I have a new story out. Well duh, cause if you're reading this, it's because it is a new story. ;) Anyway so here's the details.

Summary: Damon wants to leave for a while, just wanting to get out of state, but what happens when Elena says that she wants him to take her away with him?

Main Characters/Pairings: Damon, Elena, Stefan and Damon/Elena, very, very little Stefan/Elena

Rating: It's a T, like the usual. Damon-ness, sexually suggestive content, and snarky comebacks.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the show and or book called the Vampire Diaries.

Out Of Town

Chapter One: Decisions

Damon walked down the streets of Mystic Falls groaning at all the familiar faces, he needed a change of scenery. Something new, something fresh, something... delectable, but don't get him wrong about the girls of Mystic Falls, they had some insane tasting blood, but he could just imagine the taste of one girl in particular, Elena Gilbert, he could guess that her blood was the sweetest of them all. Damon smirked at the thought as he got to the front doors of the boarding house, hatching a plan, also as he listened to the bickering couple upstairs.

"Stefan! Stop! I have asked you to tell me the truth, a hundred times, maybe a thousand! But you still think that you need to lie to protect me! I'm not fragile like a doll!" Elena growled at Stefan.

"Elena, I didn't want you to know, it's a hard concept to understand!" Stefan said angrily, but yet trying to stay calm.

"Are you calling me stupid? Telling me that I can't understand the fact that my birth father is John? I had to get that information from Damon!" Elena spat at him.

"I didn't want you to be angry! And what is with you and Damon? You talk to him everyday, you guys even watch movies together late at night while I hunt!" Stefan said starting to lose control of his temper.

"Damon and I are friends Stefan, it's what friends do, we talk and do stuff together." Elena retorted.

"I'd prefer it if you would be friends more often with Bonnie than my brother, Elena, I just don't want..." He was cut off with Elena yelling. "What? History to repeat itself? Well you certainly don't have to worry about it anymore, Stefan."

"What?" Stefan asked hopeful that she was going to steer clear of Damon.

"Because we're through, I'm done, this is the umpteenth time that you have lied straight to my face." Elena said as she walked out of his bedroom.

"Elena wait!" Stefan called.

"No! Go Away!" Elena said as she rushed down the stairs, forgetting her bag in the process, but just grabbing her car keys as she stormed out of the house. She opened the front door in a huff and then accidently ran into Damon.

"Sorry." She mumbled as she stepped out of the way of him. Damon cocked his head at her as she walked away from him and starting her car to leave. He walked inside, but just to get on Stefan's nerves, he waved at her, and to his surprise, she waved back quickly before taking off. He walked into to see an angry Stefan, a forgotten bag, and a small necklace on the floor.

Elena drove off angrily and then stopped off at a corner store to get chocolate and ice cream, even if she was the one who broke up with him, she still needed the sugar more than anything.

She paid for the stuff and then walked back to her car, while muttering things under her breath about Stefan and his stupidness. She drove all the way back until she was at her house and just towards the kitchen as she saw Jeremy in the middle of a fight between Jenna and John. This made her mad. Whoop-de-freaking-doo! You slept together! Get over it.

She got into the kitchen without breaking up the fight, grabbing a bowl, spoon and the ingredients that she had just got and then she got her food arranged to the way she wanted it before attempting to walk up the stairs. She was quickly interupted by John stepping in front of her, she looked over to Jenna to see her now in the living room, trying to play video games with Jeremy, but failing miserably.

"Can I help you?" Elena asked as she tried to step around him quickly, but her path was blocked again. She scowled and then he said something, "Something wrong in vampire paradise?"

"Shut up, Dad." She spat as if the word, dad, was poison to her. John's eyes went wide and he looked at her confused. "How did you find out? Did your vampire boyfriend tell you that?"

"No, he doesn't tell me anything, and he's NOT my boyfriend anymore, I actually got my information from Damon..." She said and took the opportunity to walk away and up to her room, as she ascended the stairs, she came to the conclusion that she needed to get away, no matter where too.

Damon smirked as he thought about his plan, leave town for a month or two, come back, see if Elena's dating his brother, and if not, sweep her off her feet. He first had to say goodbye to his favorite little human, maybe get her more aggravated, and give her the bag that she forgot when she stormed out of the house.

He easily leapt up onto the window and knocked loudly on it, causing Elena to jump and almost spill whatever was in the bowl that she had. She placed the bowl down and looked to the window. She smiled at him and she opened it up.

"Hey, you forgot something in the midst of your outburst." Damon said with a smirk. Elena glared and said, "After that many lies, I think I deserved an outburst." Elena shot back.

"Fair enough, I've had a couple of those when I spend to much time with him too." He said causing Elena to laugh. Then he transferred in serious Damon, "But I actually came to say goodbye for a while."

"What?" Elena asked as she put her bag down and turned to face him, almost looking shocked.

"I'm just leaving the state for a month, you know, get away from it all, meaning Stefan." Damon said as he looked around her room.

"Where do you plan on going?" Elena asked as she sat on the edge of her bed.

"I dunno, maybe Vegas, maybe California, or New York." Damon said with a smirk. Elena got up and stood to him and said a few words that shocked Damon, "Take me with you."

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