Author's Notes - This is the first couple in good while that has spoken to me (since Tucker & T'Pol). Here is my first try at this couple. I am very busy but I have some downtime every now and again over the summer so I hope to write a tightly paced story that will entertain me (and you) through August. Like anybody else, I do write faster if I am gifted with feedback and attention.

Amy Pond Gets Her Man

By Penmom


He was lanky and quirky and a horrendous dresser. He continued to harp on the fact that it would never work between them, that he wasn't human but his words didn't match his actions.

A woman knew. Well, any woman worth her salt knew and she knew. He might be a blooming Time Lord but he still put his pants on one leg at a time like anybody else.

Perhaps, it was her Celtic heritage; perhaps she had a Druid or two in her closet. Whatever the reason, it was as clear as the nose on his lovely face, it was fate. He didn't just land in her garden by chance, not out of the whole cosmos. No, chance was not involved.

He just didn't know it yet which again proved that he was just a man in any way that mattered.

The way he lit up when she addressed him, the way his eyes sparkled like a child on Christmas morning; those were expressions that were reserved for her. The way his tongue reached out briefly to tangle with hers with she kissed him. That was not the action of a man who was not interested.

She hadn't been on the Tardis forever, but she had seen enough to know there had to be a way to make this work. She just needed to find it