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Today was a big day for Big Time Rush! We were having our very first concert at the Staples Center! And there was no way anything could mess this up…I was wrong.

It all started when we were leaving the Palm Woods hotel.

"OMG this is sooo awesome!"

"James nobody says omg anymore!" Logan scolded

"W-W-W-WELL…..I do!"

"Yeah James omg is soo not cool" Carlos retaliated

"GUYS! Can't we just have a simple limo ride and not fight! Also, James can say omg if he wants. I reasoned

"aw Kendall you always take up for James!" Carlos whined

" I do not."

" Do too!"







"DOGS! Would you please just SHUT UP! Kelly I need an asprin….."

She reached in her purse and a look of regret washed upon her face.

" Uh Gustavo….you're out of Asprin….."

"what? !"

We had to cover our ears just so they wouldn't bleed.

We are so dead! The Staples Center is another hour away and there's no way he'd make it!

"Kelly tell the driver we need to stop at the drug store…."


" Okay sir it's that all you'll be needing?"

"Yes sir." You're probably wondering why I'm buying the asprin….



"WHAT! WHY!" we all yelled in unison

" Because you're the ones who gave me this headache!"

I knew none of the guys had money so I knew what was coming


"Fine whatever."


"young man?"

"HUH? Oh thanks"

I was about to walk out when he asked me my name…..

"Hey aren't you one those boys from big time rush? Kendall…right?"

"Yes sir" I didn't trust him….his black hair was combed into some kinda Patrick Demsey hairstyle and he had a built chin, with a rugged look to it(1), and his smile was way to kind, and also he had this weird eye color or grayish yellow. Basically I thought the guy was a freaky scientist freak! (leave it to Kendall and his wide imagination!)

" My niece just loves you…she wanted to go to your concert but she has the flu….you think I could get an autograph picture!"

" ….sure." I still didn't trust him though

A few snaps and a autograph later…

"Thanks so much! My niece will love it!"

" Your welcome!"

I hurried and rushed out of the pharmacy. That guy is seriously crazy!

When I got back in the limo everyone was giving me a 'where-the-hell-have you-been!' look.



Shit! That meant we only have 20 minutes before the concert starts! And it's still about 30 minutes from where we are!

" DRIVER! STEP ON IT!" Gustavo's face was so red with anger, he'd put a cherry to shame.

Back at the pharmacy…..

That same pharmacist was laughing at Kendall's picture with sadistic glee.

" That idiot. He has no idea what he's in for! Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa!"


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(1) Basically he looks like Patrick Demsy with a bit of Ashton Kucher and Edward

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