His Alien Girl


Author's Note


In the Cartoon, episode 60? Go! Starfire pretty much crash landed in Jump City in an escape pod. My reasoning is it could have been an infinite number of places she could have crash landed and with so many multiverses and worlds it was a one and a million. Well here's the second in the one of a million.


Story Start

It had been a long day and now she could finally kick back and relax. In the previous months memebrs of the Tamarenean guard had finally tracked down Starfire. Since she had been apart of Naruto's world the alien princess wanted to show Naruto her world. Soon after the two couple had become diplomatic liasions for their respective homes as resources and technology was exchanged. Suffice to say with Konoha gaining allies with a warrior rage tougher and stronger then the average shinobi any half baked ideas and attempts to start up a war were squashed.

Kori in fact was in the hospital undergoing a check-up. She felt fine, but then again her husband was a bit of a worrywart. She was about 35 weeks along and any day now the baby would be born. She was actually talking with Sakura who was doing her exam. The two got along surprisingly well.

"So how far along are you?"

"Almost 35 weeks."

"Cutting it a little close?" The Pinkette asked, referring to the trip that Kori had just got back from.

"Well we pretty much have everything ready for this little one." She said has she put her hand on her stomach. "We made sure that everything was ready weeks ago.''

"So, do you guys know what you're having?"

"No, but boy and girl we'll love him/her all the same.''

"You didn't see anything even on the ultrasounds?" Sakura asked surprisingly. She knew that both of them could read a simple ultrasound. Because of their different pyschologies the two delve a lot into medical knowledge and making sure they could have children or if they could their child wouldn't be heavily crippled by illness or being born malformed.

"No the baby as always been in a bad position for all of them." She laughed a little. ''I think this litle one inherited his/her father's mentality and is just waiting to surprise us.''

A smiled formed on Sakura's face. ''Yeah, wouldn't surprise me that a child of that knucklehead has that kind of mentality.''

''Naruto wants to raise our child to be the next Kage. I feel sorry for the teachers that have to...'' Kori suddenly winced in pain and started breathing through the pain that was going through her abdomen.


"I'm…having…a contraction."

"Ok just breathe." Then she thought about something. "Star has your back been hurting? I mean more then usual"

"Yeah it has. I thought it was the usual pain.''

"You're going into labor.'' Sakura pressed the button to the intercom. ''I have an emergency in room 221! We have a patient going into labor.''


Sakura turned back towards Starfire. '' think that my water just broke." Sakura turn back around, " I need a hand full of OB exam gloves stat and someone contact Naruto."

Speaking of which Naruto was at a clothing store browsing for even more clothes for the baby. He was so absorbed in his task he didn't notice Kiba and Lee sneak up on him til they yanked him off his feet.

''What the hell are you two doing?'' The blond cried out in annoyance as he dropped the clothes and struggled against their grip.

''No time to explain! You don't want to miss the birth of your child do...'' Kiba didn't even get to finish as he and Lee suddenly found themselves trying to grab unto something as he was suddenly yanked forward. ''Aah...bastard!'' Kiba grumbled as he pushed himself up off the ground.

Sakura checked Kori, "You're only about 4 cm. We have time." She informed the auburn haired woman who was visibly scared. Sakura knew how important it was to both Kori and Naruto that they were there amongst friends and families for when the child was born.

"Oh crap," breathing through the pain of another contraction which soon subsided. Though after another minute or two she began feeling something which she voiced quite audibly.

''I'm here Kori! I'm here!" Naruto burst into the door and went by her side. He grabbed her hand. ''Come on Kori, breathe in and out. In and out. Just like you and I learned."

"Shut up! I know!" she said getting angry. "Ahhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her contraction got worse.

She squeezed Naruto's hand making him wince in pain. As the contraction lightened up she let go of his hand.

"Ahh! My back is killing me."

Naruto attempted to massage her back to soothe it only for her to hit him...hard.

"Don't touch me!" she hissed as Naruto recoiled.

''K-Kori.'' He said as a slight crunching sound echoed throughout the room. ''It's okay.'' He said as the pain subsided briefly. ''You're doing good.'' He said as damp cloth and a spoonful of ice chips were placed on a tray near him. He wiped her forehead with a damp cloth and gave her a spoonful of ice chips. ''I hear each time afterwords it's not as painful.''

''Bullshit.'' She hissed, swearing like she did when in extremely stressed or in rare situations. ''Next time we're adopting.'' She said as Naruto stroked her arm.

''Whatever you say Kor...'' He said as she started puffing out breaths again. Naruto glanced at the fetal monitor. The needle slowly recorded a gentle sloop up the leveled then slid back to the starting level in the shape of an upside down mixing bowl. After a few more moments it was finally time for Kori to push.

Naruto kissed her sweaty forehead, pushing some hair back.

"I can't do this Naruto." she whispered.

There were actual tears in her eyes. Naruto clenched her hand tightly.

"Yes, you can and you're doing amazing Kori. You can do this just a little more. I know you're tired but you have to hang on. Just think of the precious little gift you're bringing into the world. Just think about holding him and her in your arms.''

Kori nodded weakly and turned her face into Naruto's chest.

"One more big one, Kori and this is all over." Sakura assured her.

''Yeah let's hope we don't have twins or triplets hiding in there.'' Naruto muttered.

''If that's the case then I really would have to kill you.'' Kori muttered as she drew in all her breath and pushed with all her might.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." she cried out as her child left her body.

"It's a boy!" Sakura shouted, holding their crying baby in the air.

Naruto and Kori smiled, tears rolling down their eyes at the first sight of their son.

"I love you so much." He whispered leaning over and kissing her forehead.

"I love you too." Sakura whispered, turning her head to capture his lips with hers.

"I hate to break this up but Dad, you go ahead and cut the cord. Mom, we need to finish up here."

While Sakura delivered the after birth Naruto met their son. Sakura handed him the baby.

"Hey there baby boy. I'm your daddy. Let's go see your mommy."

Sakura was finished with Kori just as Naruto walked up, holding the baby. Kori smiled at the sight of her husband and son. Naruto handed the baby to his wife.

''He has your looks.'' He said referring to the child's orange skin tone and winch when he latched onto Kori.

''And he is just as impatient as his father apparently.''

Naruto sat by Kori watching his son. ''This is...I can't...wow.'' He wasn't sure what to say.

''What should we name him?''

''A combination of our names? Nah that's overdone. What is Tempest in Tamaranean?''


''Hhm okay, on second thought let's call him Arashi Lavorn Uzumaki? That okay with you?'' He said placing an arm around her and resting her cheek on forehead.

''Perfect...'' Kori said with a smile. Her life, everything was finally complete.