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Three months later

Funny thing trust Gillian thought as she lay in bed staring at the ceiling. She had been awake for a little while as the early morning sun seeped through the curtains. She couldn't help but smile. After her divorce and everything that had gone on with Alec she had thought she could never trust any man again. Then things had changed. She smiled and curled on her side, thinking she really should ring Christine in London. She wanted to let her know how things were going. She smiled as a warm hand wrapped around her waist.

"Mornin luv" Cal whispered as he kissed behind her ear. Gillian smiled. Yep trust really was a funny thing. Three months ago she didn't trust herself to be around Cal. She had flown half way across the globe to get away from him, now she couldn't imagine not being with him.

"Hi" She whispered as he held her to him.

"Go back to sleep" He slurred, half asleep himself.

"Yeah, it's still early. I'll get up soon though. We have a new client and I want to be at the office early" Cal tightened his hold on her.

"Ah Gill. Stay here" He was in no hurry to let her go. Gillian smiled to herself. She couldn't believe she had been prepared to give everything up, that she had nearly missed out on all this. She turned in his arms to face him.



"Wake up"


"Cal" Gillian laughed

"Dun wan to." He pulled her tighter to him as she rested her head on his chest. The more she thought about it the less she wanted to move. The client was the FBI again, wanting them to assess a suspect she imagined. Smiling she was very tempted to let Eli and Ria take the client. Cal kissed her, effectively cutting off any line of thought she currently had.

"Stop thinking Foster" Cal whispered as he pulled back.

"When is Emily home?" Gillian hadn't been at all surprised when Emily had more or less moved in permanently with her father. Zoe worked away so much it just made life easier all round. Cal sighed; Emily had been staying with Zoe for the weekend.

"Ah, straight after school. So you don't have to get up on her account" Cal really didn't want to get out of bed. Gillian laughed as he closed his eyes again. Trust she thought, strange how it affects everything. She had trusted Cal since the day they had met, and then those men had tried to destroy them. Threatening Emily and Zoe and using them to make her keep secrets from her best friend. She had always thought you could never love someone unless you trusted them, it had to go together. Then she had loved Alec but never trusted them. She had trusted Cal but didn't think she could love him, that she could allow herself to. She did now and she was right. Trust was a funny thing, when you loved the person you trusted things were so much better.

Cal raised his head off the pillow to see her staring in to space.

"Gill, what have I told you about thinking?" He raised an eyebrow as Gillian smiled.

"Um? I forget" She bit her bottom lip as Cal tried and failed to look serious. It was obvious he was more awake now than he had been earlier.

"Well let me remind you" Cal smiled as he leant in to kiss her. Suddenly Gillian wasn't so keen to get out of bed.


Eli walked in to the office, for once he was on time. He was keen to try to make a good impression with Ria. She was already at the Cube, setting up for the day when he found her.

"I brought you coffee" Eli held out the cup as she smiled.

"Thanks Eli" She took the cardboard cup as she studied his face, he smiled shyly. He knew when he was being 'read' by her. It didn't usually bother him but now he didn't know if he was ready for her to know what he was feeling and thinking.

"Why are you suddenly so considerate?" Ria sat at the table in the cube. Eli shrugged.

"Maybe I always have been Torres. Maybe it's just now you noticed" He smiled as he walked away. Ria shrugged, maybe he was right. There was no time to pursue that particular thought as Lightman and Foster arrived. Foster was straight in to work mode, discussing the new case and making sure they had all the information they could need. Lightman stood in the doorway watching the two women talking. Eli approached him from the main corridor.

"Anyone would think you don't trust them" Eli looked over Cal's shoulder to where the two women were continuing to set up the room and ignoring them.

"Funny thing trust" Cal smiled. "You'll learn that one day, when you've grown up a bit" He turned tapped the younger man on the shoulder before walking off to meet Ben and the FBI agent he was bringing with him. Eli stood in the doorway and shook his head. The wave of dark curls covering his eyes as Ria looked up and smiled.

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