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The Second Eleventh Doctor - Prologue

It was his fault really. If only he hadn't been so curious! By reaching into that crack, he'd changed life for us all. Yet we never knew how much until it was almost too late.

He'd reached in, determined to find 'shrapnel from the explosion' as he called it. He'd brought his hand back out, the handkerchief wrapped round something.

Then the light had got him.

He'd stared into the crack, unable to take his eyes off it. He'd took a step closer.

"Doctor!" I'd shouted. "No!" But he wouldn't listen.

The light had moved from his hand to surround his chest.

I'd started to cry.

"No," I'd whispered. Rory had wrapped his arms round me, and I'd leant back into him. But there was no way I could ever have taken my eyes of the man I'd loved since I was a child. I'd loved Rory, but I'd loved the Doctor as well. "I can't forget him. He's changed my life. If it wasn't him, we wouldn't be here." The tears were streaming down my face.

The Doctor had ignored me though, and taken another step nearer to the crack. The crack that had been about to consume him and make him never have exist.

Suddenly, I'd heard a noise behind me. When we'd turned round, leaving the Doctor to face the crack alone, we'd seen Restac, who'd been crawling along the floor towards us, a gun in her hand. She'd fired it at the Doctor.

"Doctor!" Rory'd shouted, pushing the Doctor out of the way. The shot had hit Rory, knocking him onto his back. I'd screamed no, but had been unable to move. A second later I'd found out why.

When Rory had pushed the Doctor, he'd unwittingly moved him closer to the crack. The light had completely surrounded the Doctor. I'd felt all my memories of him slowly slipping away.

Then something awful had happened. The air had rippled, almost as if an explosion had taken place. Everything had started getting brighter and brighter, then everything went black.

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