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-Nagihiko's POV, Five Minutes Later-

I finally escaped from Kirishima's clammy grasp. Really, my red polo is all wrinkled and damp on the sleeve. Now I've got to iron it.

If you're curious as to how this disaster occurred, it was all because Fuyuki to act manly and help Rima with the orange juice.

Really. Of all girls to assist, he chose the most independent, self-confident one that would very literally bite you if you offered to carry anything of hers.

See? I knew what I was talking about. He is going to destroy their relationship before it takes off.

But anyways, he was such a mess, he couldn't even tell me why his knees buckled the second Rima left for the restrooms. I couldn't get him to talk; it was as if he was having a breakdown.

Right now, I'm in the hair gel aisle, plucking off every single container and putting them into my basket.

What? I had to take my anger out on Kirishima somehow.

It helped to fantasize about his reaction when he realized he wouldn't be able to get his special brand of gel, fifteen percent off. What will his hair look like, without it's spiky, slicked-back shape? Perhaps . . . normal?

I was just chuckling sadistically when Rima ran into my aisle, and to my side.

"Wh-" I couldn't even get a word out before she stuffed a tube of toothpaste in my mouth.

"SHH." She made a silencing gesture, and I couldn't help but think she looked even more like an elementary school student. "He's two aisles down, looking for me."

"Who?" I didn't even have to ask, did I?

"The idiot that spilled-," she paused. "What are you doing?" She looked into my basket, then at my hair.

Please. Girlfriend, my hair is natural.

"Do you mind putting this in the ice compartment later? It'll look suspicious if I do it." I said, holding out the basket.

"Sure, anything to avoid the registers."

"Not to be nosy, but why are you acting like a super-spy and somersaulting down the girls' clothing department?" She lightly blushed at that.

Yes, deary. Someone saw you.

"I was running from Kirishima, I guess I got a little into the act . . . "

"No, I mean, why are you running from him? Aren't you two going on a date?" I turned back, pretending to examine a shampoo bottle so she couldn't see the jealously in my eyes.

"How'd you know about that?" As if the entire city didn't hear Kirishima's and her shout-off.

"I think everyone knows about it now, Rima. And besides, who do you think he came to for advice the moment you accepted?" Oops, sorry Kirishima. Looks like I blew our little secret.

"He comes to you for- Oh, never mind. I'm running from him, because I haven't gone ten minutes without speaking to him for the past hour." I knew his was horrible when it came to talking to girls, but I never knew he was this bad? "He even followed me into the ladies' room! Can you believe that? I was fixing my hair when I saw him behind me, through the mirror! Can you imagine the heart attack I had? Then he just stood there and stared at me until I shoved him out!"

Even I was surprised at that. And I was the one who's been around Kirishima and his . . . charming antics for the last year.

"Oh shit! There he is right now!"

"What! Where?" I leaned back and looked to where Rima was pointing.

But, by the time I turned back to face her, she had already disappeared behind the shelves. I saw a glimpse of the basket before she booked it towards the front of the store.

Looking at the other end of the aisle, I saw a shadow growing larger and larger. It looked like someone was wearing a 'Sonic the Hedgehog' costume, or something, but then Kirishima turned the corner.

It was that damned hair.

"Have you seen Rima?" He hoarsely whispered at me.

He was such a mess. His forehead was lined with sweat, his hair was out of place, and to top it all off, he had clearly visible pit-stains.

Maneuvering to hide the hair-gel situation, I said, "Yes, I think I saw her head towards the dairy section."

The dairy was stored in the back of the store, opposite where Rima was heading.

Smiling, he did his little jig again, and followed my false directions.

-Rima's POV, 7:00 P.M. -

I was still at my cash register, a few hours after a very interesting break.

I was giving off an extremely furious aura, which might be why none of the customers were approaching me. They were just shoving themselves in already full lanes, even when I had my little light on, to show that I was available.

No, not available. I'm not accepting dates from these Target employees anytime soon. Only bad things come from them. I'm just going to get this little situation with Kirishima over, and avoid him until I leave for college.

Being in a very sadistic mood, I was watching the even newer employee getting hit by the demon cash register in Lane 13.

It turns out Kirishima could, in fact, find me, even hiding in the little nail salon connected to the actual Target chain.

Only this time, he was sweaty. He only stopped following me when I asked him to buy me a smoothie from across the street. The nail lady joined me in laughter at the fact that there was no smoothie-place across the street.

A few minutes later, I finally accepted that I wasn't going to get any customers. Flicking off my light, I turned around, only to stifle another scream.

Nagihiko stood a few yards away, his hand raised, as if he were about to tap my shoulder.

"Uh, hey." He lamely ran his hand through his hair, making the atmosphere even more awkward.

"What are you doing here?"

