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It had been a long day for the Graverobber. It had also been a long week, a long month, a long year, and – in general – a long life. He'd seen more than his fair share of death, destruction and decay – Hell, it was his business – but today had been the worst of it.

After peddling some Z in the back-alleys, he had taken the long route to his home away from home – the large dumpster off of Crucifixus Corner. Just as he was about to climb in and grab some shut-eye, he heard something that made the back of his neck tingle unpleasantly.

"I didn't know I'd love you so much…" A soft, broken voice sang, and Graverobber followed the source of the sound.

He silently darted along the alley towards a dimly-lit street and saw a group of twenty or so junkies crowding around in front of the screens in the TV store. Every TV was glowing bright and Graverobber drifted towards the back of the group as he stared at one of the larger screens.

The group muttered amongst themselves as Graverobber watched an older man and a young girl singing to each other – the tingling sensation on the back of his neck intensified.

"He kept her locked away for seventeen years…"

"…poisoned her…"

"…never knew her mother…"

"He's a Repo man…"

The group quieted as the girl sang her final words, "Daddy, you're the world to me…"

Suddenly, he knew.

He knew who the girl was, and who the man was, and where they were… And the tingles on his neck broke out through his body in absolute fury.

It was the Kid. The pure, innocent kid – who had never harmed anyone and who had been just simply curious – had finally been shown the world in all its ugliness.

It isn't fucking right, that kid did nothing wrong – she doesn't deserve this kind of humiliation…

Because that's what it was – humiliation. Everyone had a front-row seat to her father's death, and her special parting words were not all that special when every junkie, Z-addict and scalpel slut could get their dirty hands on them.

Graverobber watched as the Kid left the opera-house, and he stalked back to his dumpster.

There was something about the Kid that made him fierce, protective…and a little odd. He had never thought about anyone but himself for a long time, and he wasn't about to start now – even if she could make him feel things he'd never felt, it wasn't his problem.

He climbed in, shut the lid and seethed for the rest of the night.

It had been a year now – a whole year the Graverobber had gone on with his life and tried not to think about little Shilo Wallace. It wasn't enough that she nagged him in the back of his mind – she haunted his dreams as well. What was so damn interesting and important about her anyway?

You don't have to be a genius to figure that one out, do you?

"Shut up," he growled back at the voice in his mind.

Graverobber knew exactly why she was interesting and important – she was pure, innocent, the last real thing left on this God-forsaken rock. But she was smart, a quick learner – her dad hadn't been able to take that away from her. There was also something that prickled at the back of his head and in the pit of his stomach when he thought about her – he didn't want to go down that road… She was only, what, sixteen? Yet, he couldn't deny when he had seen her in that tiny, tiny skirt something within him growled predatorily – take her now.

"Not going down that road," Graverobber murmured as a junkie got their fix of the Glow from him.

Graverobber wasn't exactly the most sexually active man on the block, but he had his needs fulfilled by the occasional one-night stand or Z-addict with no money to pay for their Glow. So, when he had felt those feelings stir at the sight of the Kid in her tight, short skirt, knee-high boots and stockings, he wrote it off as him being in need of another release.

Amber hadn't done the trick.

Remembering Shilo's soft, pale, natural skin and then touching Amber's plastic parts had almost made him physically sick.

He had tried an old acquaintance of his – Juno.

Remembering Shilo's large, doe-like, brown eyes and then looking into Juno's surgically altered cat-eyes made him look away and finish up as quick as he could.

He went through so many junkies and Z-addicts that couldn't pay and could give him at least a tiny amount of relief, but nothing worked.

So, it was a year after the Opera, after the Kid disappeared off the face of the earth and after countless conquests, that Graverobber finally admitted to himself that Shilo Wallace had him wrapped around her pale, beautiful finger. There hadn't been much conversation between them when they had met those few times, but she drew him in like an addict to a blue glowing vial.

It was as he was finishing up his peddling on Crucifixus Corner, that he resolved to find the little girl.

When the last of his customers had stumbled and staggered away, he caught a ride from a GeneCo dump-truck to the graveyard where he had first met her.

The gates were locked, but as a seasoned grave robber it didn't deter him. He hopped over the metal spikes by launching himself from a large chunk of rubble, and landed silently – like a cat – on the earthy ground on the other side.

He knew there were GeneCops around, so he stuck to the shadows as he made his way to the wealthier side of the bone yard.

It wasn't long before he found the Wallace vault, and he crept up to the door – it was unlocked, and it opened without a sound. He peered inside the dark room and then suddenly his neck prickled uncomfortably – trouble.

