They say when you die that your life flashes before your eyes. They say when something goes wrong it happens in threes. They also say if you walk under a ladder you are cursed with bad luck. If you mix pop rocks and coca cola, your stomach will explode.

What about what they say about true love?

When you find that one person you want to be with for the rest of your life and by some weird cosmic chance they want you back. You vision your future together, weddings, babies and growing old hand in hand on the front porch while your soul mate sits next to you with grey hair and aged skin.

They say that once you find true love you should hold on tight and never let go. Life is a wild ride for someone in love. It's wonderful, romantic, blissful, the bees' knees if you will. They say true love lasts forever and that it can leap over the tallest boundaries.

If only that were true.

They don't say anything about what happens to true love when something that wasn't precisely part of the plans goes wrong.

My true love left me stranded before I could even blink an eye.

He didn't understand what was wrong with me. Didn't even give me a chance to explain why I had distanced myself from him.

Instead he lashed out.

He told me all of the things I was doing wrong in life.

Told me the exact thing I knew all along. For in our wonderful world of just him and I, I knew that he could do so much better than me.

I wasn't rich, I was never popular in school, and I didn't have big boobs or an overly pretty smile that makes a person go weak in the knees. I was plain. I was boring.

And he told me so.

Even though our entire time together I kept myself waiting for the moment he realized that I wasn't significant, it didn't help the fact that the second he said 'Goodbye Bella.' my heart ripped in half and he took the bigger half.

Leaving me with a small part that kept the blood flowing in my body, kept my brain functioning.

He left me with nothing but my secret and my small insignificant life.

Tears streamed down my face as I stood in the drive way of my father's house. I hadn't been home in two years. And now I was here to beg him to help me, to heal me.

The rain pelted my face but my body refused to move towards the shelter of the porch.

My hand rested on my stomach.

"It's alright little one. Mommy's here."