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Luckily, Jennifer, whoever she was, hadn't eaten too much that day, so my display of, um, emotion, was minimal. It didn't hide Cody's concern, however.

"Jennifer, that's it. I've had enough. What is wrong with you?" He paused for a minute, and then looked at me closely.

"Are you pregnant?"

The question caught me so off guard that I nearly threw up again.


"No. I told you, I'm fine. Just, overcome with emotion," I told him, which wasn't a lie.

The kind looking maid who had helped us earlier came over to us, with a smile.

"Don't worry about it. It happens more often than you would think," she said, more to Cody than to me. "You wouldn't believe how many people this room has an effect on, people who didn't even think about it much before they came in here. It's quite alright."

By now, that was the least of my worries. I just couldn't believe it. The Titanic had sank? When, how, what happened? I just had to know more, and even though the idea scared me, I knew that I had to find out. What if, what if that was why I had been sent here? What if I had died on the Titanic, and I had been sent here to be saved from an untimely death?

There were too many what ifs going on in my mind. This was too much for me. However, I knew that I had to find out more, and to find out what had happened to me, even the thought of that was too overwhelming, and I knew that I had to do it now, or else I would lose my nerve.

"Jennifer, lets go back to some of the other rooms before we come back in here. I just don't understand you. I thought you knew what was going to happen before we got here. Though I guess I will give it to you. There is definatley something different about seeing all of this than watching it on the screen."

We walked back down the hallway, and as we entered some of the other rooms, for the first time I noticed that there were plaques on the wall, that had different people's names on them. I remembered the words that the woman handing us tickets had said to us.

"For today, you will be Jack Dawson. And you will be Rose Dewitt Bukater."

Her having said that to us had to mean something, but what was it? I knew that I had to find out.