had not thrown herself into achieving their missions with Bellatrix's wild vigour. During the final battle her sister had fought like a demon until the end.

A tear rolled down Narcissa's cheek.

Few were here to mourn a convicted criminal, a mass murderer, a psychopath. She couldn't reconcile those words with Bellatrix, her closest friend and constant protector from when they had been small girls, clasping their chubby hands as they dared to break the rules.

Narcissa mourned the loss of a sister, who had always leapt before looking and brought excitement into her life.

Never before had she seen Bellatrix so absolutely still. A trace of the fanatical smile Narcissa had come to know better than her own lingered at the corner of her mouth.

Even in death, Bellatrix could be tamed by nothing. Exactly as it should be. Narcissa closed her eyes, taking comfort in the knowledge that her sister had taken her devotion to the final extreme. Nothing would have pleased Bellatrix more.


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