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Cody rolled his eyes as he said, "I can't believe you talked me into coming here."

"Well, it's too late now. We're here and we're going in."

"I just don't know what you're obsession is," he said, slowing his steps and I literally had to drag him down the sidewalk.

"It's not an obsession. It's a fascination. After all, it's only the best movie ever made."

He started coughing, but I thought I caught a hint of something like, "In your dreams."

"It IS. It was my favorite movie when it came out, and it still is," I didn't care that I sounded like I was about five, it was just that I was tired of being so irritated. Was it so much to ask of him to share this one thing with me?

"Ok, ok. You know I just like giving you a hard time."

Sometimes I wondered. He finally must have sensed how upset I was, because he stopped and looked at me, seriously for the first time that afternoon.

"Jennifer, look at me. You know I was just teasing you, right? I'm glad we're here."

I relaxed. "Thank you for coming with me. I've wanted to come here for years, and now we're almost there," I said, pointing at the sign. About a hundred more yards and we reached the entrance.


I swear my heart stopped beating for just a moment. It seemed so real, right there in front of me, and I couldn't make myself walk any further.

"What are you waiting for?" Cody asked, this time being the one who was too impatient to wait.

I couldn't explain it. For years this was something that I had wanted to do, someplace that I wanted to go, and then now, seeing it, sitting there in the water, a half scale to the original, docked in the water, it took my breath away. It felt, so real.

"Are you just going to sit here all day and look at the sign or are we going to go inside?"

"We're going, we're going," I said, in a voice that sounded far away, even to me.

We walked up the gangway, my head still tilted upward facing the sign, as well as the massive ship replica that we were walking into.

"What is your problem?" Cody asked, this time truly annoyed.

"It's just…so real. Don't you feel it?"

"Not really," he said, sounding bored.

I chose to ignore him as we made our way onto the ship.

If I had thought that it was truly a step into the past to see the outside,, nothing would have prepared me for walking inside. It was hard to believe that we were still in 2010, rather than in 1912.

I could tell that even Cody was impressed. He was looking at everything around me, and we hadn't even bought our tickets yet. Maybe there was hope for this boy yet!

I had seen the movie so many times, that I had lost count of how many times I had actually seen it. I thought that would have prepared me for what I was seeing, but there is something different from seeing it on the screen in the theatre, or in your own house, than seeing it in person.

I just stood there, with my mouth open, staring at everything, trying to take it all in.

Then I made the mistake of looking outside, and realizing I was really on the water. (obviously, I knew I was on the water when I had walked in, but there is a difference in knowing your going to do something, than actually doing it. Kind of like riding on a roller coaster. It looks like a lot of fun, until you ride it up to the top, and then once it lets go, you freak out and think you're going to die).

I knew we were anchored, and that nothing could happen to me, but that didn't ease my fears any. I loved the movie, always had, but it had made me fearfully afraid of water, and the cold. Not necessarily just the cold, but cold definitely where water was concerned. After all, it had happened to all of those 1,500 plus people, right? Who was to say that it couldn't happen to me?

I tried to get the thought out of my mind, as we started on our tour.

Seeing the grand staircase, I was completely mesmerized. It was so beautiful, that I couldn't even get that out of my mind. To think that it had been recreated from the original, was even more outstanding.

(I could be a bit drastic and overdramatic, I knew. But really, it was a sight to be behold).

Unfortunately, that was where my problems were about to begin.

I was so busy staring at the clock on the wall, that I didn't realize how far back I was stepping until I started falling. I also didn't realize how far down it must be to the bottom. After all, it didn't look that far.

I hit the bottom and muttered, "Ouch," among a few other choice words.

My head, as well as few other body parts, didn't feel so hot, but I didn't think I had been seriously hurt.

"Are you alright, Miss?" I heard a voice ask.

I looked up, and gasped.