"Hey!" A muffled, deep voice called from the end of the graveyard.

Graverobber heard the heavy footfalls of a GeneCop, and ducked inside the tomb without a second thought – no way was he getting caught. Precious Miss Amber Sweet had raised the penalty of being caught grave robbing from 'shot on sight,' to 'being brought to GeneCo HQ for processing'. Graverobber knew what that processing was – Amber had taken it upon herself to find him ever since he had refused to fuck her any more, and she personally viewed every grave robber caught.

He was brought out of his thoughts when a hand yanked him backwards in the dark – he hit cold, hard stone and heard a loud 'thunk' as something moved in front of him. But before he could panic or yell, he heard the GeneCop enter the tomb, and he realised he must be in a different room – it really was too dark to tell.

"Miss," he heard the guy say in a condescending tone, "Bit late to be out here don't you think?"

Who the fuck was he talking to? Obviously the owner of the mysterious hand…

Then Graverobber heard the sweetest voice to grace his ears, say, "I'm sorry, Officer. I was just visiting my mother."


"Well, have you seen a man around here?" He asked, and Graverobber heard Shilo sigh.

"No, Officer, and I'd love to help you…"

Graverobber silently snickered at the barely-concealed sarcasm in her voice.

Obviously the GeneCop didn't hear it, because he sounded happier when he said, "No trouble, Miss. You better get back home, before your daddy worries about you."

Graverobber snorted quietly – her 'daddy' wasn't worrying about her anymore, and Graverobber wondered if he ever really cared about the Kid.

Suddenly Graverobber heard the GeneCop leave the tomb, the thick, heavy door slamming behind him. Then there was a grating sound and a blue glow shone down on him.

"That was pretty stupid," a voice in front of him commented, the sickly-sweet tone all but forgotten.

Graverobber smirked as a pale face began to swim into view, illuminated by the blue, glowing bug in the jar, "I aim to please."

There was a soft snort of amusement, and then a hand pulled him up off the ground, "Come on – follow the bug."

The face disappeared as the jar moved downwards, and began to steadily move away from him. He followed it quickly, only able to see the jar and the tips of the fingers holding it.

"Why am I following a bug, again?" He asked, trying not to lose his bearings.

"Because you'll never make it if you don't," the voice replied, and he nodded his head in acceptance – it was so dark, he was sure even someone as good as him would get a little lost.

"Where am I trying to make it to?"

"A safe place," the voice replied cryptically. "There'll be too many GeneCops out there for you to leave the area right now."

Just before Graverobber could reply, there was a loud grinding noise and he was pushed out into a brightly-lit, Victorian-style parlour. The wallpaper was peeling and the paint on the wood around the room was cracked, but it was definitely elegant, no matter its current state of disrepair.

It was then that Graverobber remembered his host, and turned around to see the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. He had been around the block a few thousand times, but, hands down, he had never seen a more delectable or fucking beautiful sight.

It was definitely Shilo – her dark, elegant looks hadn't changed, but her face had lost its baby-fat and Graverobber could see that she wasn't wearing a wig anymore.

She must have stopped taking the drugs her dad gave her…

Now he looked more closely, he could see definitive sexy curves beneath her ridiculously large striped sweater and he was sure that he caught a peek of tiny, black short-shorts. Her dark hair was short and loosely curled just below her shoulders, and it framed her delicate face and large brown eyes – they seemed to be the only thing that definitely hadn't changed. Her eyes were big and doe-like and utterly fucking entrancing.

Her soft-looking, pink lips curved upwards at the corners, "You okay?"

He couldn't get his mind out of the gutter and around the fact that this girl in front of him was no longer a girl – she was a woman. She was all beauty, elegance and legs, legs, legs… He was distracted for a minute or two as he stared down at her long, black legging-clad legs. He actually groaned when he glanced down at her footwear – total monster boots, just like his.

There was a soft laugh, and Graverobber was immediately brought out of his thoughts, "Huh?"

She rolled her eyes, "I said, are you hungry?"

His stomach snarled at that one word, "Does that answer your question, Kid?"

She smiled at him and then drifted off through a door. Graverobber followed, trying hard not to watch her hips sway so deliciously – did she know how attractive she was? She must have stopped taking her meds, the ones that were holding her back from going through puberty, because she had grown up a lot in a year – her body must have been making up for all the time its growth was stunted. He absently wondered whether or not he could truly call her 'Kid' anymore.

