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~Bella's POV~

"Edward stop Logan is in the living room..." I whisper in his ear as his neck burrows itself further into my neck, his warm lips kissing and sucking while his warm tongue lapped at any skin and bruises it could find. I grip his hair tightly and he moans which becomes muffled against my skin.

"Baby he isn't going to come in..." Edward groans and rubs my bare thighs due to my short shorts riding up heavily. I nibble his ear lobe and he kisses across my collarbone and up my chin to my lips, pressing them harshly onto my own soft pink ones. I instantly kiss him back and it's an all up clash of teeth and tongue as we wrestle for dominance. Edward scoots my butt closer to the edge of the counter and he continues to massage my thighs with his calloused hands and rough fingertips. I moan into his mouth making him smile and win. I pull away and Edward whines as his lips hit my face.

"Come on Bells I need you so bad..." He whispers huskily and I nearly give in until I hear a small voice and an excited little boy run in with an orange Popsicle dripping in his hands.

"Daddy my ice cweam ish melting!" Logan whines as he runs in begging Edward to pick him up. Edward immediately forgets his hormones and picks up his son who looks almost identical to Edward.

"Little dude let's get your face cleaned up our all sticky." Edward tells him as he sets him on the counter and grabs a wet wash cloth. I get down and grab a paper towel and ask Logan for the melting ice cream to throw away.

"But momma I wanna fwinish." Edward chuckles, Logan acts like Edward too. He whines like Edward and is hyperactive and spazzy like Edward but he gets easily frustrated and impatient like me, otherwise he's very happy go lucky like me. I play with his blond curls and laugh.

"Honey it's melting I don't think it's coming back." I tell him. He pouts, God dammit he got my fucking pout mixed with Edward's making it twice as dangerous and twice as cute. I sigh and let him finish it before Edward grabs him and cleans up his face.

"You all better Superman?" He questions Logan.

Logan nods excitedly and yells "Daddy take me fwyin!" I giggle and Edward laughs before kissing me softly and taking Logan out to the backyard. I grab the notebook filled with plans for the upcoming Glamour Kills Tour. First off we have Warped Tour which is in a couple of weeks and then we have the Glamour Kills tour I created with One Night In Paris as the headliners. Logan is excited to go, he always is. When he watches his dad from backstage he always claims that "daddy is wike a stuperhero!" It's so cute, seeing him all grown up now it just amazing. He talks and interacts well he's very social that's why he loves tour so much. And the gang loves having him now, they're all quite obsessed with the little angel. Being Edward and my kid though he's not the perfect little angel, we call him Sid Vicious or Sidling or Sid for short. I look out the window in the back and see Edward tossing him in the air carefully and hanging him upside down playfully. I go outside and laugh as I see Edward on the ground with Logan on top.

"Momma I save da world one tep at a time!" Edward pretended to die and I smile walking over and scooping him in my arms.

"Little man you are a trip you know that! So much like your daddy!" I exclaim. I feel Edward grab me and kiss my cheek before Logan pokes his nose and laughs wildly.

"Daddy make a funny!" He exclaims because every time he poked Edward's nose Edward would make a "boop" sound.

"Ok man it's nap time." I say. Logan yawns and cuddles into me clinging on tightly and burying his face in my neck, see what I mean? Just like Edward. I walk towards his room upstairs and carefully place him in his crib.

"I love you Logan." I tell him.

"I wuv you too momma." I kiss his head and put his mobile on before covering him up and leaving his room quietly. I tip toe past the stairs but my ears perk up at something Edward said.

"Yeah I'll meet you later. Not now I'm busy. Ok ok...bye." He rolls his eyes and runs his fingers through his messy brown hair looking ashamed with himself as he slides his hands down his face.

"Honey you ok?" I ask him as I walk downstairs. He looks up and gives me a weak smile, not the Edward a thousand watt smile.

"I'm ok. Come here love." he whispers pulling me into his lap cradling me. I kiss him gently and hug him tightly.

"I love you...never ever forget that ok?" He demands. I nod.

"I love you too, and I won't ever don't worry." I reply unsure of where he was coming from. He nods and squeezes tighter...where is this coming from?