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Chapter 9: All Hades Breaks Loose

Previously on Watching the Movie...

Annabeth ignored her and stood up. She fixed Chris with the same cold gaze as her mother, the steel in her voice palpable. "You didn't tell us you were a demigod."

"Are you people crazy?" The director stood up opposite her.

"That's why you let us see you in the first place, isn't it?" Annabeth demanded, thoughts whirling. "And when we first came in, you told us to put down our weapons. Meaning you can see celestial bronze. Oh my gods, it all makes sense."

"I don't know what you've been smoking, but you need some serious help." But his voice wavered. After all, he was a director, not an actor.

"What parent?" Annabeth asked softly.

"Clear-sighted mortal. There." He was refusing to meet anyone's eyes. "Are you happy now?"

And then the room exploded.

Okay, maybe not fire-and-smoke exploded, but definitely bang-and-loud-noises exploded.

The frosted glass windows shattered; a furry streak leapt to the floor. The chain link chandelier rattled dangerously.

"Get down!" Percy shoved Chris under the coffee table and snatched up Riptide.

The creature snarled and darted forward again.

"Nemean Lion," indentified Annabeth without being asked. "Its skin is impenetrable."

"You don't say," Thalia muttered, as a few quick arrows bounced off its side. The lion roared in annoyance.

"Grab Columbus and run," Annabeth shouted over the chaos.

Nico hauled the director up and out the cracked window, but Thalia stood her ground. "I'm staying."

"We can handle it," Percy insisted. "Go!"

"I'm staying, Kelp Head, and if you try to stop me, I'll shoot you, too."

Annabeth jammed her invisibility cap onto her head and rolled out of the way. Nemean Lion... Centuries of Greek history struggled to surface.

"Vlacas," she cursed. And then it hit her. Hercules. He had wrestled the lion to death. "Percy! Chandelier!"

He looked up, bewildered. "Why...?"

"Trust me." She tore off her hat. "Here, kitty kitty."

The lion twisted around towards her voice.

Percy hurled Riptide like a javelin. It sliced cleanly through the sculpture, and a hundred pounds of metal chain collapsed on the monster.

It flailed out, still howling. Heady with adrenaline, Percy darted forward and dragged the chain down, pinning it in place, choking it back.

"I've got it," Thalia called. Silver arrows sprouted from its jaw, and it finally exploded in dust.

Annabeth pulled Percy to his feet. "You know I'm going to start calling you Princess Leia, right?"

"Sounds good to me, Han Solo." He smiled weakly.

The housekeeper eased open the door. "Mr. Columbus, is everything... Oh. You."

Thalia waved jauntily. "Oh. Us. Everything's fine, thank you. But I'm afraid we have to leave now."

She hopped out the broken window as easily as a cat. Percy followed, hauling the lion's skin.

Only Annabeth paused on the windowsill to survey the smashed table and glass fragments. "Thanks for having us," she chirped. "And sorry about the mess."

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