She led him to a kitchen where she waved him into a seat at a battered wooden table, on which she placed her bug-light, "You in the mood for hot food?"

Oh, I know what I'm in the mood for…

"Sure," he replied, willing his eyes away from her shapely form – his dreams had not done her justice.

She busied herself around the kitchen, and while she was cooking some pasta, the entirety of the last half-hour caught up with him.

"You helped me," he stated, and Shilo looked over her shoulder at him like he was stupid – which, admittedly, he was being right then.

"Yes," she said pointedly – as if to say, 'And?'

"Why?" Graverobber asked – it wasn't that he wasn't grateful, but he didn't think that she knew just how much trouble she could be in.

"You helped me a bunch of times," she shrugged, turning back to the boiling pot.

It was true, he had – now, he knew that those times were less than innocently motivated. He just couldn't help himself as far as she was concerned.

"Well, thanks, Kid," he said, trying to sound nonchalant as he propped his feet up on the chair next to him and put his hands behind his head – he was going for 'the picture of ease'.

Shilo grinned as if she saw straight through him – her gaze heated him in places he didn't think existed.

"So," he began, and after a pause continued, "What have you been up to this past year?"

Besides getting extremely hot…

She stirred the pasta in the pan thoughtlessly, looking back at him over her shoulder, "This and that."

He smirked, "I'm the Master of evasion, Kid – don't even try that with me."

Shilo sighed, giving him a quick glare, "Fine. I've been working."

"Working?" He asked, his eyebrows raised – he hadn't seen or heard of her in over a year, what kind of work could she be doing?

She nodded absently, "I'm a bartender."

He actually laughed out loud, and then reined it in when he saw she was serious, "Jesus, Kid. Where? I can't believe a sheltered little thing like you is bartending!"

He knew how rough bars around here tended to be.

Shilo laughed throatily, the sound going straight to Graverobber's cock – she was going to be the death of him – "At Shiv's."

His eyes widened considerably and he choked on his own spit – Shilo Wallace, completely sheltered orphan, was working at the toughest dive on this damn rock.

"What?" Graverobber managed – it wasn't often someone could say something to shock him, and Shilo was about the only one to really pull it off.

Hell, even he tended to avoid Shiv's bar.

Shilo smiled at him softly, "They're quite nice there, and the pay's good."

"Yeah!" He scoffed, very nearly yelling, "Because everyone ends up with a knife in their gut!"

"I broke the record," she sniggered, draining the pasta and finishing off the dish with some red sauce.

"Christ," Graverobber muttered, rubbing his hands over his face – this woman was courting disaster.

Shilo put down a bowl full of delicious, steaming-hot spaghetti bolognese in front of him and then made herself up a smaller portion.

Graverobber dug in immediately – even though he was far from finished chewing her ass out, he had learned on the streets to never to pass up any kind of food because it could be gone a second later.

"How the Hell did you even get that job?" He asked, his mouth full of pasta.

Shilo twirled the spaghetti around her fork, "I went in and applied."

He almost just about spat out his mouthful of food then and there – he swallowed urgently, needing to breathe extremely badly.

Graverobber gulped in air, and then spluttered, "What the fuck?"

Shilo ate her forkful, looking at him like, 'What?'

"You went in and applied?" He asked, completely incredulous.

That was just…unthinkable.

She nodded, "I needed money to keep this house, since my dad's bank account doesn't pay enough towards it, so I asked around to see where you could get the most money in the fastest way." Shilo smiled weakly, "Of course, most people told me to go whore myself."

Graverobber's hand clenched into fists on the table top, "You didn't."

The thought of anyone touching her like that made his blood boil – especially with all the sick fucks that lived around here.

She glared at him, "Of course I didn't – what do you think I am?"

Graverobber had such an urge to tell her exactly what he thought of her and her skimpy clothes, but decided to bite his tongue and make a gesture for her to continue the story.

"One girl told me about Shiv's and how their jobs were the best paid and they would hire anyone."

"Didn't that make you suspicious?" He groaned, shaking my head at her.

"Of course," she rolled her eyes, "But I was all alone, with no money, no friends, no help – what was I meant to do? Starve, become homeless, whore myself?"

At her pointed look Graverobber backed down and grumbled like an insolent child – what was this woman doing to him?

"So, I went in, went up to the bar and asked if there were any jobs. The bar-tender that night was Shiv herself, and she told me that I had balls and that I could start straight away. I didn't tell her the only reason I walked in there confidently was because I hadn't heard of its reputation from being locked up for seventeen years," Shilo grinned.