"Rima!" He said my name as if it were the punch line of a joke. "Must I have a reason for visiting you?"

"Is that you telling me that this is a waste of my time?"

He opened his mouth, and I assume it was to defend his self, but before he could, we heard an agonizing scream.


Nagihiko and I were laughing so hard, I couldn't hear the last of his threat towards who I assumed was a customer.

"Okay, well, I'll leave you to your job, now." He wiped a tear from his eye.

Scuttling away, I noticed him shoving all the review cards into his pocket.

Already knowing what he was doing, I spoke up. "Nagihiko, what're you doing with those cards?"

He turned around, robotically. "What are you talking about, Rima?"

I glared at him, and his fake smile fell.

Yes, even he had to admit defeat after that. Handing me the review cards, he walked away, muttering something about how I really hadn't changed since middle school.

Now, all I have to do is avoid both Nagihiko and Kirishima until later tonight.

Ikuto had offered overtime to a few cashiers to stay a few extra hours, so I jumped at the opportunity. After all, I didn't have a ton to go home to.

. . . Yet, I'm pretty sure there's a law about how long teenagers can work each week, but I can't see Ikuto being one to care about that.

-Nagihiko's POV, 9:53 P.M. –


My name rung through the dark, cellar-like storage room, and I felt a shiver run up my spine. This room reminded me far too much of a horror movie's set. Turning my back to the boxes of canned vegetables, I found Kirishima standing at the door.

Panting, he tried to slam the door shut. Sadly, it just swung open again, then closed, and so on. I was more intrigued by the door than Kirishima, to be honest.

He stiffly walked down the aisle to me, his nose up and shoulders back. Smirking a little, I recalled that that was how I had taught him to approach Rima.

"Yes, Fuyuki?" His expression changed a bit when he noticed I was more amused than intimidated.

"I've come to talk to you about my Rima." He nodded a little at the end of his statement.

"You know, I don't know how she would react if she heard you being so possessive of her."

"Ohhhh?" He dragged out the end of his 'oh', as if it made a difference in what he said. "Are you sure you aren't just jealous? Because I've been watching you, Fujisaki." I mentally shuddered, reminding myself the pull the blinds in every window in my house tonight. "And I've come to realize that you are every bit as infatuated with my Rima as I am."

A little pissed that he dared put us on the same level, I leaned against the stacks of boxes, crossing my arms. "Can you get on with what you came here to tell me? I've got to get going," I checked my watch, "it's only five minutes until closing time."

Subconsciously copying me, he also folded his arms.

"I want you to stay away from my beloved. I saw you talking to her, today, and that isn't all right with me. I'm taking her to the party."

"What makes you think you can stop me from- wait, did you just say beloved?"

Nodding again, he continued as if I didn't just scoff. "If everything goes as planned, we'll be married at the age of 25, and will have seven kids by the age of 34."

I went along with it, to humor him. "Seven?"

He nodded for the second time. "The magical number, according to Dumbledore."

Does he get all his reasoning from these books? It would explain a lot.

"Right. Well, I'm sorry that I have to break your idea of a perfect future here, but you can't stop me from talking to Rima. Or as you make it sound, making advances on Rima. Because no matter what you may say, she's her own person, and-"

Right as I was about to perform my Women's Rights speech, he interrupted me.

"Sure, sure, but that was the wrong answer. It doesn't matter anymore, because it's officially ten o'clock."

Raising an eyebrow, I pushed myself off the wall, and faced him.

"That means that all the other employees have gone home, and more importantly, it means that . . ." He paused for dramatic effect. I could tell, because he began grinning evilly. "The sliding doors are now locked, and will be until tomorrow morning. I took the liberty of locking every other exit of this building, too. This is your punishment."

"Wait, let me get this straight. For talking to Rima, you're punishing me by locking me in, here? . . . I'm somewhat impressed, Fuyuki."

He nodded, excited. "Isn't it a great plan? I even had all the small-talk figured out beforehand, so you wouldn't be able to just leave!"

A little relieved, I said, "So all that about your and Rima's future was all a gimmick?"

"Of course. I want twelve kids!" He began running out the back door conveniently placed in the storage room. "Oh, and don't bother with this door, I'm locking it, too."

I stayed in place, laughing at him in my head. I knew exactly where the keys to this place were. Ikuto had told me, ahead of time, in case something happened.

Apparently, I'm the most responsible one here.

"Have a good night, Fujisaki!"

I let a chuckle escape. "You, too!" I began walking into the actual store, until I heard his voice, one last time.

"Did I not mention? I'm cutting the electricity in the main room of the store, so you can't find the keys that I also hid. Bye!"

". . . Do us all a favor and get run over on your way home, okay, Fuyuki?"

But he had already left.

The store was already pitch black.

Which made the blood-curling scream coming from the ladies' room even more intense.

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