"Where are we going now, mommy?" The small child asked as he walked with his mother across the village square, past a giant statue.

The mother groaned for a moment. "I don't know, just shut up until we get there, you little brat."

Then suddenly, out from behind the statue came the Burger King...King dude. He approached the mother and son, holding a burger on a plate. The lady refused, and then he pulled out a gun, gesturing for her to eat it. The woman still refused, that was until he grabbed the son and put the gun to his head. She picked up the burger and prepared to eat it as the King laughed wildly...

Until Iron Man landed between them. "I am Iron Man." He blasted the King through the wall of someone's house. "And I'm not loving it."

"That's the wrong company!" Someone shouted from afar.

Iron Man blasted them too. "Anyone else?" No one made a sound. "Good." He stomped over to the house he blasted the King through. Inside, the King was against a wall, dialing a number on his phone. That was until Iron Man punched through the wall and pulled him through it, breaking the wall down. He tossed the King on the ground. "He's all yours." Iron Man said as he flew away.

The King was then surrounded by the villagers, who looked like they were about to kick his ass. He pulled out a burger, hoping it would help...it didn't.

And now Burger King has a new mascot.

The End.