That grin did all kinds of things to Graverobber's body, and he had to shift himself on the seat so he could get more comfortable with his current…predicament.

"But the fights?" He sighed, "How in the world aren't you dead yet?"

Instead of being insulted, Shilo beamed proudly – he supposed she should be fucking proud.

"I befriended Shiv – she taught me how to defend myself," she replied, as they both finished off their meals.

There was something she wasn't telling him…

"What happened?" He asked pointedly, giving her a no-nonsense stare.

Shilo caved without a fight, "One of the guys there got a little hands-y."

Graverobber controlled his emotions, and asked coolly, "And?"

"He caught me in the back alley at the end of my shift after being kicked out by Shiv," she said, and he could feel his cool mask slipping – why did everything about this woman get to him and matter to him?

"And?" Graverobber prompted again.

Shilo rolled her eyes and lifted up her large knitted sweater.

At first Graverobber didn't know what he was looking for, and he was greatly admiring the view of the curve of the bottom of Shilo's bare breast – she wasn't wearing a bra. But while that distracted his brain for a moment, his eyes caught up on what he was really being shown. When his mind came around to catching up with his vision, he growled – from under her right armpit across to her navel was a long, pink, jagged scar.

"The bastard cut me, but Shiv got there just in time. She patched me up and taught me some self-defence," she said softly, dropping the hem of her sweater.

Graverobber's palm slammed down onto the table, "God damn it! You could have come to me, Shilo – did you ever think of that? I would have helped you find a job! I wouldn't have let you get cut!"

His words began to trail off into a growl and he sat back in his seat, seething.

Shilo looked at him in complete surprise – whether it was the fact he had finally called her 'Shilo,' or his outburst in general, he didn't know.

She looked down at her hands, which were playing with a loose thread from her sweater – this was the most vulnerable he had seen her yet, she seemed so confident now.

"I did," she said, so quietly Graverobber thought he might have made it up. But she continued, dispelling that notion, "After the Opera, I tried to find you…in the alley…at the graveyard… You were nowhere."

Guilt flung up and whopped him in the face – fuck. She had needed him, and he had been trying to forget his obsession with her – he had been avoiding anything that reminded him of her, so it would make sense he would steer clear of anyone that looked like her.

Including her

Graverobber sighed, rubbing his eyes, "I'm sorry, Kid."

She shrugged, "Doesn't matter, now."

Shilo got up, removed the dishes from the table and began to clean them.

Graverobber sighed again – he had a feeling that his welcome had just run out.

He stood up from the table and stretched, "Well, the GeneCops should be gone by now – I guess I better get going."

Shilo spun around, panic etched onto her face, "No."

He raised his eyebrows at her – he didn't really want to leave, but this girl didn't need him anymore. That ship had sailed, and he had a feeling that with her body, voice and confidence she could entertain a better class of people than him. Of course, that didn't mean he wouldn't occasionally stake out Shiv's to keep an eye on her.

"You, uh… You can stay if you want," she murmured, looking down and scuffing her shoes on the black-and-white tiled floor.

Internally he was rejoicing, but her sad expression was dampening that joy.

"Kid? You okay?" He asked, moving so he stood in front of her.

"I don't have a lot of company… Well, any really," she admitted, looking up at him with her large, fucking beautiful eyes.

He forced away his instinctive gulp, and settled for his cool, calm, collected mask, "You want me to stay?"

She looked like she was internally debating what to tell him, and then sighed, "I'd like you to."

He grinned at her, "Well, then – show me my bed, I'm your new lodger."

The blinding smile she gave him was well-worth any price, and she actually threw her arms around him.

"Thank you," she said fervently into the crook of his neck.

Graverobber was stunned by her intoxicating scent – lilacs, honey, sugar, raspberries… She smelt so damn sweet, and oh, so beautiful. He could only ever remember women smelling like trash, plastic, or cheap perfume, and Shilo smelt so good, he didn't want to let her go.

She suddenly pulled back, her cheeks looking a little flushed, "Sorry."

He liked that blush – it told him she was real – and he wanted to make her do it more often, "That's perfectly fine. I quite enjoyed it."

He gave her a sly wink, and she blushed again, proceeding to remove herself from his arms and flounce out of the room.

"Are you coming?" She asked from over her slender shoulder, a coy smile playing on her lips.

Oh, the beautiful things we could do together…

He nodded, smirking at her, and then followed her upstairs – her hips swayed in a mesmerizing fashion in front of his face, and he groaned audibly.

This was going to be a long, long night…

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