Okay, so this is actually a pretty old story XD;

I wrote it when the Host Club anime was first fan-subbed... and I wanted more Haruhi x Tamaki *_*

It's pretty sappy... I might turn it into a doujin someday... but the whole HaruTama craze will probably be over by then *sigh* lol

Since it was written to be a doujin, it's kinda short... I'm going to put it as 2 chapters anyway XD;

Our Haruhi...

My flower...

I don't know when exactly I knew it, but these feelings... I want to be with her forever.

I know... fathers can't be with their daughters forever. It's the way the world is. No matter how much they may want to keep them, they must eventually be given away to another.

These thoughts are what made me realize; I don't love her as a father... I don't WANT to love her as a father!

Fatherly love won't allow me to stay by her side.

Why this took me until my last year of school to find out; I don't know. Maybe I didn't want to acknowledge my true feelings - dangerous feelings that could disrupt our happy "family".

But now is graduation.

If I can't tell her now, I may never be by her side again - a thought that sends jolts of pain and icy fear through my heart - making it hard to see.

Rejection is a crippling thing.

I could see it.

Kaoru showed me just three months ago. Our Haruhi probably doesn't even realize what she did.

One must be straight-forward with our Haruhi.